It's Friday!

And you survived!  Aren't you proud of yourself?  Can you believe how fast March is going?  Next week is a short week (for most of us) and then we have a week off!  Amazing.  &#X1f60a

Well...there's only one thing to say about today...
It's Oatmeal Cookie Day!!  I like that one.  Of course, you can't make just plain oatmeal cookies, you have to put chocolate chips in them!! chocolate goes with just about everything, don't you think??  Well..I do.  Most of the time, lol.
There was a time when I was first learning to cook that I made oatmeal cookies for the first time.  I don't know what I did to them, but they flattened out when they cooked and looked kind of lacey.  It was bizarre.  I remember them tasting okay, but they sure didn't look like cookies, lol.

Here's a video to help you get in the right mood for the weekend...

Anyway - The weather is supposed to be the best, so time to attack the yards, right?  &#X1f60a
Hope you have an awesome weekend.


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