Epiphany of the day...

Okay. So. Those of you who know me, might know that I work for a school district.  I specifically work for Special Education.  These kidos are special from one aspect to another, some in more need of assistance than others.  I feel fortunate to work with the teachers that work with them. I don't have the patience or ability to help these kidos, but I find myself being amazed by them every day.
My office is in a post high school building full of special individuals aged 18 to 22.  They are happy to be there, love their teachers and are just an inspiration to be around.

I happened to listen to a CD (Why 1920) today that talked about the youth in the church - from 1988.  Yeah, I know, it was a while ago...and I wasn't a teenager anymore, having just had my third child, lol.  But anyway, the statement was made that in the middle of a talk, a stake president told the youth that they had been captains and generals in the pre-existence.  President David O'McKay happened to be in attendance at this meeting, and afterward when the stake president went to ask him if he'd said anything amiss, informed him that he'd been incorrect.  All of them were generals -- there were no captains, and he needed to remember that.  (not sure how well quoted this is, this is just as I heard it).

I'n thinking about that, I have to say WOW...and that was almost 30 years ago.  Just think about the youth that are here now!!  I mean, I was teasing my husband last night...does this mean the ones coming down now are Admirals??  :)  And we were....um...the captains?  sigh.

But anyway - I was watching these young people at work, and thinking about how we talk in special ed about how the numbers keep increasing.  We are getting more and more students that have special needs.  Now, I realize that not all of them are the kind of needs that would make you wonder -- but it brought to mind another story that indicated the reason a person had these challenges/special needs was to protect them from the adversary.  Their mental/physical challenges were a protection! They had been valiant servants in the pre-existence, and were being given this gift to help them gain what they needed in this mortal life and return home safetly to our Father.  It brought tears to my eyes as I realized I was seeing evidence of valiant spirits getting their physical bodies.
What an awesome experience.

I am honored to work in a field that enables me to be grateful for the life I have, and to know those around me.  I hope you are thankful for yours and that you have a wonderful day.  It's beautiful here on earth, don't you agree?


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