So....It's back to reality...

My daughter commented that it's been three weeks since I've posted, and I apologize...but I've been busy!  lol  First we had the cruise that you've heard about...
and then a lovely birthday party for my cousin in California - can't believe she's 70!  She doesn't look like it...unfortunately, I was brain dead and didn't take any pictures.  sigh.  what's a camera in a phone for again???

Anyway - and then we went to Island Park for about 10 days.  First we took granddaughters up...

They had lots of fun.

So did grandpa, lol

Then the rest of the kids came up and we went to some favorite spot...Mammoth Hot Springs - so awesome!
But it was hot and REALLY crowded as usual, so we didn't do much besides go visit the Buffalo grounds and then head back.

We floated down the river twice this time.  It was soooo nice.  I even have a video clip of the moose...

It was even better because I didn't burn!!  poor hubby got a little red on the legs one of the days, and my youngest son doesn't seem to know how to put it on right the first time, some of them got a little crispy.

I just love the flowers up there.  They had so many sego lillies too!  I am thinking about trying to paint some.

Well...only two weeks left till I start have loads to to, as I've been gone so much, lol.  Got to get some food in the house now...  So, have an excellent day!

And just to make it even's National Raspberry pie day...which is soo awesome.  I like a cobbler version in the dutch oven outside, lol.  


clarissa said…
three weeks mom.

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