It's Friday!!!

There is quite a few things because I wanted to let you know about tomorrow too, with all the fun stuff going on.  Brownielocks has a few things that I wanted to on her link if you want to see all of them...  :)

Earth Day - just a reminder that we are happy to be living on this earth, right?  And that we should be kind and do what we can.  I'm not an extremist, but I do think recycling is good, and wasting is bad, lol.

Mother Earth Day - as opposed to just earth day??  LOL

National Jelly Bean Day -
Okay!!  everyone who likes jelly beans, step up and celebrate.  Personally, I really like the starburst ones...  

Passover - Okay, just a thought - I always thought passover was before can they be at separate times??

Tomorrow -
National Dance Day - everyone get on your boogie!!  It's time to dance!  And, in honor of he who died yesterday...formerly known as like it's 1999...just because you can and we are all party animals.  This should get you going...

Movie Theatre Day - love this to go see a movie.  Kaysville Theater is showing some good ones right now...have you seen Kung Fu Panda 3 yet??  It's really fun.  😊 And Eddie the Eagle is awesome...  Race looks interesting, and there's always the latest Star Wars installment...  sigh.
Kaysville Theatre, Utah, showing today's movies for great prices. Theatre rental also available.

Talk Like Shakespeare Day - this is really the one I wanted to let you know about.  I think it would be hilarious to go around talking to your family like this.  It's almost as fun as talk like a pirate day.  "Fair morning my offspring.  Hasteneth to the table for meat.  But halt - thy face is quite the home for pigs, dost thou not know where thy washcloth is located?  Hasten and discover it lest thou be mistaken for a common urchin."   oh with that one.  Takes a little more brain power, lol.

Have a great one!!


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