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Two weeks left!!

I can't believe it's only 2 weeks till Christmas!  Where does the time go??  Just last week I was lamenting that our extra week had slipped away without my getting anything done.  I mean...I just got the tree finished being decorated last night...does that tell you how holidays go at my house??  And that doesn't mean anything else has been decorated.  I thought that if I was home sick I could at least try and decorate - but no, I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, so it didn't get done.  :(   sigh.  And I had a co-worker telling me last week that she takes hers down on Christmas day!!
Who does that???  (I mean, besides her, lol)  I told her I leave mine up sometimes through January.  When she found out how late I put it up, she understood.  sigh.

So...anyway, happy December.  There isn't much going on today - but felt like I needed a few bright words to cheer myself up.  And felt perhaps - you might want something to chuckle at as well.  So...I'm writing. …

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