Saturday, August 01, 2015

Happy Saturday! Lots to celebrate!

Hey everyone!  I'm listening to Pandora, and Cool and the Gang are singing Celebration...let's all boogie..."let's celebrate, it's alright....we're gonna have a good time tonight," lol.  I know, I'm a spaz.  (Need to warn you I'm in a bit of youtube mood today, so there's lots of links to videos, enjoy!)

Anyway - there is lots to celebrate today!  I have to admit, I kind of skipped on yesterday because we just had too much going on.  Today's not much better, but I have a moment, so I'm taking it.  I've given myself 15 min to try and pull this together, we'll see how it goes.  ;)

Girlfriend day!  Everyone one of us that has a girlfriend, best friend, etc., tell her thanks!!  This is their day!  ;)  (Hey Linda, Cyndi and all the rest - you're the best!  lol)

National Mustard Day!  Okay...I'm not a big mustard fan, but there are those in my family who like it.  Well...enjoy the tangy yellowness today...  Ugh.

Respect for Parents day!!  Sad that they'd need a day to emphasis this, but there ya go.  Tell your kids!  lol

Sandcastle Day!  Makes me wish I was at the beach and building sandcastles...sigh.  Here's a little video clip from Youtube on sandcastles that you  might like...  ;)

Okay - have to break for  "give me all you got and don't hold back...I should probably warm you, I'll be just fine, ....because I'm happy!"

Okay - I'm back.  ;)

Spiderman Day - Everyone that likes the newest addition to the multitude of movies of spiderman raise your hand!!  I sure do. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Poster And now they're remaking it yet again...sigh.  Some people!

US Air Force Day! Yeah!!  My brother was in the Air Force when I was a teenager and I thought he was sooo cool.  My family has great military background, but he was the first to do the Air Force.  Parkers are big on the Navy, so it was brave of him to choose that, lol.

Well, we have a baptism later in the day and then family swim party tonight, as well as a family BBQ tomorrow that we're holding to meet my son's future in-laws....oh boy.  Nothing like summer, right?

Well, hope you have an awesome day.  ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vacation, Chocolate and Lasagna, oh my!

Did  you miss me?  You didn't even know I was gone, lol.  My family and I went on a trip to Island Park, Idaho, and it was the BEST!  sigh.
we managed to snag a kid who was taking photos of his grandparents and asked him to take one for us.  ;)

It was gorgeous weather the whole time we were up there - didn't really rain till the day we left.  That was the day Jackson Hole got snow in the mountains!  lol
We did have 2 times where we had buffalo in the road...second time was pretty scary, I was afraid it was going to broadside our car!  But they didn't threaten anything...and one of them even went down the road in line with the cars, it was hilarious!  I took photos of it, but didn't realize until we got home and I looked at the photos that the windshield was so DIRTY!!  lol's not the best picture.

Now we have to come back home and deal with the regular stuff, ya know?  But it's good.  ;)  I have a sink in the kitchen, with a faucet!!  That means we have running water in the kitchen again!  ( everyone sing Cool and the Gang with me..."Celebrate good times, come on!")  the kids are excited to not be washing dishes in the tub anymore, lol.  Me too!  Hubby says next project is figuring out what's wrong with the dishwasher...sigh.

here's the sink before the faucet...

And here it is after last night.  

It was cool that we were able to get it replaced for free.  I tell ya, Price Pfister is good for their guarantees!  We purchased this faucet a while ago, and have had to contact them twice.  Both times they were friendly and replaced the issues with no hassle.  (and no this is not a paid opinion, lol)
anyway - so there's that.  I still like the tile around the edge. 

I am making some changes to my home.  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I have way tooo much clutter in my life.  When I go back to work, it's going to be an effort to keep things clean again, (adult children are SOO not helpful...sigh) so, I've decided I really need to evaluate how my kitchen is set up, how my desk is situated, and get rid of some of the tacky nick-nacs that I am not emotionally attached to.  Hubby is going to be in a little shock, I know.  My autistic son is already having issues with the changes we've already made with the remodel.  I took the paper towel roll holder down because it's not in a convenient place, and he wasn't happy with that either, lol.

So - last night we picked up a free entertainment center that hubby suggested last year I get for my painting supplies.  He's so brilliant...there are sooo many times I'm thankful I married him!!  
Anyway - so now it's time to clean out the desk, situate the entertainment center, and fill with my art supplies!!  It's going to be an official office/studio now!!  wow...I think I'm excited.  ;)

I'll post some photos when it's all situated.  I'm still trying to decide how it's going to work...sigh.

And - because I'm still a silliness's the wacky holidays for today!  And just as a SHOUT OUT to Brownielocks and her site -- it's where I get these holidays from...there's a button on the sidebar that will take you to their page.  They are awesome, and I've had so much fun getting the information from them.  ;)  Sorry folks...I didn't make these all up.....(should have mentioned that sooner....sigh)

Yesterday was chocolate milk day...and I'm sorry I didn't post it.  Everyone go celebrate today in it's honor!!  Doesn't everyone like chocolate milk??
Anyway - today is Lasagna day!!  Now if only we had the stuff to make it....sigh.  Will have to look into that for sure.  ;)
And - National Chicken Wing day...but I'm not really into chicken wings, tooo little meat - but for those of you who are, enjoy!  ;)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Pioneer Day!!

