I know...I'm lame

I didn't do a big new years blog...I didn't even write much over Christmas... but that's life.  I'm afraid family time is a bigger priority than blogging...much as I love ya.  :)

So - today, to get back into the swing of things a little...I have a short blog.

It's Wednesday, it's a short work week, it's the new year, we have snow...it's an awesome start, don't you think?? 

The only thing worth mentioning for today from Brownielocks, is that it's Trivia Day.  I like that...ever play Trivia Pursuit?  I tend to remember random trivia more than the important things in my life...sigh.  Like names of friends...lol.

It's also National Spaghetti Day...which if you like spaghetti, then have fun with that.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  My family had lots of spaghetti when the kids were young, so I think we're spaghetti'ed out.  😊

As far as trivia...did you know it takes 10 inches or so of snow to make 1 inch of water?  I think the heavier the snow the less it takes...

And that shoveling snow is one of the leading causes of heart attacks in the winter?  Thus the invention of the snowblower!!  and that falling off the roof taking off Christmas decorations is one of the top ways of getting injured in the winter...like that poor kid helping his grandfather after Christmas...

And last bit of trivia for the day - everyone is supposed to have wax in your eardrums.  It helps trap dirt and stuff that is outside your ear and keeps it from going inside.  In fact, there's an article on KSL about it today, believe it or not.

trivia - there you have it.  

I wanted to find you a silly video - but nothing came up for trivia.  So, I figured we'd do an old George Michael song to get you going for the day...in honor of his passing...

It's one I grew up with...I used to think he was sooo cute!!  lol   Can't believe the short shorts though....  ugh.  Can you believe people dressed this way?  And I thought the 70's were crazy...  :)

Have a great day!!


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