A Couple of Awesome Movies...

If you are looking for a feel good movie this weekend...you should go see Eddie the Eagle.  It's awesome!  Talk about an underdog! There's a great article about him here.  I remember the story during the Olympics back in 1988...I have always been an Olympics fan in case you didn't know.  :)

The problem with the Olympics, is they are mostly about image.  If you read up about Eddie and how things happened for him to get into the Olympics, and what they changed AFTER he got in, you'd be so sick of them.

Remember Cool Runnings and the story of the Jamaican Bobsled team?  It's the same Olympics...and kind of the same story behind them.  It was an embarrassment to the established athletic scene.

I find it sad that the Olympics have become less about following a dream and more about the 'perfect' athlete.  If you haven't competed on the world stage...if you haven't placed higher than 50 in the world numbers, then you can't compete.  Regardless of how poor your country is, what kind of support you have, etc.  And that's another thing that makes me mad - the COST!  All that money raised to hold the Olympics, all the volunteers that run the Olympics, and the Olympians themselves have to pay to get there!  They need sponsors, or it's a terrific burden on the family.

And sponsors are all about money.  And medals.  It's sad.

I realize it's the whole capitalistic thing...it's all about money, which drives the world and the economy...but sometimes it's NOT about the money.  It's about self worth, and ability, and national pride.

Anyway - I didn't mean to get totally carried away with it, but it's something that bugs me every time I watch one of these movies.

The other movie I would recommend (well, if you have some way to block the language - there is some mild swearing-) is The Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.
What's impressive is that it manages to not toss the relationships and run with the 'standard' of the movie industry right now.  It was clean, (we think...we watched it in the Clearplay and it seemed like they bleeped on scene, but we aren't sure.) and it had some mannerly teaching.  At last DeNiro does a movie that doesn't reflect poorly on older men and it will probably be forgotten after Dirty Grandpa.  Ugh.

Oh well.  

And it's probably a chick flick, but it's good.  Enjoy!


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