I'm sooo glad it's Wednesday!

How about you?  I don't know why...and this month is going crazy fast...but oh well.  Wednesday!!  It rocks.  :)

Anyway - Yesterday I missed the chance to tell you it was Grilled Cheese Sandwich day!  How many of you love them with tomato soup??  I tell ya, that's the best combination.  &#X1f60a

Well...today there is just a couple of fun items from the annals of brownielocks and the Nibble...

National Bookmobile Day - bookmobiles!!  Who remembers those?  I'm sure there are lots of todays kids that have no idea what they are...or why anyone would want them with kindles and other such mobile books.  Well, I remember when the bookmobile would come around my neighborhood!!  I would check out like 10 books and go through them the same day and wait for it to come back again.  Then they built a library across the street from the school, and didn't need a bookmobile anymore.  That was an exciting day, let me tell you.  &#X1f60a  sigh.  Do they even still have them?

Scrabble Day Scrabble!!  fun game...crazy though.  We learned a version called speed scrabble.  Ever play that??  I love it!!  I'd rather play it than regular scrabble.  My kids are pretty good at the big words in that one though...masters.

Thomas Jefferson Day - Thomas Jefferson's birthday!  Everyone should celebrate a man that did a great deal for our country.

And last...National Peach Cobbler day!  Oh yes!  Everyone loves cobbler!  And everyone has had peach cobbler at some point, right?  with ice cream...yum.  sigh.  Don't know that I'll have time to make any tonight, but we'll see.

Have a great day!!


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