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Middle of June???

Where has the time been going??  I'm on my third week of break, and it feels like the days are speeding by.  Oh boy.  The weather has been sooo hot...then this weekend a nice storm moved through and cooled us down a little.  It's lovely...  I still can't wait to go to Oregon though... Although my hubby says what's the point of going to the beach if we aren't getting in the water??  lol   Just wait till he sticks his toes in that body of water...ugh!!
Anyway - realized I hadn't posted in a week or so, and figured I'd better get my fingers moving and my brain engaged.  Some days it seems to not want to work, lol.  My brain likes to be a sleep - but I'm working on it.

There's a couple of things to celebrate today...and then I want to talk about a movie we rented over the weekend...  :)

Autistic Pride Day -  we have an autistic son...(I think perhaps two - but that's another issue) and he tries sooo hard to do whats right.  He's a wonderful man, …

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