All Things Chocolate!!! Okay...well, most things?

Okay everyone!!  It's time to party and be crazy and eat all the candy you want and dance like no one's looking and...Oh, you mean that's only for kids?  Hm.  Well...not at my house.  My 'adult' kids think it's for everyone.  😊
So...  in my attempt to help you get in the mood for the coming weekend, here's a REALLY short clip of Michael Jackson's Thriller...

although, for those of you who aren't Michael Jackson fans (yes, there are a few) - here's Studio C's Halloween take this year...

This one's a little strange - but it's good too, if you're into the horror stuff, lol

of course the best thing about today is that it's National Chocolate day...and my favorite author/illustrator had this to say on Facebook:

For those of you who don't like chocolate...there is counseling... injections...  group therapy, lol.

Well...I hope you have a great day and enjoy the wonderful weather!  I know I will.  Just try not to eat too much candy... 

Have a good one.  :)


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