Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Well...since my hubby served an LDS mission to Toronto Canada, we have always been somewhat tilted toward the Canadian side of things.  ;)  If you've read my blog during October, you know we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, so we get turkey twice a year!  ;)

Today is kind of a double celebration (ha, kind of a pun actually) as our twins were born today!!

here's a bday photo from when they were like 8...Grandma was helping with riding the new bikes.

here they are about 19 or so...the one on the left side and the one on the far right.  ;)

Here they were 2009.... we were all at Fish lake and they decided everyone had to have braided hair, lol.  twin 2 on left, twin 1 on right front...

Here is kind of the most recent photo...2012.  Kind of hard to tell...but the one on the left is twin 1, and the one right behind me in the middle is twin 2..on her wedding day - her hubby is the one to the right of her.  Fun day!!  

sigh.  Can't believe how fast time has gone.  Well...
So - hope you all have an awesome Canadian Day and celebrate with the ones you love.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Waffle Iron Day...Really??

It's 100 degrees outside, and they're saying it's National Waffle Iron Day.  Sorry folks....isn't happening at my house...though I was somewhat tempted, I do like waffles.  ;)

We've been working like crazy to try and get the silly kitchen finished!!!  sigh.  It's been one thing after we thought we were putting the sink in, and discovered the tile didn't stick to the formica...sigh.  We were half afraid they wouldn't, but you can always try, right?
So it's peel the formica off and try again...At least the paneling is looking good!
I'll take a photo tomorrow when I'm feeling a little less
Have a good one.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Anniversary....

To me!  lol  Yesterday was my hubby's and mine anniversary.  29 years!!  I have a hard time believing it's been that long...and then again, haven't we always been married???  lol  It's kind of strange when we think of our twins turning 28 next week...ugh.  It doesn't seem possible.
Don't we look incredibly young? lol
My hubby has gotten even better looking, if possible!  I tell ya...he's so handsome.  ;)  He says that about me too, so ya know.  I'm really lucky to have him.  And he thinks he's lucky to have me, so I guess that makes us a perfect match.  ;)

This is us about 16 years ago...  ;)

And 4 years ago.  ;)

He just keeps getting better and better!  ;)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day to all...

and to all a good night, lol.

Every year I think I'm going to write something deep and touching for father's day.  Every year it's a fail, and this year is no exception.  At least my daughter took us to breakfast at Kneaders (where she works) and he had a great breakfast!  Hubby and I posed for my very first selfi...groan.  (new cell phone does camera on both sides so you can see how scary you look, lol)

Part of the reason for fail is because we were up til 2:30 Saturday night/Sunday morning cleaning the grout off our tiles.

YES we finally got the tile all down, and hubby started grouting it.
Then the missionaries came over for dinner and we showered super fast so they weren't frightened by our red-neck appearance, lol.
Then we ate, they had to leave, we had to leave, and it was up to the kids to clean it all up.
Turns out, you're supposed to clean grout AS YOU GO...and within an hour after putting it in.  Well...hubby has done tile before, but they were bathrooms and not so big, and he didn't have any issues with those rooms.  sigh.
Not so with the kitchen.  It was a MESS!  oh my heck!  It was so bad.  The kids tried their darndest...but by the time we got back from doing trailer checks (which was a nice time together) at about 10 pm, they were still at it.  Oh boy.
Change of clothes (again) and dig in.  I looked up online and found recommendations for how to fix things, and we all grabbed paint stir sticks to scratch the grout off the tile, and then I scrubbed at the thick stuff with a nylon scrubby.
It finally came off...but we paid for it on Sunday.  I wasn't in too bad of shape, but my hands...oh boy.  They are still a little acky today, but not too bad.
Daughters were in pain on Sunday and hubby was so tired he fell asleep in his chair while trying to do some indexing.  Was not a glorious father's day for the poor man, though we did have my son and his fiance come over, and had a dutch oven dinner where the potatoes didn't get cooked all the way...sigh.
Youngest daughter made an awesome attempt at carrot cake ice cream, and it turned out so good!!  We are thinking of ways to tweak it, but for an initial try it was great!  ;)
Hope you had a great weekend.  ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Wednesday??

