Happy Anniversary to me!

Father's day is always followed by our anniversary... things just go in order that way.  :)
June is our anniversary month, and the 25th is the DAY!  It's always hard for us to believe that it's been any length of time...or that we used to look like this, lol
Well, it's been 31 years, folks, and I think he's just gotten better and better.  We're committed to lasting at least another 40 years together... we were talking with an older couple last week in the temple that have been married 63 years.  wow!
Well, for our anniversary this year, since it wasn't a 'big' number, (last year was the cruise as it was the 30th, lol) we went up to Powder Mountain.  I keep forgetting how it feels like that place is on the top of the world!  It's sooo nice and quiet!  We weren't there very long, unfortunately, but it was sure nice.

One of these years I guess I'll get the whole selfi thing right... when I posted it on my facebook page, my daughter laughed at me because I spelled it celfi since it's a cell phone ...isn't that logical??  oh well...  Anyway - it's another gorgeous day.  Enjoy! 


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