Saturday, February 13, 2016

Politics... UGH - beware of rant

Politics. I wish we didn't have to deal with them.  I wish the second coming was already here and Christ was the leader we could look to.
But that's not happening right now, and it might still be a while.  So we have to deal with the people and country we have now.
You know, America is still great. America was amazing. People around the world knew that they could come here, start with nothing, and work their way into a better place. It was the land of dreams.
Now it is becoming the land of taxes, big government, and politics.  There are still good amazing people. There is still a LOT that is good about America. But there is also much that is going wrong, and part of the problem is the people.
Yes, you.  Each of you.  Because we have millions of people that don't participate in the political process every time there's an election.  So, you have a gripe with the government...the governor...the senators...the laws.  You decide not to vote, that's how you'll show them.  So you hate who won.  Whose fault is THAT??  YOURS!!  If you and enough of your friends had voted the way you felt things should go, it would have happened!!
Everyone says that one vote doesn't count, but if 1 person out of every 10 voted, and there are millions that don't vote....that's still millions that would and SHOULD do and try.  It is our civic duty as citizens of this country!
There are people all around the world that would give everything if they could have the power to have say in their governments. We have been so very blessed!!  Our forefathers were so inspired.
And now people want to trash the constitution. They want to try other forms of government.
Don't you think that's been done and done and done??
Here is a great video that explains different political governments and ideals.
sorry...couldn't embed it, so you'll have to go look at it.  It's great - simple and straight forward.

Now that we've had some background on's a video of Milton Friedman...a Nobel Peace Price winner.  He kind of knows what he's talking about...but no one wants to recommend him but Glenn Beck, and everyone thinks he's an extremist.

Some how the ideal of a free people with a strong family and a strong society has become something that no one wants.  They want the government to tell us everything we can do, live on and make everyone equal.
It's not what our forefather's wanted for us, and it's not what I want.  So, I don't know about you, but I'm going to be voting this year.  We have got to TRY and elect someone that will care about this country and it's people without destroying everything that was created for us.

Tune in next week for more of my frothy stuff, lol.
Hope you have a great Valentines day tomorrow...and Presidents Day on Monday.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Only a couple of days left...

It's Thursday!  Can you believe Valentines day is almost here??  As kids, it was the holiday that I most looked forward to (after Christmas, of course)  so you could decorate a valentines box have a party in school and see how many people liked you, make sugar cookies and give them to neighbors, eat all the chocolate you could find and toss the candy hearts...UGH
and then as a teenager, you always wondered if some anonymous person would give you a rose...(never happened) and then in high school wondering if anyone would ever ask you to the sweetheart dance, or have them show up at your class with a singing telegram.
And guys (Tom) all the pressure of your friends asking if you're going to ask someone to the dance, or if you like a girl, and if you DO like a girl, was there never ending pressure to do something on that day?
So...that may sound a bit negative, but I didn't mean for it to be entirely, as I happen to like most of the holidays we celebrate, and valentines is one of them.  Probably because I'm happily married and like to find sneaky ways to surprise my hubby.  Studio C had a great show this Monday devoted to valentines, and the mad doctor skit was probably what most people deal with.  I was hoping to put a link in here, but it's not available by itself yet.
Anyway - I like it for the sugar cookies and the chocolate.   Do you have anything you like about Valentines Day?  Or do you dread it?
anyway - a few fun things to think about...

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day - that's easy, I don't cry over it anyway...anyone else?  I guess there are those who would say this means don't sweat the small stuff, right?

Get Out Your Guitar Day - that would be nice if I had one.  I wonder if my daughter would mind me trying to figure hers  

Make A Friend's Day - That's a good one to try.  I think it kind of goes along with valentines, ya know?  valentines day cards aren't just for romance, ya know.  &#X1f60a

National Shut-in Visitation Day -
It's sad that we need a day to remind us, but its always good to go visit those who can't get out.  They are always glad to see you!!

Satisfied Staying Single Day -
interesting that they would put this before Valentines.  I think they want you to think of it early so that you aren't surprised by the day and then start bemoaning your single state...for those who are single anyway...I'll have to tease my kids.  sigh.

White Shirt Day or White T-shirt Day -
well, isn't that serendipitous?  I wore a white shirt today!  And I didn't even know there was such a day, lol.  I rarely wear them, because they don't usually stay white, know what I mean?  Everyone remember to wear a red one tomorrow, right?  For heart stuff, and valentines...and well, because you can..&#X1f60a

Yesterday was Cream Cheese Brownie day...and I missed it!!  such a tragedy...I might have to make some tonight just to make up for it.  You see, there is such a thing as fat free cream cheese, and Greek yogurt and stuff...  lol

Anyway, and today is peppermint patty dayI thought perhaps they were talking about Charlie Brown's peppermint Patty, but no, they're talking about the candy.  York's is one of my hubby's favorites, so I might have to get him one.

