It's finally feeling like spring!!

We just ended our spring break...and it was too short.  I know, I know, what do I want, summer?  YES!  Isn't that pathetic??  And I like my job!!  I can't imagine how I'd be feeling if I hated what I was doing...counting down the days, probably.
Oh well...I didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but it was nice!  &#X1f60a  I read a couple of books...played with my granddaughters, joined twitter (why???) got some laundry done, lol.  It was good. 

Today is one of the best days. 
National Deep Dish Pizza Day!!  I love deep dish pizza.  It has to be like the BEST invention ever of the pizza world.  Which type is your favorite?  Do you like deep dish or that thin crust stuff that you have to hold with two hands?  lol  And the toppings!!  I used to like ham and more...ugh.  Pepperoni and pineapple, now that's awesome!  &#X1f60a

Read A Road Map Day -
who knows how to read a map anymore?  I think everyone is so used to google maps that they've forgotten there was the paper thing before that happened.  Those of us who have been in different locals for any length of time got pretty good at reading maps.  When I was on my mission in Oregon, I had two companions that had their own cars, so I was the navigator.  I got pretty good at reading those maps!!  I wonder about todays missionaries, lol.  It would be a good family activity to have everyone load up and take a road trip having to read a map!!  Road trip...road trip...road trip...oh wait, we just had spring break, right?  dang it.  &#X1f60a

Anyway - hope everyone has an awesome day!


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