Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's National Hug Day!!

You know what that means, right? 
                                                       (snoopy courtesy of's what came up under free clipart hugs, lol)

You have full permission to go around and hug perfect strangers!  lol  I wouldn't recommend it, however...people are really particular about their personal space.  I figure I can hug all my kids and they'll wonder what's wrong with me, lol.  We just aren't a big hugging family.  We try, but ya know. 

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.  We got the storage room cleaned up and organized!  You wouldn't recognize it, even if you had seen it before, lol.  I just love walking in there now. did serve to remind us how lacking we are in some areas of food storage, so it was a doubly good thing.  ;)  (more pasta, more pasta, lol)

Otherwise we didn't get a whole lot accomplished.  I still think it was a great weekend.  ;)

Have a good week!

Friday, January 16, 2015

I have no


My original title was going to be Guess What Day it is, and then I realized what I'd titled Wednesdays, and I couldn't believe it....sigh.  I rally don't have an original brain sometimes.
It's Friday!! 
(here's the camel again...what day is it? Huh? can't hear you!)
It's a long weekend!  How many more exclamations can I put in??!!  lol
We have a couple of fun things to celebrate today.  For those of you who are fantasy enthusiasts (like me...sort of) today is Appreciate a Dragon Day!

I like do you appreciate them?  Display photos?  Make sure everyone knows you have a collection (like my daughter, lol)? I guess if you have a live one (right...) you could feed it something special.  I supposed if you have dragon jewelry you could wear it...  ;)  (for those carnivores, I suppose you could eat something like a dragon...)
It's also Nothing Day.  Isn't that kind of an oxymoron??  (isn't that like the holiday in December that was festus day or something? I think people are REALLY bored sometimes.)
And...Religious Freedom Day!  That means all of us everywhere should be happy, right?  Well, it's what our great country was founded on and wars were fought and all that.  (My dad is rolling over in his grave about now...)
Anyway - so perhaps you could spend the evening watching dragon movies!*  Those of you who love movies (me!) and like anything dragon, can spend the evening celebrating nothing, watching dragon movies and being thankful that we have religious freedom.  ;)  Is that a combination or what?  Popcorn is always good...

* here's a list of movies should you need suggestions...  ;)
Dragonheart (great one with Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery)
How to Train Your Dragon (1 or 2) family favorite
The Hobbit (though that's not a very nice dragon)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Okay, so these dragons don't talk, but it's a great book and okay movie, lol)
Mulan (though I think that's a stretch.  He's got to be a lizard, lol)
Petes Dragon (for those who love the old Disney movies)
and let us not forget
Godzilla!!  (yes, he is a dragon!) the more recent one is the best of the modern tales in my opinion.

Have an awesome long weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey! Know what today is?

I feel like that stupid camel on the theater commercials..."Hey, what day is it?  It's movie day!"  (I saw a retirement card yesterday that had the camel on it, made me laugh!)
Anyway...It's hump day, crazy day, whatever you like!  Especially today is a great excuse to take half the day off and go home.  You see, it's dress up your pet day (which you have to be home to do) and organize your home day.  Both of which you have to be at home to do, so, you know, think they'd like that excuse to let us have a half day??
Probably not.
Especially since we get a three day weekend this weekend, so, I guess we all need to just hold our passions off till then and have fun with the pets and house then.  ;)
Personally, I don't dress up our dogs (or cats).  One is waaayyy too big to attempt, and the other looks cute with his little moehawk all on his own.  My daughter DOES dress up her little dachshund, but he doesn't like it very much and it's rare.  (Who has ever tried to dress up a cat?  Know anyone?  I'd love to hear the story...)
My house, on the other hand, really needs some organizing.  If only the organizing tools didn't cost money!!  ;)  (you know, like shelves and baskets and tubs and stuff...)  I think we're going to be doing a lot of de-junking this weekend.  How about you? least we're getting snow in the mountains which means water this summer!  Hope you all have an awesome day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rubber're the one...

 (rubber duckie was found on a free photo search...if it belongs to someone, I'll give ya credit!)

