It's Thursday and the sun is shining!

Are we all doing a spring dance yet?  I can't believe next week is March...I don't know about you, but February has seemed to go by REALLY slow for me.  UGH.  I really hope March doesn't creep by too.  

Anyway - nothing big to talk about today - but it IS National Chili Day!  So, everyone that likes their chili cook offs, their family chili recipes, their white chicken in a crock pot chili, tonight is your night.

Personally, chili is just chili to me.  I like it with lots of meat...and I like my homemade with homemade salsa in it.  &#X1f60a  but we usually end up with canned veggie or turkey chili with more beans and corn.  sigh.  And cornbread! I really love fresh cornbread with butter and honey...YUM  but anyway, chili with chips...or hot dogs...

What is your favorite kind of chili?  How do you like to eat it?

Well...hope you have an awesome day, and eat some chili!


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