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Featured's the middle of August already!

Well...  I meant to post last week, but didn't get it done.  I tell ya, this summer has been soooo quick!!  Here it is the 15th of August and I've been back to work for 2 days already.  sigh.  Now it's the crazy time - between booths and work, there isn't a lot of time to breathe.  This is when I LOVE Sundays.  :)

Anyway - hopefully you've had a wonderful summer...and it's not over!  School starts next week for our neck of the woods, and so everyone needs to enjoy this week!

Just to help, here are some ways to pass the time today:

Best Friends Day - your best friend knows they're your best friend, you don't need a day to celebrate that, but ya know how things are.  Let them know, just in case their clueless, right?  And since we all have a best friend in that principal down in Texas, I'll share with you his post for today...

National Leathercraft Day - Does anyone remember growing up in the 70's where everything leather was awesome?  Leather purse…

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