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It's Friday... wait, didn't I already say that??

Man this was a strange week.  I wouldn't say it went fast, but it certainly didn't take it's time.  I tried to find something to do a post about, but nothing was very inspiring, so it's been a quiet week from me.  I'm sure you've had plenty of other things to entertain you.  Right?  Like politics?  Books!!  Books are good.  :)

Anyway -  we've gone from having five running vehicles in our family to four - and one of those switched out. Yesterday our new (extremely relative term here) spare cars check engine light went on, and the battery in my car died.  sigh.  Nothing like having to spend a hundred on a new one.  Can you believe the cost of car batteries???  I remember when $60 was a lot!!  sigh.  At least it didn't panic us, lol.  My daughter is still trying to find a replacement for her truck that died before Christmas, and my other daughter's car died last week, so we've been shifting cars between the two of them.  Good thing their…

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