Wednesday Sadness

Hello all my avid dedicated readers...  Hope you're doing well!  It's Wednesday!  And while that's an exciting thing, I'm feeling the sadness this morning that lingers from Monday's concert in England.  My prayers are full of comfort for their poor families and the singer.  What a terrible day that was and still is for them.  Perhaps these thoughts might bring a bright spot...

EMSC (Emergency Medical Services) Day - (well, after this first one...)
I thought this was appropriate for what is going on in England right now.  They had an excellent response team.  We have some great people on this side of the pond too, and if you know anyone who is an EMT or Paramedic, you want to be sure to thank them for taking on this job that most of us wouldn't be able to handle.  I was reading about the concert and the many children that were injured and's so sad.  But that's what makes it terrorism, isn't it?  their aim is to disrupt and make us afraid.  It just makes us angry and sad.  😞

International Tiara Day - this is something that many of those young women would enjoy...a day to pretend their princesses.  Everyone deserves to wear a tiara at one time in their lives.  But it's important if we can help them realize they don't need a tiara to make them special - they already are.  I've heard two reasons for this day - one, it's Queen Elizabeth's birthday
and it's a way for everyone to honor her, and two, it was started in 2005 by some company that was encouraging women to show their leadership qualities.  I don't care which, I know my granddaughters like to wear them.  😊

Morse Code Day - anyone know morse code?  It's pretty handy if you can wrap your brain around the dits and dots and bips...sigh.  I'm afraid it's a little much for me, I'd have to spend a LOT of time figuring it out.
And's National Escargot Day - UGH.  Sorry, but I'm not into snails.  Anyone like these??  What do they taste like? just curious...please don't tell me they taste like
Well - have a great day.  It's supposed to be gorgeous, blue skies and plenty warm.  Great day to be outside.


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