Why? Not a political rant...lol Movie Reviews...

Okay - I do trailer shops as a sort of fun thing.  Sometimes it's a free date for my hubby and I, sometimes, it's a quick get in, get out, hate the trailers why do I do this, lol.

Last week it was fun, hubby and I watched Alegiant.

 I missed a small bit in the middle because I had to check another theater, but got the gist of it.  It's pretty good.  Apparently the movie series is much better than the book (I wouldn't know, haven't read the book...)

I think it was an interesting commentary on society - and I think it's funny how all the dystopian type stories think the only way mankind can improve is to start over...

Anyway - today I had one for Superman vs Batman.  Warning...BIG SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want to know anything more, stop reading.  But just to get it all out there....Batman is not stupid, so a great deal of what happened to lead up to the big crisis should have been figured out ahead of time, AND Superman dies!!  I mean really???  When was that ever supposed to happen?  He had just survived a nuclear bomb blasting in his face and he can't heal from a fight with the big ugly monster?
Mutter. Mutter. Mutter.  Not happy Bob.  And what made me sooo sad, was there was one couple that brought their little children to see it!  It is NOT a young child movie, folks.  Granted, they probably had no way of knowing that, and perhaps they couldn't find a babysitter and it's not really my business, I guess, but I watched it knowing those little children were seeing it and all I could think of was what nightmares they were going to have!!  :(  So sad.

Anyway - that wasn't the intention of this blog entry...what I want to ask is why our movies have to be so violent?  Why does everything have to amp up the action, violence, language?
I was reading an article in the Deseret News that compared todays films with 1960's.  There are hardly any G rated movies today.  Last year one of the big ones was The Peanuts. (and if you haven't seen it yet, WHY NOT?? It's totally awesome...)
 This year, apparently, there aren't any coming out.  I thought Zootopia was? Nope - it's PG.  Used to be pretty much anything coming out of Disney could be relied upon to be G.

Not in today's world.  Now it's pretty much PG or PG-13...which is usually something close to R.

It's a sad, sad world we live in folks.  And my kids wonder why we don't like going to movies much anymore.  We are fortunate to live by a little dollar theater that shows top line shows after they've left the big theaters.  Usually it's not worth the money to go see them the day they come out - I don't mind waiting till they come to our little theater.  And a lot of them wait till they come on DVD and we can filter them with either TV Guardian or the Clearplay.  If you don't have either of these items, then you probably don't watch many movies that have been made in the last 10 years.  The language alone doesn't make it worth your while.

As a family we've been reading the book of Ether.  It's sad how such a comparison could be made to today's world. Or, actually, the book of Isaiah.  There is a verse I read the other day that was almost as if they were speaking of our times...right now.  I know he saw our time, but wow...so accurately.

I'm looking forward to Saturday's Warrior folks...big time.  I loved the poster they had at the theater for it!!

Freedom is knowing who you are.  And we are children of a Heavenly Father who loves us.  

This is even more evident this weekend.  My hubby and I were at the temple last night doing sealings, and he leaned over and said, "Do you realize that at this moment was when the Savior was in the Garden?  The Atonement was happening?"  It gave me goose bumps.

Tomorrow is all the silliness and Easter Egg bit (my granddaughters are spending the night and going to one with us in the morning, and the oldest is convinced that tomorrow is Easter.  :(   Sadly, her parents don't have any use for religion and we have to get in what we can. I hope I can share some thoughts about Jesus tomorrow as we are driving...get a little thought as to the real reason for the day in her little head.


Anyway - have a wonderful Easter Weekend.  This is a good way to do it...Love the Tabernacle Choir!


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