Happy Friday!

Hi everyone!  Well...I had great plans on getting this out earlier, but you know - work kind of takes precedence, lol.  So, I'm going to try and toss it all together.
There's a couple of fun things for today, so hope you have fun.  Mostly food...guess I'm kind of addicted to that stuff.  &#X1f60a

Today is World Nutella Day - Okay, I think people get a little involved with that stuff...it's okay, but world wide?  You would almost think it was better than chocolate, lol.  Had some last Sunday on waffles...it was okay.  I can't afford the stuff though...would rather buy peanut butter and chocolate, lol. (I have boys with hollow legs)
National Doodle Day - Doodler's unite!!  Do you doodle during a meeting? On the phone? In class?  In church?  I used to doodle all the time.  Now I'm usually trying to write things down.  What's funny, is I always doodle the same thing...circles!  &#X1f60a

Bubble Gum Day - Everyone like bubble gun?  I used to, but now my jaw just gets tired &#X1f60a

National Chocolate Fondue Day  - awesome, I love chocolate fondue...hmmm  You'd think it would be next weekend though, with valentines day...

Tomorrow is:
Girl Scout Cookie Day, so don't miss that one!
Ice Cream For Breakfast Day - who doesn't like that idea??  I think waffles with ice cream sounds divine!

Canadian Maple Syrup Day - True maple syrup is just a little runnier than I would have thought, but hey, it's a natural high!!  &#X1f60a

Well...hope you have a great one.  Are you doing anything fun for the weekend?  I think I'll be cleaning most of the time...:)


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