May Day!

Welcome to May!  I would say welcome to spring, but that remains to be seen, lol.  We're supposed to be in the 80s by Saturday...could be an interesting time with snow melt.
Hope you all had a great weekend.  I did.  Kind of hard to come back to work this morning...  But hey, I'm here, you're here and we're raring to go, right?  😊

May seems to be quite the celebration month.  Especially the first day.  I thought there were lots of things mentioned on Friday and Saturday, but there are tons today.  I'll try and see if I can mention the fun ones as we don't have loads of time to sit and read, do we?  lol

Batman Day - apparently the comic book made it's first appearance in May, so they picked May 1st.  Which is your favorite?  Batman or Superman?  I think Spiderman ought to be in there too...

Lei Day - This is the islands May Day  - a day long celebration.  I like it.  😊  I didn't realize that each island has a lei specific to them.  I'll bet you thought all lei's were just flowers too, huh?  

Lemonade Day - I think everyone likes lemonade, don't you?  And there are so many different varieties!  I love strawberry lemonade, or raspberry lemonade.  I'm going to try making some with honey instead of sugar and see how that works.  I'm not sure this is the official date, I've seen several that say it's the 7th, one that says it's the in August - so whatever.  This is the day Brownielocks said it was, so we'll just stick with it.  Have some lemonade today!

May Day - I always grew up thinking May Day was the first day of spring celebration, May pole dance, etc.  You know, light and spring and fun.  Apparently it has grown into quite the day of protest now, and there is expected to be a big protest against the president.  I guess you can't just keep the light side of anything, huh?  Well, I'm going to celebrate May Day by having some lemonade and enjoying spring.  How about you?

Mother Goose Day - the mother of all nursery rhymes! - apparently there are several stories as to the origin of the nursery rhymes and who created them, if there was a real mother goose, etc.  I think they're fun, and most children like them, so I guess it's as good a day as any to celebrate the encouraging of imagination.  I guess Silversteen took up where she left off, huh?  With a Light in The Attic?  Or Where the Sidewalk Ends?  My mom loved those ones too.  Well, if you have children in your life somewhere, today would be a good day to read some mother goose to them.  :)

School Principals' Day - sing out for all the principals who keep the schools running!  Tough job, being a principal, but someone's got to do it, lol.  

Silver Star Day - in honor of the wounded servicemen and women around the country.  I didn't even know this day existed, did you?  Kind of cool.  Do you know someone who has been wounded in service to our country?  today would be a good day to let them know how much you appreciate what they have done for our freedoms. I guess I was fortunate in that my dad and foster dad were never injured in their service, but there are many who have been in the past 10 years.

Stepmother's Day - this is an interesting day.  I guess this way there is no competition for mother's day?  I think stepmoms get a bad rap from the movie Cinderella.  I'm hoping my granddaughter grows up to know her stepmother as a wonderful woman.

National Chocolate Parfait Day! - I was going to attach the scene from Shrek where he and donkey were talking about Ogres being like onions or parfait, but decided they weren't good enough and it was a stretch.  Parfaits are yummy, once again another treat from France, and (in my opinion) probably the basis of the Trifle...isn't that just a big parfait?  Good stuff. 

Well...that's all for today.  Hopefully it will remain lovely weather and you can enjoy spring.  Just remember to have some lemonade and a parfait for desert.  :)


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