happy Thursday and cookies!!!!

Today is Cookie Monster's bday!!  so that means we should all celebrate!
I know some parents and teachers are ready to string all the students up with duct tape somewhere and throw water balloons at them, but since they can't do that, perhaps you can share these video  clips with them and bring some laughter to their day... lol.
It's definitely a gorgeous one!

Cookie Monster's Birthday - in honor of Frank Oz, cookie monster gets two birthdays.  One is today, and another one is November 2nd.  If you have Sirie on your phone, you should ask her what 0 divided by 0 is and see what she says...  :)

National Tap Dance Day - in celebration of amazing dancers everywhere who can tap their way in circles around everyone else...one of my favorite videos...

Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride Day - show your geekiness!!  If you know that computer stuff or can program the VCR (LOL) you're a geek everyone loves!

Red Nose Day - I didn't know it was red nose day before now, or I would have worn one to my schools 😊   I think everyone should wear one tonight so their kids are wondering what happened...  lol  If you are inclined, you might donate to their cause and bring some FUN into the world.  I'll always remember Robin Williams... one of my favorite scenes from Patch Adams...

Towel Day - in honor of the man who wrote Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy... Douglas Adams, everyone needs to remember the importance of the towel.  😊

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day - what Cookie Monster would never understand, lol.  I wonder if they promoted it in opposition to his birthday??  :)  Well, my sister says anything green is not for the body, lol.  I love pretty much everything green...and fruity.  

Hope you have a healthy, yummy day!!


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