Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Best Laugh for the Day!! ;)

Just a fun little video if you haven't seen it... never would have thought of the dangers of Selfi's...

Got Tape?

Hey everyone!  I hope you had an awesome weekend.  Can you believe it's Wednesday already?  ;)  Crazy how fast this month has gone. 

Well, today we just have two things to commemorate.  First is Cellophane Tape Day.  Have you ever thought how different life would be without tape??  I mean, I've used it since I was a kid.  I can't find any hint as to why this is a 'unofficial' holiday, or why it's even celebrated in the first place, but I did find out that the guy who invented masking tape (another lifelong standby, especially for education, lol) was the same one who created cellophane tape in 1930.  Richard Drew worked for 3M back then and was quite the inventor.  Have any of you heard of him before??  I certainly haven't. 

And for those of you who have the years creeping up on them...or smacking them in the face -- today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day.  The goal, (apparently) is to keep older Americans healthy and fit...always moving. I actually had someone give me the senior citizen discount yesterday...sigh.  And I didn't have to show ID!  :(  dang!  I mean, it's good and bad at the same time, right?  Good cause, hey, 10% off is 10% off!  But dang! I look that old already???  lol   Oh well, time marches on.  I saw this cool video of how some senior citizens in China manage to keep fit - thought you'd enjoy it.  ;)

Did you have a great weekend?  We actually made it out to the cemeteries on Monday.  We have 6 that we go visit now...I hate how the number keeps growing.  At least we haven't added any since 2013...though that's because my uncles don't live withing driving distance for one day...  :(  My sister's headstone isn't glued on right, so we're afraid it might get tipped over.  I guess it should be okay if no one sits on it, right?  :-/   Dad's and mom's were well decorated, as was my sis and bro.  My father-in-law's had his airplane up as usual, and we spread the iris around that I'd brought from home.  (they have gone crazy this year with all the rain this month!)
My poor bro...when we went to my nieces grave site, he was having a hard time of it.  I can't believe it's been 18 years since she died. Crazy.  I guess you never really get over the loss...sometimes it just smacks you alongside the head, ya know?

I told my bro, one of these years we need to take a trip to see our parents graves during the month of May.  Probably not good to go during memorial day, though it would be fun to see what kind of ceremony they would do for dad...  I guess we'll see.  sigh.

Our schools are half out already and my job only has 6 days left.  ;)  Hubby was asking me what I'll be doing these last 6 days...not a whole lot!!!  lol.  I'm trying to justify being here, I'll tell you that!  ;)

Well...hope you have a great week! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Friday and a Long Weekend!

I've been looking forward to this weekend all month.  I get off early from work, and I'm taking an extra day off next I'm really getting a five day weekend!!  ;)  Too bad I don't have anywhere to

So, today we only have two things....

It's World Goth Day - so if you like dressing up that way, or like being that way, (like my daughter...sigh).  This day is for you!  Actually her preferrence is steam punk, but goth works too, lol.  (photo is from wikipedia on goth culture - model Lady Amaranth)

And it's National Wig Out Day.  If you need a day to release all your stress and get freaked out by everything around you, today is that day to cut loose!!  Stand on your desk and yell at the top of your voice...go outside and yell like tarzan at the magpies... (oh wait...I do that everyday, lol - okay, I don't yell at them, I squirt water at them...:)  Anyway, you get my drift.  ;)

Tricked ya!! Unfortunately, that's not what it means, lol.  It's a day that you can try wigs on and see if you like a different hair style.  Go figure.  I like my version better...  ;)

So hopefully everyone has something relaxing and fun planned for the weekend!  We're hoping to get tile laid down, so I guess we'll see.  ;)

Have a good one!

(cat photo is from Taste of Home community)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Are We Done Yet?

So...I'm sitting here thinking...2 weeks left of school!  I think many of the teachers feel like they're on a road trip with kids in the back seat saying "Are we there yet?" every five minutes? lol.  Their students are close to binging off the walls for summer vacation.  And this weekend is the kick off to everything, right?  ;) is National Hummus Day.  For those of you who are clueless...Hummus is basically ground chickpeas with tahini and other stuff added, like grilled red peppers, or avocado, or whatever you can think of.  Sabra is a national chain that is supporting this national you can go there and get a coupon and stuff like recipes.  Personally, I like hummus and I make it myself at home without a lot of oil, and no tahini (some kind of sesame seed paste).  Anyway, I like it but, the rest of my family...not so much.  ;)  What's your favorite kind?  I think it's best with those thick pita chips... 

National I Need a Patch For That Day.  If you could have a patch to put on to take care of an issues, what would you pick?  A weight loss patch?  A anxiety patch?  I never heard of this holiday till this year...I thought it was about a patch on your clothes, cause I grew up patching my clothes, okay?  lol.  But it's not that kind of patch.  So...I guess it's something...what would you want a patch for?

It's also Zombie Day...if you're into Zombies, you should be thrilled.  Apparently back in 2011 they were claiming the world was going to end on October 21st, and anyone who survived would be a Zombie, or live in chaos, etc.  Well...obviously the world didn't end on that date in 2011...but zombie day lives on...LOL.  isn't that ironic.

And last - A Day Without Shoes.  Some of you may have heard of this before, but I hadn't.  There's a company out there called TOMS, and today when you send in a photo of your bare feet, they will contribute a pare of shoes to a child.  At the time I'm writing this, there have been 259,582 pares of shoes donated!  So everyone needs to take a photo of your bare feet.  That's easy for the end of the summer my hubby tells everyone that I belong to the Blackfoot tribe...  lol.

