Celebrate Life and Nano!

Celebrate life because how can you not?  It's a glorious day!  I love warm fall weather where it's still cool and yet, not bone chilling.  Ya know...winter.  But I love winter better than summer, so I'm not complaining!  We're supposed to get some snow this week, we'll see if it happens.

It's Tuesday, and we can always use a bit of cheer, right?  Since I can't hand you a hot cocoa through the internet, I'll try and send a smile.  :)

 ( And for those who like them...sorry I missed National Pickle day yesterday...have a pickle today.) 

Today is I Love to Write DayI find it interesting that this is in the month of Nano.  For those who I haven't bored to tears with the information, Nano is National Novel Writing Month...or Nanowrimo to those of us in the know.    It's where you have 30 days to write 50,000 words and try and come up with the great American novel.  It's great for people who love to write!  Helps you make it a habit (hopefully) to write every day.  Most people try to get these novels published.  Me, I'd rather just store them in my computer and say that I finished, lol.

National Bundt (Pan) Day -
I think the best way to celebrate this is to use the pan...make an awesome bundt cake that your family will enjoyI usually make one with pudding and drizzle it with chocolate, and hmmmmm

                                This looks very similar to that one... 

And for those of you who need an excuse...it's National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day - we don't usually need an excuse...it's grocery shopping time, so our fridge is pretty bare. 

Well..  that's it.  Hope you have a great day, and remember to have some chocolate!!


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