My hubby has pioneer stock in his mother's side of the family.  It's kind of cool, I think, that his mother is a Daughter of the Utah Pioneers.  He could be a son of, but didn't want to get into all that.  I think it's cool.  I don't have any ancestors who participated because my parents were both converts before I was born.
I did have ancestors who came over to find a better life.  That kind of counts.
So, even if you didn't have 'pioneer' stock in the technical term, you are of pioneer stock if you had someone who came to the US in search of the American Dream.
For some, that dream involved religious freedom...which was something we are very blessed to have.
Most of us will be watching the great 24th of July parade and having BBQs.  You know me...any excuse to party!  ;)
Have a great one!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

That's me!! lol

Today is Gorgeous Grandma Day!  Isn't that a hoot??  Who would have thought??  sigh.  I think it's just another gimick, but since I'm a grandma now, I guess I'll lay claim!!  lol

Here's a shot of hubby and I from Valentines last year.  ;)

And here we are being grandparents on Easter. 

Don't you just love that huge bow in her hair? lol

Hope all you gorgeous grandma's out there have a great day!!  ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just want to say Thanks...

Today is Nelson Mandella International day.  If you don't know who that is, you should look him up.  He was an amazing man.  I'm afraid I don't know a lot about him, other than he did great things in South Africa.  Watch the movie Invictus, and you'll get a general idea.  ;)

He did a lot for many people in the world when it came to race and freedoms.  He was an example of fortitude and forgiveness.

Today would be a good day to honor him by remembering the founders of our own nation, and what they were trying to accomplish.  sigh.

It is also National Hot Dog day... so those of you who love that particular food, enjoy!  I don't mind a good turkey one that's grilled...  ;)

I'm finally getting to enjoy the summer a little bit.  We've pretty much finished the kitchen and now need to take stock on what's left to finish.  Unfortunately that list keeps growing...which is what happens when you purchase a 53 year old house and have to deal with maintenance.  ;)

Well...have an awesome weekend.  I know I will.  ;)  Tomorrow is National Ice Cream day...just in case you need an excuse to eat ice cream during the summer....

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Okay - am running around like crazy today, but had to write a short post about this article at the

I'm not a big pageant fan as far as watching them.  I think the women who compete in them are braver than I am for sure...and I wonder what drives them.  But after watching Miss Congeniality, I appreciate them a little more.

Well...even more after reading this article on two LDS women who upheld their standards for the pageant of Ms United States.  I recommend anyone who is interested to read it.  And then look at the comments at the bottom.  Really??  sigh.

It amazes me what people think and how they feel they have to comment on everything.  The internet has definitely changed polite conversation and public voices.

I'm hoping that these women will have an impact on future pageants and encourage the directors to pick outfits that they can choose to be modest in.  It's just awesome, that's all I can say.  ;)

I'd post a photo, but there's a great one at the Deseretnews site.

Have a great day!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Embrace Your Geekness! And other silliness... I never claimed to be a geek, though I guess I married a partial geek (he does NOT carry a pocket protector with pens in it!) but there are some things that we are both very geeky about.

Why am I mentioning this??

Today is national Embrace Your Geekness Day!  So...I guess we're all proud of the fact we can work the VCR/DVD DirectTV remote, whatever, lol.  Can troublshoot basic computer issues (is the computer turned ON?) and figure out email on our phones (though we still don't read it there, lol).  How about you?

It's also National French Fries Day!  Now that's a day to celebrate!  I love specific french fries.  We have a local mom&pops here that has the best french fries, and of course fry sauce!!  We do homemade fries all the time (baked NOT fried) and sometimes we make sauce...  sigh.  What's your favorite place for fries?

We had a good weekend, seemed a little short, but still am almost finished with the kitchen. Saturday night went to see the King and I with my mother-in-law.  The cast did a great job - I was really impressed with how they did the theater piece.
But I think I liked the original film with Yule Brenner a little better, I told my hubby I guess we need to rent it now so the kids can see it.
But the thing is, now that I'm an adult (well...gosh, I guess I am anyway) my views on it are vastly different than at a carefree youth.  My first thought was where does she get off telling a king that she doesn't have to do what he says??  And then to interfere with his government?  She should have been executed or sent home on the first ship available.  I realize that it's basically a love story...sort of.  But it's also a tale of how England tried to force it's ideas of civilization or proper social behavior on everyone in the world.  Whether it was right or wrong.  Yes, there were many issues in that country (Siam) that needed fixing, but it takes longer than a couple of years to change the mind of a people steeped in tradition.  sigh.  Okay...I guess I'm off my high horse now.  ;)

Anyway - going to be in the 90's all still in the swing of summer.  ;)  Hope you have an excellent day!!   Be sure and eat some french