Today is Rubber Duckie Day!!!  Everyone go grab a rubber duckie and float it in the bath tub and sing with Ernie!
               "Rubber Duckie, you're the one!  You make bath time so much fun! 
                 Rubber Duckie you're the one for me!"  lol

Today was definitely not rubber duckie weather, we actually got more snow - but still.  We could all use a good squeeze of the rubber duckie to make us smile.  ;)

Have a good rest of the day!  

Friday, January 09, 2015

Happy Friday!

It's Friday and everyone has a reason to smile!  ;)
 Of course I have an even better is static electricity day so it gives me an excuse to zap my kids and they can't complain too loudly....of course you know that won't stop them, but now I have a justification, sort of...does that make me a bad mother?  lol  If my granddaughters were going to be at my house, it wouldn't take much to make their hair stand up on end, which is hilarious.  I could find a balloon and rub people as well...hmm, this might be really fun.  ;)  Especially for game night, lol.

It's also National Cassoulet day...which is sort of where casseroles came from.  I think cassoulet is a fancier way of saying the meal in a pot, but you know.  ;)  It's french, so everyone seems to think that makes it sound better.  I mean, everyone knows who Julia Child is, right?  She wasn't French!!  She was American!  But she is forever associated with French cooking.  ;)  And they'd be right...I'm not complaining.  But on the other hand, who would ever have thought escargot were snails??? 
Anyway, so you can throw a bunch of stuff together in a 9x13 and throw it in the oven and say you've celebrated the day!  ;)  Of course, you could always just eat whatever you like, which what most of us do anyway, right?
It's not likely we'll be having cassoulet, as it's my son's dinner night and that's not on his list of favorites.  ;)
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Happy bday to ...

This month is a birthday month to 3 people close to me and one good friend.  My second youngest son had his 21st bday this week, and I can hardly believe he's that old!!  sigh.
That's him...the brown haired kid on the right.  I think he's about 12 in this one.  ;)

and this one he's even younger...  isn't he cute?

                                                                and here's what he looks like now.
                                                                                        isn't he cute?  ;)  

Well...this month is also dad's bday.  Happy 85th dad, we were going to throw you the big party you've been avoiding for years, and you managed to avoid it all together.  Figures.  That's so you!  lol
 This photo is from one of his granddaughter's wedding day... wasn't he a handsome man???  We thought so...
miss ya dad.  I know you're happy and all, but anyway.
Happy bday.
It is also my sister's bday... Wonderful Lisa.  I wonder how old she would be?? I'm thinking she was about four years older than me, so she'd be about 58.  Looks good for her age...  ;)
Miss ya sis.  Your kids are doing awesome, but then, you already know that.

Well... I just had to say something about these wonderful people in my life.  I was looking for photos for something else and saw the pictures of dad and Lisa and thought, oh man!  Their birthdays would have been this week. 
Happy birthday everyone...And now pretend you hear 40 people singing happy birthday ---  out of tune.  ;)  That would be my family.

Monday, January 05, 2015


I had a hard time convincing myself to go to work today.  I repeated to myself several times Sunday that "I loved my job...I loved my job."  I am really thankful for my job,'s got to be one of the perfect jobs.  It would be totally perfect if they would let me work from home, but you know.  ;)  Can't have EVERYTHING you want...sigh. 
I totally understand why they called it Blue Monday.
So, in order to make the day more cheery, I knew you'd want to have a reason to smile on this National Blue Monday.  ;)  I think it's interesting that it's the first Monday after new years, but can't fall on new years day...Did you know they've done a study (I can't believe what people will study) and found that there are more heart attacks and issues on Mondays??  Interesting.  I guess that's reason to call it blue Monday...though I think the heart attacks have to do with alarm clocks.  ;)
It's also National Weigh-In day,  ;)  sigh.  Who wants to be reminded of how much they weight?  I mean really??  Unless you've just lost a whole bunch of weight and did a good job staying close to it around the holidays, a weigh in day just adds to the fact that it's blue Monday!!!  Seriously here!
And to top it all off, it's "Thank heaven's it's Monday" as well.  I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that, but I guess there's always the first time.  ;)

Personally, I need another week, but ya know, I faced the music and went in.  ;)  It's the whole whose an adult, right?
Hope you have an awesome day!!