Tuesday Smiles

and the weather is finally feeling like summer is near!  of course...by this weekend it's supposed to cool off again, so I guess we'll see.  😊

Anyway - not a lot to mention, but it's still kind of fun...
today is National Taffy Day!  Everyone has their favorite flavor of taffy.  Some are even brave enough to make it...but you have to have good arms.  How do you think those women kept those arms in the old days??  food work!!
now adays, it's mostly by machine. 
I think even back in the day they had crank ones...  people had taffy pulling parties, but no one does that any more.  At least not where I live... 

It's also International Turtle day...I guess if you are worried about the turtles and want to save them, today is your day.  I used to have some baby turtles, but they didn't live very long.  My sister-in-law has a couple of larger ones that were hibernating.  I wonder if they've woken up yet?  😊
Well, hope you have a wonderful Tuesday...find some tacos if that's your thing.  I'm thinking I need to make some crispy wheat peanutbutter bars... (same as rice crispy ones, but with puffed wheat).  I know...how very unglutten free of me.


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