One of the odd things about being off for the summer is that the days kind of blend.  Especially when all we're doing is working on the the days have been really strange.  Last Friday seemed like SATURDAY all day!!  It was driving us all crazy.  It was probably because my hubby had started his four 10 hour days and Friday he was home.  That would be a big part of it...  ;)

Anyway - we have made progress, and hope to be grouting on Friday!!  Yeah!!  We didn't get as far as we'd hoped today because - okay, I admit, some of the parts of my kitchen has corners!!  Okay...can't help it.  Where the fridge goes is like...2 of them...and they are difficult when you're doing offset diamonds...  I know - I owe my hubby BIG!!  ;)

Yesterday we had to stop early because it was his sister's bday, and we couldn't not go have dinner with her, she's always coming to our stuff!  So, we went to Sushi Ya, which has an all you can eat Sushi menu...ugh.  I like sushi, but hubby doesn't really so much...especially if it's raw.  Fortunately, we figured out which ones were raw and which were cooked.  It really was yummy, but the trick was, you could only eat what you ordered take out bags.  We got carried away ordering rolls and suddenly we were full.  I was the strangest feeling.  I just didn't want to put another bite in my mouth.  My stomach was wasn't the OH I'm going to DIE feeling, it was just ...nope - no more going in.  And there was still roll on my plate!!  My hubby had the same problem, and then his sister ordered 3 rolls, thinking everyone was going to help eat them!!  oh my.  Fortunately her son and family had ordered dinners, and had to go boxes...we all kind of dumped in there, hoping the restaurant wouldn't call us on them.  You see, if you left stuff on your plate with the all you can eat, they fined you. read that right.  Fined you!!  So, we were avoiding that one!!
It was good though...I would highly recommend the snowball one!  And the Las Vegas was great too...  ;)

So - anyway - today is a wacky holiday!  It's Eat Your Vegetables Day!!  Sorry to say, I haven't eaten many today, but I did eat some.  ;)  It's also Stewarts Rootbeer day...but we didn't have the chance to go get any.  We did have ice

Well...hope to have photos to share tomorrow of how far we've gotten in the kitchen.  The tentative plan is to have it all down, grouted and ready to walk on for Father's day so we can move the table back into the dining room.  Wish us luck!!  ;)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yes, it's really

And I survived the weekend!  I tell ya...people have told us that laying tile is a pain...but they always said it was the back.  And knees...well, the knees are a definite, but surprisingly enough, it's also a pain on the palm.  My hubby and daughter did most of the work, (daughter cutting, hubby placing) and I helped by spacing and leveling.  That means I'm leaning.  A lot.  sigh.

I don't mind the kneeling so much, and we have pads for that, but for some reason the palms get to me.  :(  It's why I have a hard time with doing planks.

Anyway --  Friday night we were up til 1 doing the first part you see in that photo.  By Saturday night, we figured if we got the diningroom all laid out, then we could grout and work on the kitchen.  So we were up til 2 doing that...and all the tile had already been cut!!!  argh.

Doesn't it look nice though??  Everyone is wanting to choke me though, since the offset-diamond was my idea...sigh.  Oh well.  ;)

And as for wacky holidays, as I haven't really posted many...(last Friday I had one all ready for banana splits day, and never got it posted...sorry.  ;)  Today is Nature Photography I thought I'd share some photos we have taken.  
These are fall leaves up the canyon...

This is Multnomah falls in Oregon...sigh...aren't they gorgeous?

and some of the flowers...
These ones were around the Portland Temple.

canon beach by Seaside Oregon

sun burst on the way home...

Well...that's it for today.  Hope you have an awesome one!!  We are having a very brief :(  thunderstorm...actually had lighting hit in the field behind our house!  Woke up my sleeping son, lol.  If only it had rained...  ;)

Monday, June 08, 2015

A Thought for the day...

After seeing the article about L. Tom Perry's funeral, I decided that I wanted to create a 'cheat sheet' if you will for my family to tuck in their pockets for the sacrament.  I am posting the page here should you want to do this as well.  ;)

As we partake of the sacrament, remember the words of Elder Perry:
 “Who am I?
What am I doing? 
How am I living?
Where am I going?
What should I be accomplishing?”

I created it as a PDF, but I haven't figured out how to attach it...sorry.  When I figure that out, I'll attach it.  ;)

Anyway - It's a glorious blue sky summer day, hope you have a good one.