Ah well...

Just in case there were those of you waiting with bated breath to hear the results of the inquiry by the literary agent...she turned down my book.  :(  Oh well...I wasn't too surprised, I don't think it was quite a match for her company, but it was flattering that she asked to read it, and she was very complimentary as far as the basic story line, so that was good.  :)


Anyway...it's Wednesday!!  Seems like it's been Wednesday all week...ARGH.  We've been helping clean out my hubby's brother's storage shed (LONG ugly story...really makes you want to think about tough love with children) and we've been up till midnight the past 2 nights.  We were up till 1 am on Sunday morning, so it hasn't been a great time for sleeping.

Here's a few items of interest and humor for the day:

Eat What You Want Day - I'm sure every woman would love to follow this one...thing is, most of us see the big picture and know that it will haunt us the next day if we go totally hog wild, lol.  Still...I think you should enjoy yourself!!  Of course...this makes me think of Weird Al...  😊

I forgot how much he tries to act like Michael Jackson...lol

Hostess Cupcake Day - supposedly the first Hostess Cupcake ever to be sold was on this date in 1919.  Wow...I had no idea they had been around that long.  Apparently everyone loves them, that's why they brought them all back.  Personally, I like Ding Dongs...and I found a recipe for making a ding dong cake that I fully intend to try sometime soon.  Mmmmm...  anyway - if you like the cupcakes, see what you can find.  I used to love the orange ones...did you ever try them?

National Foam Rolling Day- oh boy...for those of you who are masochists, this is for you.  Personally, I do think they help...if I can just get past the pain, lol.  I feel like that scene in Galaxy Quest... whoever came up with these should be shot!  lol  

Well...Hopefully this brought a smile to your face.  Have a great day!!


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