Mother's day joy...

Well... Mother's Day is not always the best weekend.

Personally, I liked it better when the kids were little.  They were all there because we all lived in the same house, (lol) and they usually made something fun for me at school.  They all loved me and thought I was wonderful (sort of).
Now, if they aren't living here they don't show up.  I guess I've become persona non gratta...

I woke up in the morning and reminded myself not to have too much in expectations, and decided to enjoy the day.  After all, Saturday had been a lovely day, so I fully expected Sunday to be nice too.
And it was.  My live at home kids got up and fixed the breakfast that I'd expressed a desire for (eggs Benedict and fruit salad...YUM) and then I helped my hubby make dinner for his mom and we took it to her and her sister and spent a lovely couple of hours with them before we left and came home to have dinner with my kids.  The ones that live at home, that is.
My hubby surprised me with a HUGE snoopy card...seriously, I think it's at least 2 feet tall.  It's awesome.  I thought he'd gotten it for my mother-in-law, but no - it was for me.  And he even had all the kids sign it, so it was kind of like they were all here.  It was incredibly wonderful.  :)

And he made me pie.  It's a tradition he's done every year for as long as I remember. Strawberry of my favorite things.  sigh.  And he made it from scratch (well, except the crust...that was premade)  and sweetened with honey!!  It was sooo good.  This picture doesn't do it justice, I hadn't put the whipped topping on it, but it's good, believe me.
And then my daughter send me the cutest photos of my grandson the other day...first he likes to bounce and so she got him one of those Johnny Jumpups and apparently he loved it, but he didn't do a lot of bouncing, it was more spinning around, lol.

and then she sent me another one of him at eating time.  He was
LOVING the .  My hubby asked her where the baton girls and drum majors were...looked like he was drumming.    He's such a tank!!
Anyway - Saturday my youngest daughter took me to breakfast at Kneaders, which was yummy!  and then we went shopping at Seagull Book, which is right next door, so to speak - and I got some new books that we've read but didn't have copies of.  Then we went and got my hubbies hair cut, and I went shopping at Payless shoes while he did that and got two pair of sandals.  Still looking for something white for church, but at this point, at least I have something comfy!!  sigh.
Life is good, ya know?
I have an awesome hubby and kids and home and ...what can I say more.
Life is awesome.


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