we survived...did you?

Hi everyone!  I hope you had an excellent weekend and survived the wind and chaos!  It was crazy!  We were fortunate not to loose any trees this time around, but our neighbors did - it was sad.  Fortunately as well, there were no homes damaged, unlike several around town... :(
You never know what the wind is going to take...it blows different every time.  My brother lives in Farmington and has a gate between his house and a fence on the west side.  That puppy was ripped right off!  It was not a flimsy gate either...it was like 12 feet wide, 6 feet tall, made of wood. crazy. 
any stories anyone wants to share?

Apparently yesterday being May Day...there were lots of things to observe.  I counted it up on Brownielocks site, and she has 23 things on there for May 1st!!  That's crazy. People sure get wound up about things. I was just sorry we missed Lemonade day!!  I think it's never too late to celebrate that, by the way... and you have to listen to Alex Boye as you make/drink it, lol.

There was also Batman Day...which I think was probably dedicated to the first round of that one - the Adam West version, but that's me.  😊

It was also Stepmother's Day - which I want to mention in honor of my daughter-in-law...they don't say the 's' word in relation to her, too many Disney versions that aren't good - but she's trying and I think she'll be a good one.  😊

In contrast...today there are only a couple of things they mention...like Melanoma Monday...yeah - that's one we want to celebrate... UGH. For those of you who have survived cancer, that's awesome! This is a highlight day for you!!  And Roberts Rule of Order Day... that's one I'm excited about.  NOT.

So... that being said, I think it's a great day. The wind has stopped (well, outside of Farmington, lol) and the sun it out. Life is good. So here's hoping you have an excellent day, start to a great month, and keep smiling.


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