too short!

okay - I feel like I've just been whining this last couple of weeks.  I really didn't think I was a whiner, but if the shoe fits, sigh.  :(
First - just found out I have trigger my thumb.  How does that happen???  So...first experience with a cortisone shot.  Not quite as bad as I thought it would be...guess we'll see if it helps.

Second - been trying SOOO hard to get my book ready and submitted to Shadow Mountain.  My goal was the end of June.  Hello???  It's the middle of July, people.  UGH.  It is taking forever.  I. Will. Get. It. Done. Before. Weekend.  PERIOD.  lol

Third - weeds are over taking the garden...such as it is.  We have a neighborhood deer (we think it's the same one that was living under our porch during the winter) that comes through and eats the apple tree... :-/   and then we have some that are eating the tomato plans and zucchini and melons.  sigh.  the onions are doing good!!

Fourth - the roof isn't done.  And that's all we hear about from in-laws.  You're not finished YET?  But it's been almost two weeks...  Yeah, and need I mention my poor hubby works 10 hour days?  Then comes home, naps for an hour or so, then goes up on the roof till 9, ish... eats a very LATE dinner and then goes to bed to do it all again??  sigh.  The man's a saint.
 Then on the weekends, it's up at 6, work till it's too hot to breathe, come down and then back up as soon as it's cool enough you don't melt the soles off your shoes.  Got to love roofing in the summer...not.  But it's not like you always have a choice here, people.  Seriously.

Fifth - the apricots are ready to pick.  Anyone want some???  I really wish I liked them...  No time to make apricot jam this year...

Sixth - just to make you laugh - we finally got our cat shaved this week.  Poor thing is a long hair Siamese, and had mats and stuff...(she's an outdoor cat!!)  she looks hilarious...

But she feels so much better, she's totally forgiven us and is quite loving.  She's not normal... lol

But, the bright spot in the horizon of ALL of this whining, is I'm going to be going to my happy place soon.  Island Park!  :)  Not as hot, nice and quiet, and lovely painting atmosphere...sigh.  Can't wait.  What's your happy place??

And lastly - hope you all got your free slurpee's yesterday.  Kind a fun.  My daughters came home from running to grab theirs at the end of the day and were so disappointed in people.  They were able to get in the line before cutoff, but there were people getting their small slurpee, drinking half of it and then refilling it, letting their kids fill their own so there was a mountain of slurpee all over the drain and stuff like that.  It doesn't matter that it still costs 7-11 money... sigh.  I don't understand people sometimes.

If I'd thought of dressing up like a cow, I would totally have gone to Chick-fil-A for that, but we went and got a frozen lemonade..  ah...the best thing about summer!!

Today is pecan pie day.  If you are like me and love pecans, that's the best.  However- it's a little toooo sweet for me anymore.  So enjoy some for me...  lol

Have a great one!  Stay cool....


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