How young do you feel?? Going to Vote??!!!

Hi everyone - welcome to the rainy/snowy Tuesday...the blossoms are out and it's feeling like spring when the sun shines, lol.
Here's Sandra Boynton's tweet from Sunday that I think fits...

There's not a lot today - just some fun stuff.

As Young As You Feel Day - so, remember, you're only as young as you feel.  Well...that's great until you're at the doctors office, right?  And they tell you that, well - hate to tell ya, but you're over that 40 yr mark (50 yr...) and this stuff is going to happen.  Or that's why something doesn't work as well, or that's why something isn't healing as well... UGH.  Tired of hearing that one.  I still feel 26 inside, thank you very much.  It doesn't help when my kids tell me that I don't look old...and I look in the mirror and see gray.  Wrinkles. Age spots.  sigh.  Only consolation is the grandkids!   Here's a test to see how you rate...

Education and Sharing Day - So...not sure what this is about, don't have time to really research it, lol.  Since I work in education, then I guess it's just to support fellow teachers and promote sharing ideas.  Any thoughts? 

National Goof-off Day - I think we all need this!!  Can we all goof off now??  I know we get spring break...YEAH!  For some reason I'm really feeling the need of a break.  How about you?

And food today is National Water Day...  I guess we all need to remember to be thankful we have water and also to drink more of it, right?  DRINK YOUR WATER!  there...I've been a mother to all of you now.  :)

It's also apparently Coq au Vin Day.  For those of you who were clueless (as was I until today) this is actually a 'classic' French dish that I guess is amazing.  I've never had it and not sure I'm going to have time perhaps you could try it?  The link is to Pioneer Woman's recipe for it...she's usually pretty good with those.

Anyway - and to be the last word...remember today is caucus day and get out there to support your civic duties and rights.  Your opinion does count!!!

Hope you have an awesome day!


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