Well...the weeks over...

And I didn't get even half the stuff on my list done!!  sigh.  I knew I was being ambitious, but seriously!!  Problem is, I didn't want to do half of them.  :(   I was enjoying being a little lazy.  I did get a lot of editing done...and remembered a story that I want to submit to Shadow Mountain...but no painting (yet, day isn't over, right?) and haven't got the cabinet cleaned out and organized.  I might still get that done.

I got to see a couple of movies (no, not in the theater, nothings out that I want to really see right now).  Passengers and Inferno.
 Passengers is ...kind of sad, actually.  I liked the actors.  I think it's hilarious, its another one of those films that was bare bones on actors.  It left me thinking they should have done more with it.  I mean, they could have had children and - I almost said grandchildren.  That wouldn't have worked... lol.  Anyway - if you're looking for something to watch that doesn't take a LOT of brain cells...it's still good.

Inferno I'd read the book...and the movie is quite similar to the book, as are most of them.  It has an agenda, just like the rest of them, but it also moves FAST - typical Dan Brown.  Not sure if I like it... but if you like Tom Hanks, you'll probably like it.
I still can't wait for Hidden Figures to come out on DVD. Which should be soon...it's at the local dollar theater today!!  I'm so excited...

It's also Coffee Cake day - which is one of our family favorites.  We call it breakfast cake, lol.  Yummy stuff...we stick blueberries in it...but I can imagine a lemon curd filling too.  Have you ever had lemon curd?  We made it for the first time this week.  OH MY!!  awesome stuff...especially if you like lemons.  :)

And - No Housework Day!  Which is always a good thing to celebrate!!  so, gonna go have lunch with my sisters.
Enjoy the Day!!


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