Tortilla Chips and another rant...

Hi everyone!  Is the weather gorgeous or what???  Sunshine after a long bout of gray is so nice.  And there's still a little bite in the air, which is nice in my opinion, lol.

Today's little celebration is National Tortilla Chip Day.  Personally, we usually buy Don Julios because they're the cheapest...and usually less sodium.  But lately, it's been switching off between them and Santitas.  They are usually less sodium all the way around.  :)  And since I have to watch the sodium levels, that's what I go for first...and price, of course.  Which kind do you like?

Anyway - had fun playing with the granddaughters on Saturday.  We haven't seen them in SOOO long. We had so much fun...making necklaces from some foam pieces I bought like years ago when they were too little to do them...and putting puzzles together and having lunch.  sigh.  In March we're going to a tea party at one of the local high schools.  I can hardly wait!!  :)  

Aren't they cute?

 And then yesterday, my hubby decided to spoil me at work (I think it was since valentines day on Sunday and he couldn't sneak in stuff to me, lol.  He brought me lunch and balloons...and a cute little bird to keep on my desk!

sigh.  He is so cute.  :)

So...anyway - that's the fun stuff.

Onto the rant...  :(

I can't believe what I heard on the radio on the way home from work.  The federal justice court is hearing a suit by several activist groups to DELAY or STOP the requirement to show proof of citizenship of the US in order to vote.  What's angering, is the side to defend that whole thing?  The ones that are supposed to be presenting reasons to uphold it - the Department of Justice?  AREN'T saying anything!!  It's enough to make you want to scream.  The  judge even gave them a weekend to make sure they had their argument ready, and he didn't have anything to say.  Here is a link to what's crazy.  Because it's an election year, and they want to make sure all the votes get in there they can get, they aren't going to defend the states that insist you show proof of citizenship to vote.
Voting is a privilege, people!!  We have had thousands of people give their life for our rights to vote.  Nations all over the world have wars over the rights of their populace to vote. Women had to fight to get the right to vote.  Blacks had to fight ...a bloody battle.... to get the right to vote without having to jump through hoops no one else could have accomplished.
That does NOT mean that anyone who stands on US soil should be able to cast a vote.  Not without being a legal citizen.  Not without paying the same price all those who have become citizens have.
Those people have every right to be outraged at the hypocrisy that is going on in our government right now.  The many brave black people would roll over in their graves to know that activist groups are trying to let anyone walk in off the street - illegal citizen or not - and vote.  After all they did to win that right, and the government is just going to let anyone do it??
What's the big deal about showing ID?  I have to show ID to vote in my state.  I think everyone should.
It's crazy.
Don't hate me if you're an activist...just think about where this country would be without those rights.
And I'm probably not expressing it as clearly as I wish...I'm not very smooth tongued when it comes to this stuff.  I'm better at writing fiction...  which means I should be able to fit into a government job really easy, don't you think?
Okay - I'll calm down now.
Have a good one.  :)


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