The Cubs Win!!!

Okay - I can't stand it - have to cheer for the Cubs!  I mean, this team hasn't made it to the world series since 1908!?  how sad is that??  And they won!!  It was an awesome game!  I hope you had a chance to watch one of the world series games.  We didn't catch the first one, but we watched the ones after that.  It was amazing fun.  I was basically the only one rooting for the hubby decided to root for the Indians.  This is only because we weren't big fans of either team as they started, lol.

sigh.What a night.  Anyway - on to more fun stuff.

First - it's National Men Make Dinner Day -
How could you loose on a day like that??  My hubby has already cooked dinner this week, so I won't make him, lol, but it's a fun thought.  😊

Public Television Day - this is a sweet and sour type thing...on one hand the television is awesome, and it's come a LONG way since it's beginning.  I remember watching cartoons in black and white people!  But it has become too large a part in our world today - but that's just my opinion.  We don't watch much TV - (Except the world series! lol)  We watch movies.  :)  Do you have a show you watch together as a family?

nd finally - what everyone needs to know... today is Sandwich Day!  If you haven't seen it advertised, Subway is doing a buy one get one free bit.  I guess last year was too big a draw with a free sandwich, so they are doing a buy one get one, which still is pretty good.  I don't know if anyone else is, but you might want to look into it.  Good stuff!

have a great day!!


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