Do you like pecans??

I sure do.  If you do, then you'll be thrilled that today is National Pecan Day!!  Just another excuse to eat those yummy sweet nuts.  I like them in just about anything...just saying.

Hope you had a great day yesterday and didn't get too wet.  Today is supposed to be another wet day, which is a reminder that it's April and what is April known for?  "April showers bring May flowers"

Celebrate Teen Literature Day - Yeah!  I guess librarians would say celebrate anything that encourages teens to read.  I just wonder how good some books the Twilight series - ugh.  Sorry, never could get into them, the main character was such a whiner...  The Harry Potter series was excellent...not sure they started out as teen literature, but since the main character goes through his teenage years in it, then I guess it would count.  What was your favorite book as a teen?  I remember reading Go Ask Alice...and 1984...and then LOTS of romance, lol.  I don't think they had quite the selection for YA that they do now.  I mean, Richard Paul Evans hadn't started writing yet!

Dictionary Day - this would be my sons favorite day.  I'll have to tell him.  You see...he dreams of owning the largest dictionary he can find...which currently my sister has in her home.  He talks about it all the time, and how he can find Greek names and stuff in there that he can't in the other ones.  sigh.  He's really big into mythology...particularly Greek.  He has a blog that he puts names and their meanings on.  A couple of his entries has had thousands of views.  Too bad he doesn't make any money off of it...  Did I mention he's Autistic?  He'll talk your ear off about the subject if he thinks you're willing to listen...One look at his blog and you'll understand that whole statement...sigh.

International Moment of Laughter Day - I like this one!!  Everyone needs a moment to laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine, right?  It can make the darkest day seem lighter, and the hardest times easier.  I think it can change you're whole look on something.  One of the things that attracted me to my husband is that he can almost always make me laugh.  He's awesome...just saying.  Anyway - Here's one of my favorite clips that I can NOT keep from laughing at...

National Dolphin Day - And everyone loves dolphins.  Remember Flipper?    I don't know...I don't remember it being that cheesey...  oh boy.  I think  Dolphin Tale is better. At least I think movies with Harry Connick Jr and Ashley Judd are pretty

Well...have a good one!!  :)


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