Happy Mother's Day

To all of you who are mothers...  are grandmothers...are aunts, sisters, cousins, lol....

Have a wonderful peaceful Mother's Day.

This is a day many dread, anticipate, run from or embrace.  I alternate from year to year.

This is one of the years that I'm enjoying.  All my children are adults now...most of them are living with us (sigh) and so it's not like there's a lot of stress as to who is going to show up and who isn't...

I have no expectations anymore (it took 29 years, sigh) and so every moment is nice in and of itself.  Chocolate at church is awesome, and everyone saying not to beat yourself up is second best...

So - hopefully you've had a wonderful day where your offspring have showered you with gifts of love and service.

If you haven't, I wish you love.  I wish you peace in your heart, and that someday you might know the feel of arms around your heart.

Take care.

Love you - mom.

and love you too...mom


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