Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Thursday!

Is anyone ever happy it's Thursday?  It's one of those strange days of the week...but it's a good day!  We should be excited, tomorrow is Friday!  lol

So, just to give you something to smile about, here's today's thoughts:

It's Make Up Your Own Holiday day!!  Now that's simple...whatever you want to celebrate, go for it!!  Personally, I think it's curl up on the couch with a good book day!  But it's not going to happen...sigh.  Perhaps crochet that project till it's done day??  Or maybe Get all the laundry folded day!!  lol  What's your choice?

Purple day.  I love the color purple.  I remember when I was in elementary school, and corduroy was new (to me) I had a pair of purple bell bottoms!  They were awesome!  lol I'm sure many would be ashamed to even admit that... hmm.  I painted our bathroom a soft shade of lavender when my daughter got married. I LOVE it.  what's your favorite shade?
UPDATE - Okay, I've also been informed that it's purple day because of epilepsy awareness day!  I had no idea,'s a day to recognize epilepsy as an issue and problem for many of us. 

then perhaps one of my favorite things...Spinach day!!!  Yeah!  That leafy green veggie that goes great in a salad, in casseroles, smoothies...sigh.  The list is endless.  ;)  I guess this was Popeye's favorite day??

Well, that does it for today.  I hope everyone has the greatest Thursday ever, and finds something to smile about.  Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday and Tuesday is late...

Well folks, things were a little busy yesterday and today is going to be much the same, so I'll hurry and send this out before I forget...or run out of time, which ever would come first, lol.

Yesterday was a great one - national chocolate covered raisins day!  I so meant to tell you all so you could enjoy that!  I love the dark chocolate covered ones...  ;)  Strangely enough, it was also American Diabetes alert day...go figure. 

Today is the old New Years Day...I guess they used to do something around the spring solstice?  I don't know how that figures...when I tried looking it up again, it didn't have any references - so no ideas, guys.  Any thoughts?

National Pecan day!!  Everyone that loves those nuts raise your hands and wave them in the air like you just don't care!  lol

Tolkien reading day - I guess that's an excuse to loose yourself over the rest of the evening reading the Hobbit or something...

and last (but not least, of course)
Waffle day!!  Another excuse to have breakfast for dinner.  I found a recipe once for cornbread waffles with pulled pork on top.  It was totally different and yummy.  Ever tried cornbread waffles?  It's a yummy version.

Whatever your take, hope you have a great day!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Tale of 2 Plays...

Well...I meant to post this last week, and didn't get to it.  It was a crazy week, what can I say??
Monday we went to Davis High's production of Pride and Prejudice.  It was awesome.  ;)
Tuesday we went to Layton High's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  It was excellent too.
After we watched Chitty, I asked my hubby which one he liked better...I was surprised to hear him say that he liked the acting in Pride and Prejudice better.  It's hard to compare two things when they are rather dissimilar.  A musical as compared to a play...
That's difference #1.  And it's kind of a big difference.  The singing in Chitty was REALLY good!!  I was really impressed.  The king and queen of Bulgaria were soooo funny and had good chemistry.  The two spies were funny...but it was a little forced...  The parts of Potter and Delicious were good...but there wasn't as much acting as singing...the children were really good!  I was really impressed with them.
Pride and Prejudice had much better acting.  I would have rather they had mics, which Chitty had...but my hubby said he liked that they didn't have mics and had to speak up.  They should have spoke up a little louder...But they did several parts better than shown in the movies we've seen.  Mary isn't so much as plain as just not interested.  I almost thought she'd end up with the cousin, but that would have REALLY changed the story line, lol.  We were confused with Kitty for a while, because she was introduced as Katherine.  What???  The kid that was the cousin was PRICELESS!!  He totally nailed that part!  It was awesome.  ;)  The mother did really well too, but the aunt and uncle that Elizabeth goes to the country with??  They were sooo cute!!  you could have sworn they were really old people!!  It was awesome!!

Anyway - I guess I liked Pride and Prejudice better, but Chitty was really good too.  My kids all said they wanted to see the Dick VanDyke version now (which they have all seen, but don't seem to remember).  I think that's a good sign, don't you?  So I guess that will be another nights viewing...

Hope you had a great day!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Pie Weekend!

Hey everyone - there were soooo many crazy things today, that I cut through and only did a couple.  I'm hoping one of them will make you smile.  ;)

Not the least of which is looking forward to pie day tomorrow...I thought it was really interesting that tomorrow is actually the numeric equivalent...(or whatever).  Kind of cool...I guess especially if your a nerd, right?

Anyway - here we go.  ;)
Donald Duck Day!  

My father-in-law would love it.  I think I already mentioned we have a stuffed duck that quacks songs...we'll have to play with it in his honor.  lol

Earmuffs day.  Well...I guess if you lived back east where they are still digging out from the long winter, you'd celebrate earmuffs.  Here we haven't needed them so much...

National Open an Umbrella Indoors day! I like this...I do it all the time!  I don't know what the big deal was...I guess if you are in an enclosed space and you open an umbrella you could knock stuff over...but anyway - have fun with that!

