It's Friday!!! Yeah!!

I'm not excited or anything...honest.   :)  But I am.  It's been a LONG crazy week, I tell ya.  And there are only what....7 more till summer???


Just a couple of fun things today...

Draw A Bird Day - I don't know about you, but birds aren't exactly the easiest to draw, though you'd think they'd be easy.  I guess they are easier than a dog or cat...but still.  Unless they sit still for  Here's one I painted for the county fair last year...  

And...National Empanada Day - Yum!  I think it's a splendid idea to make these.  Just another way to have a turnover, right?  lol.  Although, the first thing that comes up is beef I guess meat pies are okay - but I've seen these mostly as a fruit pie type thing.  Which way do you like them best??  Whichever way, they're good.

Have a great weekend!


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