Summer Olympics!

Okay - normally I'm a big Olympic fan, as those who have read my blog in the past will attest to (lol). But this year I'm in a bit of a funk over the whole thing.

First - Rio.  Okay, I'm not against  Brazil at all, I think it's awesome that they got the games.  I'm just worried about how this is going to shake out.  Between their struggle to keep security personnel, getting rooms ready for the athletes, and the water issues (let's not even comment on the zitka stuff), I'm worried that this might be a backlash they will suffer from for a while.  I hope the games go well for them and that they profit from them.  I really do.

I'm not looking forward to the opening ceremonies, and I'm not able to record them, so that won't be a worry.  Just an FYI if you were planning on watching them as a family?  They have been billed as the sexiest opening ceremonies ever.  Remember this is the party capitol of the world for carnival type events, and the usual is the less they wear the better.  They toned it down quite a bit in RIO the movie.

I'm also upset (AS USUAL) with the politics behind the games.  sigh.  Already there's a big to do about the Russians and the drug testing... (kind of not really a surprise, but really?)  And then there's the US Women's Gymnastics team that isn't letting the 5th member compete in certain events because of some kind of maneuvering.  I'm wondering if there isn't something about race, but I don't want to go there.  Gabby is a sweetheart, and I don't think she has a lot of say.

My hubby says they ought to take the games back to Greece and leave them there.

I like having them in different countries!  I like seeing bits about their culture.  When our family was younger, we used to commonly eat foods from where ever the games were happening, etc.  We had quite the tea party when they were in England.

However, I do think the world economy is not what it was, and that it's really a struggle for some of these countries to have the cost of the games.  And I think it's ridiculous how much they charge for tickets!!  Is it about the games and the athletes or about how much money they make???

Oh well...I don't continue on that vein, it's not pretty.


If you're like me you're going to end up watching as much of the games as you can (as they're all on tape delay if you don't have cable, dish, or whatever) and enjoying every minute of them.

Try not to plot murder against the stupid judges and just enjoy the evens and the idea that these athletes have dreamed about this moment for years.  Some of them since they were little children.

I think some of the food sounds's a site that gives some ideas.  I want to try the pastels!!


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