Snow is king!

I've heard nothing but complaints about the weather this week.  "Aren't we done with snow yet???" is the most common...  lol  Sorry folks, it's still winter in Utah, and the more snow we get, the more water in summer!  Which is a yeah all the way around.  Can I get an AMEN?  lol there are a couple of fun items to enjoy...

Curling is Cool Day - I never heard about curling till the 2002 Olympics.  I still don't get the fascination with watching a bunch of guys sweeping ice before a large round stone that weighs a ton.  But hey...what is basically a cold version of shuffleboard and people love that game too.  I just don't get it.  I'd have to be REALLY bored to get into it.  I had to laugh because one of the recent episodes of Scorpion had them making their own curling 'court' and sliding the stones.  It's all a mental thing, I guess.  whatever...if you like it, enjoy.  😊

Digital Learning Day - big in our district right now, and most districts in Utah.  Almost everything is digital now...and just 15 years ago it was unusual to have a computer in a classroom.  Now it's expected, and usually you have more than one.  Let alone the advent of tablets and smart phones.  Crazy.

Diesel Engine Day - This is a nod to my husband's family.  He has a sister that lives pretty rural, an her boys are all into diesel engines.  One is actually a diesel mechanic.  I think they're loud and whatever...but those who like them swear by them. Kind of like the wonder kid in Knight and Day when he was playing with the big diesel train engine...   Which type of engine do you like?

Iwo Jima Day (flag raised) - Here's to all the brave men who faced down the horrors on the west coast.  What happened on this side of the planet was terrible too.  The men were just as brave who dealt with an army determined to win.  MidWay is a great movie tribute. We like to point out to our children how there was an upper hand in all of it...timing was everything.

National Dog Biscuit Day - I think most dogs would celebrate this in a heartbeat.  Anything to do with food, right?  They're on it like flies to... anything.  lol

National Chili Day - well, this is a good day to have when it's cold outside!  Have a chili cook off...surprise your family with the white bean chili.  Personally, there's nothing like the good old thick-more-meat-than-bean stuff with cheese and sour cream on top and corn bread on the side...yum.

Single Tasking Day - they say that we really don't ever multi task, it's just combining a bunch of tasks close together.  Apparently it's not good for our brain, it causes us to actually be less effective and efficient.  I feel that as a cook, that is where multi tasking is prime.  When you're making dinner and you want it to all be ready at the same time??  That takes multi-tasking!  Watch a chef at work and you'll see what I mean. (or a mother of more than one child running a household...  I mean, just having one child makes things challengin, but when you add another one - oh boy. And if that mother is working??  ever seen the movie Baby Boom?)
Well...if you are one of those not happy with the snow...I'm sorry, but we're supposed to keep getting some through next Monday.  If you are okay with it like me, well, enjoy!  Hopefully none of us will slide off the road.  Much as I like snow, it is the pits to drive in!!

Have a great day everyone!


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