It's Friday!

and there are only 7 left till Christmas - can you believe it??  I can't - I am not ready! 

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
I had a thought this morning - on a random note - I remember hearing about thanksgiving dinner and the turkey and everything, and how turkey meat has chemicals that make you sleepy, explaining why so many people want to take a nap after dinner.  My thought was well, if that's true, why don't we feel sleepy EVERY time we eat turkey?  I mean, we have turkey burgers, turkey meatballs, turkey lunch meat...  and that doesn't make me feel sleepy.  So I think the whole thing is how much we eat for thanksgiving  That's my philosophical thought for the morning, a little tooo much thinking on my random end...sigh.

Anyway - today we don't have a lot, but we do have National Candy Day - which you would think should come on Halloween...or the day after when you're trying to get rid of all the leftover candy... we always made our kids save their candy (what wasn't eaten on Halloween) and then the next Friday we'd have a scary movie night and put ALL the candy in a big bowl and everyone could eat all they wanted.  What was left we threw out!  It was a tradition they remember fondly - and my autistic son bemoans because we no longer do it - we never get trick-or-treaters so we don't buy bags of candy and don't need to add to waist lines.  😊  Man, I'm being a little verbose today...
This is a great clip of what it means to have hyper kids on candy...

anyway - we also have Love Your Lawyer DaySince my lawyer is my sister, she's easy to love!  😊  I'm sure if she wasn't I wouldn't be so fond, but ya know.  We need to have charity for the ambulance chasers, and she would agree with me, lol.

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous weekend - and just a heads up, if you know anyone with red hair, tomorrow is National Love My Red Hair day, and you can help them appreciate themselves!!

For some reason I also had on my calendar that tomorrow is stress awareness well as gunpowder day, and I'm not sure how well those two go together, and I'm not seeing them on Brownielocks site, so I'm not sure where I found them...but try not to think of one when thinking of the

Have a good one!


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