And the Inversion continues...

Are you tired of the gray skies yet?  I remember when an inversion was a sparse thing...when we got it a couple of times in January and then it cleared out and things were good.  We would get fog, and the trees would get frosted by the frozen was amazing, and we loved it...for a short time.
Now it's lingering...we have so many more people that have moved in, so many people commuting, it's not pretty..  :(  I read an article the other day about how one of the cities south of us is going to develop this big 500 acre thing...and the current citizens are having mixed feelings.  They moved there because of the open spaces, and the shorter they'll have more crowded conditions, lots less open spaces, and longer commutes.  What's to like about that?  It's being done by the same company that did  Station Park.  Now - if you've been there you know how fun it is, and what a shopping mecca it is...and Cabella's hasn't even opened! lol surprised me that they built there.  Anyone who has lived in the area for any length of time knows how the west side of the freeway is marsh land...and the closer you get to the lake, the less you can build down...the more water you run into, etc.
And they are building a whole bunch of houses to the west of that!!  So...what do I know?  Apparently not enough, because people keep coming, and more houses keep getting built, and the fields keep disappearing.
I never thought of myself as an activist, so it kind of surprises me that I'm sad about the loss of open fields.  Loss of farms.  I grew up in a city!!  I have always been a city girl.  I don't really want to live farther than 20 min from a grocery store, lol.
But it does concern me.  Because along with more people, more houses, less land, there is more of the inversion stuff.  More of the poor air quality.  What do we do?  People have to live somewhere...
You'll just find that most of the time, the reason people moved here was because of the gorgeous landscape...
anyway - enough of that soap box, right?
Hope you had an awesome night celebrating Chinese New Year...we watched Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and it was fun.  My daughter made dumplings, which always seems to take a little getting used to...but are yummy. 
so - today there is lots of stuff, so here we go...

Mardi Gras - anyone celebrate this?  I think it would be fun to party just once, throw necklaces at each other, go to everyone's house in the neighborhood and eat and drink all you want, dance outside like it's 60 degrees, lol.  Doesn't that sound fun?  Sounds almost like Christmas parties...  :)

National Pizza Day - Pizza!! (picture courtesy of Dominos!!)
Oh man, so now I have to decide between pizza and pancakes... I mean seriously, one of the security questions asks what's my favorite food, and it says pizza!!  My hubby wanted to take me somewhere when he asked me to marry him that was a nice restaurant.  I'd never been to a nice restaurant, so when he asked me my favorite food...that's right, I said pizza.  We went to Godfathers, and it was the best ever.

Read in the Bathtub Day - This is my son-in-law's favorite thing.  I purposefully don't do this for the same reason he's known for it...dropping a book in the tub!!  ARGH it totally ruins the book. He's got several books that are water damaged because he always falls asleep when reading in the tub.

International Pancake Day - of course this is more about the restaurant than just pancakes...but since I don't eat there, I figure I can celebrate the food.  I love pancakes... we have an absolute favorite at our house, it's the Kodiac cakes flapjacks...oh my, they are the best.  

and National Bagels and Lox day - Personally, I'm a huge bagel fan.  Especially a wild blueberry from Einsteins...  But, lox??  Not...I like cream cheese better than any kind of fish...  even if it is salmon.  How about you?  How do you like your bagel?

Well...that's all for today.  Hope you have an awesome Tuesday! 


clarissa said…
How is anyone comfortable enough to fall asleep in the bathtub anyway? I'm never that comfortable...

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