A week to myself! Not...

So...I get a week of spring break to myself.  Actually, it would be cool if it were with my hubby, but that's not happening.  And then we have 4 adult children to deal with...at least 3 of them will be gone most the day, so that only leaves one.  The chatty one.  We'll see if he gets up before noon, lol.
I'm getting a perm today, which is the excitement of the day, lol.  My hair has grown so long (for me, lol) and the perm I got before Christmas just isn't doing it anymore.  sigh.  My hubby isn't thrilled, but he puts up with it.  :)

Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day - though a bit chilly.   But it's April, ya know?  My flowers are blooming! I love this time of year.  :)

We have a couple of things to celebrate...

Fan Dance Day... lol  Not that this is something most people would celebrate, but hey, you don't have to do the whole big fan no clothes thing.  Just dance till you're hot and sweaty and then fan yourself!!  It's all good.  :)

And then its Find a Rainbow Day.  Always good!  Yesterday we had a rainbow - it was gorgeous.  Not real bright, but you could see it between the trees.

best of all, it's Chocolate Mouse day!!  which is basically a really creamy, light, dark chocolate creation that melts in your mouth yummy.  Kneaders has a great little Chocolate Mouse Dome...(we call it a chocolate bomb)  It's the perfect size for one person - actually 2...calorie wise, lol.  Check it out, or make one for yourself.  You need cream... and chocolate.  :)

Have a wonderful day!


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