Happy Wet Tuesday...

Okay, it didn't really rain much yesterday, so it's making up for it today.  I hope everyone remembered their umbrellas!  I'll try to keep this short and entertaining, I know we're all busy!!  But hey, got to take a minute to smile!  😊

We're having our cub scout Blue and Gold tonight, and one of the leaders sent out a text asking if we needed her to get anything.  I said I needed a brain.  The cub master sent back..."pay no attention to what is going on behind the curtain,"  lol.   I think we have entirely too much fun.  😊

So...today there are a couple of fun things.

It's National Ballet Day - if you like Ballet, you probably already knew this.  I didn't know it had a celebration day!  So - what's your favorite ballet?  Mine is probably the Nutcracker.  Swan Lake is supposed to be really good...  Haven't really seen one live other than the Nutcracker.  Personally, I think the best one is with Baryshnikov... Here's a clip of him dancing.  (not the nutcracker)

and - in case you didn't know, he did a movie called White Nights, and here's a scene where he did 11 pirouettes.  It's awesome.  😊  Won't let me embed, so you'll have to click on it...
"White Nights" 1985 Mikhail Baryshnikov An incredible and so moving, film!!!
 "e" Day (math)  - this is related to math, as in "Today, 2/7, is celebrated as "e" Day, since the first 2 digits in the number "e" are 2 and 7."  Those of you teaching math could toss that bit of trivia out to your students and see what they think, lol.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Day - One of my favorite series of books of all time!!!  I grew up reading all the Little House on the Prairie books.  I loved them.  Loved the illustrations, the stories, the simple life.  The television series created from it was fun, but not the same.  😊   How many of you read those books?  I hope to have my granddaughters read them...but with the tastes of kids now a days, she'd probably be bored.  ☹

National Periodic Table Day - we had a math celebration, now you can do chemistry.  Whoever came up with this one...sigh.  I even took chemistry, but I was also known for lighting the beakers on fire...  😊

Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor's Day - I guess this is to prove you are nice neighbors and are refraining from waving only 1 or 2 fingers??  Who knows, I thought it was silly.  😊

And last, but definitely one of my favorites... National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!  One of the best noodle dishes ever invented...sigh.  Imagine my shock when I found out that the base of the sauce is heavy cream! and lots of butter...no wonder it tastes so good.  lol.   Anyway...

Hope you have an excellent day and stay dry!


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