And it's Tuesday...anyone for PIE??

I know that's not what the day is about, and it's another silly thing - I mean, just an excuse to have pie, right??  but hey, pie is always good, and pie with ice cream is even better.  Everyone tells the same jokes today, right?

 Like there was a kid who went to college from a red neck town, and when he graduated with a math degree, everyone went to his house to celebrate and congratulate him.  While there, they said say something math!  So he thought for a moment and then said PI r Squared.   They all frowned, shook their heads and started leaving.  one of them stopped and said, "Well, that education didn't do you any good at all.  Everyone knows Pie are round."  😊

Here's Sandra Boynton's take on it...

Anyway - some other things are fun about the day too, but just as a plug for my daughters employment (part time at Kneaders) their pies are half price today - you might want to grab one.  😊  (Update - I was wrong!!  Apparently either I mis-understood what she said, or she didn't say what she thought she did - grrrr...  anyway, they aren't half price.  The slices are 'technically' half price, but not the whole pie.  Sorry :(    )

International Ask A Question Day - Interesting that they would have a day for this.  Do we discourage people that much in asking questions?  I know that several times I've seen sped students have goals about asking for help.  Perhaps we discourage asking questions in striving for independence.  Not sure...but if you have a question, todays the day to ask it.  I like the question in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy...actually, I like the answer to it better.  If you haven't seen it, here's the clip...

Organize Your Home Office Day - I guess if you work from home, or you have the need for an office, it's easy for it to get messed up.  I know I have to clean my desk off at home at least once a month. I can keep my desk at work spotless!  What's up with that??  sigh.  Let's get organized, people!  lol  right....

Potato Chip Day - no idea why they picked today to celebrate it...but it's been around for a while.  It was invented by a Chef named Crum because a customer complained about his thick french fries.  Really???  I LOVE thick french fries...  sigh.  Well, if you like potato chips, have at it people.  Munch away.  Personally I like the ruffles kind...and BBQ is yummy.  😊

Pi Day (as in the math pie = 3.14159265 etc.) - So, if you're a math fanatic, or like it at all, this day gives you a day to be proud.  I think it's funny how the numbers on a calendar give an excuse to celebrate something.  My niece was going to get married on 8-9-10 that year just because of the date.  sigh.  Anyway -'s all Greek to me!  lol

National Pie Day
- I like this one better.  Pie is always good, like I said above.  :)   What's your favorite flavor?  I love the mixed berry one at Marie Calendar's too...  but homemade banana cream is awesome!  Here's a clip from Men in Black ...not sure if it's 2 or 3, but ya know... pie.

Save a Spider Day - really? I don't like spiders.  I'm not really afraid of least that's what I tell myself.  Especially little ones...and if I see them outside, I try to let them live.  But if they're in my house??  No way!  One of our neighbors had one come down from the ceiling in church on Sunday, and they actually waited for the thing to land on the floor, scooped it up and took it outside.  Now that's a celestial person...sigh.  I'm afraid I wig out when I have a wolf spider show up.  And we get lots of them.  UGH.  it's that studio C one all over again...  Scorpion had one last night though that was similar... but sorry, no clips.  Just picture Happy shocking Toby on the chest because this honkin tarantula looking spider was on it....ugh

National Reuben Sandwich day - and last...reuben sandwiches.  I'm really not into these, I'm not a big fan of sauerkraut, so if you are, enjoy.

Hope you have a great day and eat lots of pie!


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