Happy Tuesday...sunshine!

Hi everyone - I know, you get two emails in a row...shocker...lol.  I'm waiting for myIDEA this morning, it's really running slow!!...  feel like I'm pushing an elephant through molasses,...  and of course, the minute I said that it sped up!  😊

Anyway - it's a gorgeous day!!  a couple of fun things from Brownielocks that I wanted to mention today...  it's a little long...

Garden Meditation Day - I'd say this is the day for that, though most of us probably don't have gardens ready yet...though the flower type of garden should be wonderful.  Have you seen some of the meditation gardens that are out there?  they're awesome...  my hubby put together a little fountain for my sons wedding last year that was somewhat of a meditation type area...we all insisted that he put it back up again this year.  He thinks we're crazy...lol.  but it's awesome.  My brother bought little ceramic mushrooms to put in it...

For those of you with cats...it's Hug Your Cat Day

- there are two of those this month.  I don't know why they get 2...cats aren't that special...lol though they like to think they are.  My son jokes that they knew they were worshiped as gods by the Egyptians and have never forgotten it...

Lumpy Rug Day - ah, here's something to celebrate.  I'm not sure why...does this mean you go an dance on the lumpy rug to make it smooth?

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day - Okay, I want to be on the committee that chooses holidays.  I mean really...different colored shoes day?  I think this is for those who get dressed in the morning without a light on and can't tell if it's black or blue...or those who are in too much of a hurry to really look at them before putting them on.  good grief, Charley Brown...  😊  What do you bet there is a two different colored socks day??

Paranormal Day - I think this means we should all go home tonight and watch Ghostbusters!  "Who you gonna call??  Ghostbusters!"  

Public Radio Day - that's right...public radio...as opposed to I guess radio with adds?  Or the ones that announce their sponsors?  I'm not sure...but I figure if you don't have to pay to turn on your radio and get signal, it's kind of public, lol.  I know...just ignore me.  😊  I listen to classical 89 all the time and feel guilty because I never donate to their drives...

and on the food front (which is always my favorite...)  there are lots of reasons to eat this month from The Nibble:
  • National Asparagus Month  - my absolute favorite veggie in the whole world!!  Did you know that you can wrap it with prosciutto and it's awesome cold?? who knew?
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Chocolate Custard Month  - got to love custard!!  
  • National Egg Month
  • National Gazpacho Aficionado Month  - are you into cold soups?
So if you are into any of those things... (you know you're a salsa fan...admit it...) you can make loads and tell your family its a celebration.  😊

today in particular though, is National Raspberry Tart day...  I don't know why it needs to be fancy...just have it be national raspberry day!!  😊 but whatever you want, there ya go...enough things to drive anyone crazy.  I figure everyone will have plenty of salsa and hamburger and salad on Thursday...lol.

So anyway - have an awesome day!  


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