So - hope you all have a great day!  It's kind of fun to have sunshine, though I hear from the weather reports that it's temporary.  I'm grateful for rain, but it is nice to see the sun once in a while and know that the sky is not permanently gray, right?  ;)


I tried to upload my daughter's and my feet for the Day Without have to have an instagram account.  sigh.  Since I don't, and I won't ever, I hope someone out there will do it in my place.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Move Your Bloomin'....

Since I don't swear, I'll leave the rest of that quote blank.  Anyone who's seen the movie/play knows what it is and why.  ;)

Today is Eliza Doolittle Day.  For anyone who has perhaps missed out on all the great musicals of the 60's-70's, Eliza Doolittle is a poor flower vender in the musical My Fair Lady.  She's played by Audrey Hepburn, and her speech is atrocious.  In the beginning of the movie she's imagining the king of England saying that on May 20th, the whole kingdom would celebrate her day.
Personally, I don't like the whole movie.  There are parts of it that are wonderful - but I hate the end.  UGH.  The man's a pig.  My hubby claims it's very romantic - so what do I know.  I write romance, right?  lol

                                                          (photo is from the article)
So anyway - theater geeks and movie buffs are the only ones that celebrate the day.  ;)
My favorite parts are where she's dressed up and looks like a lady.  Who can deny that Audrey Hepburn was elegant?  sigh.

I read an article that said perhaps we are in need of such a movie/book today as at the time this one was made and the book written (Pygmalion).  Many of our country have poor speech and it's celebrated.  The article pointed out that President Roosevelt said "feah" instead of fear.  No one blasted him in the papers, apparently.
And when President Obama speaks I just cringe...but that's me.  I know there are many speech therapists who would agree with the idea.  ;)
But anyway - be a little wild and celebrate raw language.  It will drive all the speech therapists crazy.  ;)
Arh - 'ave a g'one, gov.  ;)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Have a Great Weekend?

So did I.  I loved the rain on Saturday!!  Felt bad for a neighbors married Saturday and only had 10 min where it was clear enough for photos.  ;)  But it was a good day.

Today is I Love Recess day...didn't you love recess as a kid?  I was sooo disappointed when I went to jr high and there was no more recess.  Dang!  ;)  Does lunch count as recess?  lol

It's also Visit Your Relatives day.  I did that yesterday folks, so won't be doing it today, but take a minute if you can and visit your loved ones.  It's my mother-in-law's husbands' 90th bday today.  We had a party for him yesterday, but the open house is today.  He's the only one in his family to have made it to this age, and we're proud of him.  ;)

Here's to ya Verl!

Well...Hope you have a great day!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Did you wear Nylons or Stockings?

Hey everyone!  It's Friday!!  That means we get to party and relax (maybe.)

So - today has quite a few items.

National Chicken Dance Day!  Who would have thought they'd dedicate a day to this??  lol.  Anyone know how to do it?  Here's a link to some kids doing a's cute.  ;) 

National Nylon Stockings Day.  Apparently on this day in 1940 the first nylon stockings went on sale.  I believe the first ones used to have seams up the back of the leg.  ;)  I grew up with pantyhose, which was created in the late 1950's, early 1960s.  Thank heavens!  Though, have to say, don't wear them  TMI?  sorry!

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!  Now that's a holiday to celebrate!  And I was thinking about making these last I have a real excuse! if we ever need one to make cookies, right?  ;)  So how do you make yours...with Semi-sweet or milk?  Because in my family, it's semi-sweet all the way!!  lol  I have to admit, we don't use much butter anymore - too greasy!   

 It's Stars and Stripes Forever Day - in celebration of the first public performance of John Phillip Sousa's immortal tune... Here's a link in case you haven't heard it in a while, performed by the official Presidents band...(didn't know there was one)

It's Bike to Work day!  ;)  There's a teacher here who does that everyday - a distance of about 10 miles one way...anyone else?  My hubby used to until he didn't have a work vehicle.  It's kind of hard to tote a computer and wires and boxes

And last but definitely not least....National Pizza Party day!!  Yeah!!  Can I heard an AMEN??  I think I've mentioned that pizza is my favorite food before... ;)  So, party, party,  What's your favorite kind?  We LOVE Godfathers, but you can't find them anymore.  Roundtable is pretty good too, but if you can't have either of them, Dominos is next.  And there's arguments in my family to what kind of topping...pepperoni, ham, pineapple, bacon, the list is endless.  We usually make our own with eggs instead of yeast.  Yummy stuff.  ;) 

Well, whatever one you choose to celebrate, have a good one!  and an excellent weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Night Shift, baby!

It's Wednesday!!  hey gang - it's the halfway mark to Friday and what a day!  It's promising to be a gorgeous one.  ;)

Today we have just one thing....
National Nighshift Workers Day! Woohoo for those that like to live the opposite life.  ;)  This would be my son...he works 6pm to 6 am three and a half days a week.  ugh.  I don't know how he does it, but he's been doing it for almost 3 years.  Know anyone who works graves?  Remember the movie from back when called Night Shift?

It starred Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton.  I never saw it, and I wouldn't recommend it to those of the lesser wild side, lol.  But I remember when it came out it was supposed to be sooo funny.  yeah....I liked some of his other movies.  Like Mr. Mom and such...

Oh well....let's leave the slime where it belongs, lol.

Hope everyone has a great day!