And then of course - tomorrow is Pie day..

.and I've heard all sorts of stuff from how it's the closest to the sound in greek, yada yada.  I like that it's an excuse to eat anything in a round shape.  (quick math joke...who said Pie r squared???)  From pizza (the best food ever) to fruit or pudding stuff, we have it made tomorrow.

So, hope you all enjoy the lovely weather, and eat lots of pie!  We're going to a wedding reception, and I'm thinking they'll probably serve little pies because the groom is kind of a nerd, lol.  I guess we'll see.
Have a good one!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Happy Monday!

So...welcome to a new week.  I'm afraid it's going to be a long one, but it's going to be WAY busy...sigh.  But, there is some crazy stuff for today:

Get Over It Day - I'm sure they're referring to those of us who HATE daylight savings time, lol.  But apparently it's also telling people who are having a hard time letting anything just get over it.  Okay???  sigh. The guy who invented it decided that there were other things in life and he needed to get over the breakup with his girlfriend.  People are supposed to get over their troubles and stuff in funny I guess you can have your take on that.  ;)

Fill Our Staplers Day.  Like we need a day to do that??  Some of us are filling them, whatever.  Have fun with that!  ;)  I guess for some people it's a needed reminder like for us twice a year to change the batteries in our smoke detectors or something...fill your staplers!!  Mark...get set...go!  ;)

Napping Day!  I so totally like this one!  I think we should all get to nap this afternoon!  Don't you think that would be awesome?  I hear that in Mexico and some European countries, they have a sponsored nap time!!  Sometimes we Americans are just so far behind the  Though they are catching on.  There's a company in New York that offers a place to take naps...  They say the power nap is a boost to productivity.  20 to 30 min naps...  Problem is, it takes me at LEAST that long to fall asleep, and then when I wake up I'm groggy and have the worst time falling asleep at sorry guys.  Enjoy your naps!!

Panic Day - perhaps that's for those that realize they only have five weeks to file their taxes??  lol.  I'm not sure why they'd have a Panic day, but then, why do we have any of these silly holidays???  It's probably for those that have given into their fears that the zombie apocalypse is on it's way and they don't have their protective cellar...

And last, but I guess not least, is Joe Franklin Day.  Anyone even know who Joe Franklin is??  Apparently he was a well known TV announcer who died in January.  I had never heard of him, but thought perhaps one of you might have.  I guess I'm uncultured, lol.  But hey, I've heard of Johnny Carson!

Well, hopefully that gave you something to chuckle about and start your day.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Welcome back to winter!  lol  can't believe it's March and we finally get snow...  ;)  The mountains are loving it.

We have a couple of really silly items today.  I tried to find something note worthy to mention yesterday, but just couldn't find anything I wanted to post.  Today's is kind of a stretch, but I thought we could use something to make us smile today...and then it snowed!!  :)  So now we have double reasons to smile...we'll have water this summer!  (well, we can hope)

Anyway - 
It's National Anthem Day!  Everyone remember the words?  We should take a moment during lunch and have everyone sing it together.  Maybe  You can all sing it in your heads.  Or watch a taped baseball game - those are some of the best anthem singing.  How about a REAL game?  ;)

Peach Blossom Day...  Okay, I guess that's to remind us that spring is on it's way?  I'm not sure, I know they're pretty.  ;)

and last but not least, and made me laugh:

I Want You to be Happy Day.  So...who do you want to be happy?  Give them a hug and tell them this day is in their honor!  There are some I know that will say, 'great - you want me to be happy? Stop hugging me!' lol.  

Well...whatever you do today, I hope you have a great one.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sad Day....Star Trek Fans and other Thoughts

Well...we all knew this day would come.  People don't live forever in these mortal bodies, and so we have to accept.  However, there are some people that we keep thinking will just go on and on.  Since they will live forever on film (well, sort of) we think they'll just keep going on.  Like Leonard Nimoy.
(this is taken from KSL's article)

This man defined the word logic.  He was cool at being a nerd when it wasn't even a word.  I grew up with him being Spock, even though he went on to do many other shows and plays and became so much more.  However, in the end, most of us will always associate him with Star Trek and Spock.
(from online)

I will always remember his expressions, his logic and his friendship for Kirk.  I think all of us will always consider him our friend.  He taught the true meaning of the word.
Thanks Leonard.  You'll be missed.  I wonder what you think of the spirit world after all the words you visited.  ;)

In line with that, one of my co-workers was telling me her 21 year old daughter lost her husband of 18 months last Sept.  Oh man!  That's a heart ache!  At the time of the funeral she was late on her womanly time and hoped that she was pregnant -- but she wasn't.

My co-worker was thinking this would help her learn all kinds of things to say to people who have suffered great loss.  But she said she hasn't learned anything new...all she can think of is to say "I'm so sorry."  She doesn't sleep well at night for worrying for her daughter and how to help her cope.  I guess we never stop worrying.

And...perhaps that's all you can say sometimes...let someone know that you feel for their loss...but you'll never really know how they feel.  We all feel things differently.  But we do have empathy.

Well...the world is a different place today.  I hope it was made better because you were in it.  ;)