The Dragging Monday After....

I think you hear me say it every year...twice a year...though spring is worse for me than fall.  UGH  My whole week feels messed up.  I have to wrap my brain around the grogginess in my head and try to be awake.  Do you have that problem?? I feel groggy for the whole week.  Even now I'm sitting here, trying to eat my breakfast and feeling like there is a bag of sand in my eyes...  sigh.  Ok, I'm really awake...

Well, maybe we can use some inspiration to wake us up.  😊  Here's what I have for today:

Donald Duck Day -   I always comment on this because my father-in-law loved Donald Duck.  He used to always talk for the kids with his Donald Duck voice and it always made them laugh.  My hubby inherited a stuffed duck with a similar hat that when you tap it it quacks.  Still makes the grandkids giggle.  sigh.  My father-in-law was one of a kind.  😊

Earmuffs Day -  For those of you who like the winter gear, have at it.  I never really did like ear muffs, but I guess they helped with cold ears.  I always wore a hood.  My granddaughter likes them though...  I guess those who live back east will really appreciate them, I understand they are in for another large snow storm.

Fill Our Staplers Day - twice a year? (they say it every Monday after daylight savings happens.) Is that the only time you have to fill your stapler?? I would think that was interesting.  I fill mine a lot, but then, I'm always using it.

Good Samaritan Involvement Day - I guess this is for those who need an excuse or a reason to do service for someone.  Everyone I personally know is already willing to jump in and help anyone in need.  You are all heros!

Ken Day - Well, we had Barbie day, I guess it's only fair that Ken gets his day.  sigh.  This whole equality thing is soooo silly sometimes.  Of course, who needs a day to celebrate the beginning of a doll???  😊  Those that like the dolls, I guess.  

Napping Day - Please! I think every boss should tell everyone they need an hour to take naps this afternoon.  Don't you??  I mean, I'd say a half hour, but it takes me a half hour to fall to have at least an hour...right?  sigh.  Sandra Boynton had her usual flair for the day...

National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day - Now this is another silly one...I mean, I guess if your the superstitious type, this is a big deal...but I open umbrellas inside all the time.  I don't need a special day to have fun with it.  How about you??

Smart & Sexy Day - aren't we all??  I guess this is to remind us that we are all smart And sexy.  Like that's a 

And last...
National Ginger Ale Day - Canada Dry is the best (according to my hubby).  We buy it when the world series is going on, because that's what he likes to go with his chili dog.  :)  Personally, I grew up with Ginger beer (non alcoholic stuff) ...but I can't drink it me heartburn!  So strange!  Anyway, here is a link to how to make your own ginger ale..

Well, here's hoping you are able to stay awake and function in all that needs to happen.  😊  Have a good one!


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