Veterans Day!

Today is Veteran's day, which is being marked all around our country.  My cub scout troop honored the Vets in our neighborhood by giving them a little plaque thanking them for their service last week.  This week the youth in our neighborhood honored them at a dinner, and I know that there are several areas that are honoring them today.

After a day that we all practiced our rights and voted for our next president, we honor the people who sacrificed so much to give us that right and made it possible for us to be where we are today.

Along with best to celebrate and honor them than to have a Sundae!!  Today is National Sundae day, and I grew up thinking these were one of the best desserts ever.  What is your favorite?  I just saw a meal version...they did it with mashed potatoes and roasted meat...interesting.  I would never have thought of it.'s also Friday, and I think we're all VERY glad it is!  Hope you have an awesome day and great weekend!


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