It's Friday!

Well, you made it, another week behind ya.  Looking forward to the weekend?  Could be a yard work weekend, depending on the weather.  Last I saw it was going to be 50's and partly cloudy.  That sounds like great outdoor weather to me, lol.

There are a couple of fun things for the day -
International Bagpipe Day - one of my favorite things, Bagpipes!!  It's been something cool in Bountiful, we'll be heading west on 4th north to get to the freeway, and about 6 pm in the summer, there is a group of bagpipers practicing on the grass by the bubble.  It's sooo much fun to hear them. 
The Piano Guys has a video clip of a version they've done that I want to share for the morning bagpipes.  Enjoy!

International Day of Awesomeness - “No one is perfect, but everyone can be awesome”   I think that's an awesome quote, lol.  I think this should be a day for me since I use that word quite those who know me will attest.  😊  But I do think all of you are awesome, so everyone shine today!  I think it's fun to note that they picked this day because it's Chuck Norris' birthday! 
They (the all knowing they) figured he was the epitomine of awesomeness, lol.  I guess that's a pretty good reason...especially when you note that article I shared about him visiting that young man.  I also think Kung Fu Panda is an awesome person too...does it matter that he's fiction?  

Land Line Telephone Day - I think it's interesting that they gave this a holiday.  There are lots of young people that don't even know what that means!  How many of you still have land lines?  We do...but we're die hards, lol.  How many even know what a party line is??  (Never had one, but I've heard of them.  I remember my parents used to tell me about the different phone numbers people used to have.  and when Utah was all 801, lol)

Mario Day - Do you know why it's Mario day today?  Simply because Mar 10 looks like Mario.  LOL  some people have only one thing on the brain...  So, if you're a Mario fan, have fun and play games today.  😊

Middle Name Pride Day - For the many of us who have middle names, this is the day you've waited for.  The name to proclaim to the world what your middle name is!  I think it's just to make them all feel better that their parents were wordy and wanted to keep on everyone's good side by giving children all the family names.  My family has a tradition with the male children...the oldest gets the mother's maiden name.  The second gets grandma's maiden, etc.  The only one they really get crazy about is the first born.  My kids lucked out...we didn't want any of them to be ____ Parker Parker.  sigh.  That's when having a different last name would really come in handy.

National Blueberry Popover day - If you don't know what a popover is, think Yorkshire pudding.  Basically it's a lighter biscuit that is served with something inside of it.  I don't think it's worth all the trouble, kind of like mini soufle?  But some people like them.  Have at it ...

National Pack Your Lunch day - This is something I do most every day.  How about you??  Did you bring your lunch today? I have leftover pizza.  😊 Always a good thing.

Well...hope you have a great day and an awesome weekend!  Here's a song to get you tapping.  😊


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