Well...such is the day, sorry to chat your ear off...good thing I type fast, lol.
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

And the Inversion continues...

Are you tired of the gray skies yet?  I remember when an inversion was a sparse thing...when we got it a couple of times in January and then it cleared out and things were good.  We would get fog, and the trees would get frosted by the frozen was amazing, and we loved it...for a short time.
Now it's lingering...we have so many more people that have moved in, so many people commuting, it's not pretty..  :(  I read an article the other day about how one of the cities south of us is going to develop this big 500 acre thing...and the current citizens are having mixed feelings.  They moved there because of the open spaces, and the shorter they'll have more crowded conditions, lots less open spaces, and longer commutes.  What's to like about that?  It's being done by the same company that did  Station Park.  Now - if you've been there you know how fun it is, and what a shopping mecca it is...and Cabella's hasn't even opened! lol surprised me that they built there.  Anyone who has lived in the area for any length of time knows how the west side of the freeway is marsh land...and the closer you get to the lake, the less you can build down...the more water you run into, etc.
And they are building a whole bunch of houses to the west of that!!  So...what do I know?  Apparently not enough, because people keep coming, and more houses keep getting built, and the fields keep disappearing.
I never thought of myself as an activist, so it kind of surprises me that I'm sad about the loss of open fields.  Loss of farms.  I grew up in a city!!  I have always been a city girl.  I don't really want to live farther than 20 min from a grocery store, lol.
But it does concern me.  Because along with more people, more houses, less land, there is more of the inversion stuff.  More of the poor air quality.  What do we do?  People have to live somewhere...
You'll just find that most of the time, the reason people moved here was because of the gorgeous landscape...
anyway - enough of that soap box, right?
Hope you had an awesome night celebrating Chinese New Year...we watched Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and it was fun.  My daughter made dumplings, which always seems to take a little getting used to...but are yummy. 
so - today there is lots of stuff, so here we go...

Mardi Gras - anyone celebrate this?  I think it would be fun to party just once, throw necklaces at each other, go to everyone's house in the neighborhood and eat and drink all you want, dance outside like it's 60 degrees, lol.  Doesn't that sound fun?  Sounds almost like Christmas parties...  :)

National Pizza Day - Pizza!! (picture courtesy of Dominos!!)
Oh man, so now I have to decide between pizza and pancakes... I mean seriously, one of the security questions asks what's my favorite food, and it says pizza!!  My hubby wanted to take me somewhere when he asked me to marry him that was a nice restaurant.  I'd never been to a nice restaurant, so when he asked me my favorite food...that's right, I said pizza.  We went to Godfathers, and it was the best ever.

Read in the Bathtub Day - This is my son-in-law's favorite thing.  I purposefully don't do this for the same reason he's known for it...dropping a book in the tub!!  ARGH it totally ruins the book. He's got several books that are water damaged because he always falls asleep when reading in the tub.

International Pancake Day - of course this is more about the restaurant than just pancakes...but since I don't eat there, I figure I can celebrate the food.  I love pancakes... we have an absolute favorite at our house, it's the Kodiac cakes flapjacks...oh my, they are the best.  

and National Bagels and Lox day - Personally, I'm a huge bagel fan.  Especially a wild blueberry from Einsteins...  But, lox??  Not...I like cream cheese better than any kind of fish...  even if it is salmon.  How about you?  How do you like your bagel?

Well...that's all for today.  Hope you have an awesome Tuesday! 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone!!
It's the year of the I guess that means if you like to climb things, you're good...or if you have kids that climb the walls, they should have fun this year, lol.  It's supposed to be the most unlucky of their go figure.  I was born under the year of the personally, I would rather have been born under the monkey!! 
What animal were you born under?  Here's a little graph to look it up...(you have to scroll down pretty far to find it, sorry)
Anyway - eat Chinese to celebrate!  Watch the Forbidden's a great one with Jackie Chan.

It's also Molasses Bar day - which is something I wouldn't have thought of celebrating, but ya know.  Here's a recipe from the Nibble - a food blog.

Hope which ever way you go, you have a great one.  :)

Friday, February 05, 2016

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone!  Well...I had great plans on getting this out earlier, but you know - work kind of takes precedence, lol.  So, I'm going to try and toss it all together.
There's a couple of fun things for today, so hope you have fun.  Mostly food...guess I'm kind of addicted to that stuff.  &#X1f60a

Today is World Nutella Day - Okay, I think people get a little involved with that's okay, but world wide?  You would almost think it was better than chocolate, lol.  Had some last Sunday on was okay.  I can't afford the stuff though...would rather buy peanut butter and chocolate, lol. (I have boys with hollow legs)
National Doodle Day - Doodler's unite!!  Do you doodle during a meeting? On the phone? In class?  In church?  I used to doodle all the time.  Now I'm usually trying to write things down.  What's funny, is I always doodle the same thing...circles!  &#X1f60a

Bubble Gum Day - Everyone like bubble gun?  I used to, but now my jaw just gets tired &#X1f60a

National Chocolate Fondue Day  - awesome, I love chocolate fondue...hmmm  You'd think it would be next weekend though, with valentines day...

Tomorrow is:
Girl Scout Cookie Day, so don't miss that one!
Ice Cream For Breakfast Day - who doesn't like that idea??  I think waffles with ice cream sounds divine!

Canadian Maple Syrup Day - True maple syrup is just a little runnier than I would have thought, but hey, it's a natural high!!  &#X1f60a

Well...hope you have a great one.  Are you doing anything fun for the weekend?  I think I'll be cleaning most of the time...:)

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

It's Groundhog Day

Hi everyone...this month seems to have a lot of stuff people want to celebrate.  I'm not sure it's worth the time, lol.

I think everyone knows that it's Groundhog day, right?  I guess it's called different things by different people, like Hedghog day, Goundhog Job Shadow day, Marmot day, (which is in Alaska) etc.  Whatever.  I heard that they said it's a early spring back east...I think it's probably wishful thinking on their part, lol.  I'm sure ours saw his shadow, it's was sunshiny this morning!

Crepe Day - Crepes!!  I love crepes.  Maybe we'll have them instead of what I was planning for dinner...  don't know.  Which is your favorite way to eat them?  with meat and sauce or fruit and whipped topping?  I think both is awesome. 

Apparently it's called La Chandeleur day in France - since that's where crepes originate, we'll go with that.  It's a celebration of spring on it's way...and apparently crepes represent the sun, for one of the rumors...  &#X1f60a  It's also a very superstitious day for the French.  I guess if I were prone to be superstitious, then that would worry me, lol.

Sled Dog Day - since we could have all used a sled dog Saturday or yesterday, it would be nice, but not many around here.  When our twins were little we knew a woman that had sled dogs, and would race them and stuff.  She was in a parade one year and had the girls in a wagon with the dogs pulling them.  It was cute and fun...  But those are special dogs!!

World Play Your Ukulele Day - okay - everyone who has a ukulele, raise your hand!!  I don' we aren't going to be celebrating this one at my house.  Hope you have fun with it!  &#X1f60a  If your bored, there are a few videos of ukulele music on youtube, lol. 

And's National Heavenly Hash Day.  Now then...Heavenly Hash?  I always thought hash was something made with potatoes.  I forgot about the ice cream I'd discovered on my mission...(along with tin roof, lol)  Apparently it's a fruit dish with whipped cream, or sour cream, depending on your leanings.  Personally, I'll skip the sour cream.  Give me whipped cream every time! But as I said, it's become a cookie, a bar, and a ice cream.  So whichever version you prefer, have fun.  It could be quite the decadent party tonight...crepes and heavenly hash!  oh my...  &#X1f60a

Have a great day.  Stay warm!

Monday, February 01, 2016

We had guests...

Hi everyone!  Welcome to February, huh?  This morning was crazy!  Good thing we're getting lots of water in the mountains...
we have deer going through our yard a lot, but last night was a wild one - they were on our deck!!
We have a bunch of apples left from being picked from our trees on the back deck, and the deer discovered them, I guess.  Anyway - my kids were taking pictures of them.  Crazy!

So - there are lots of things to celebrate or comment on today, thanks to we go...

Change Your Password Day - for those of you who don't automatically have to change your password every 90 days...I guess it's good to be reminded.  My computer at home tells me to do it every 90, so, go figure...  sigh.

Decorating With Candy Day - I guess this is for those who are starting to do valentines cookies already, lol.  I think it would work for Christmas time too...but whatever...decorate! 

Hula in The Coola Day - Everyone hula!!  Apparently this is for everyone who is tired of the cold winter...put on a grass skirt and go hula outside...  I think it's a great excuse to have a Hawaiian party INSIDE where you don't freeze your keister.  Anyone else?

International Face & Body Art Day - I'm not much for body art, but I have begun doing face painting.  I don't know why they would pick February, it's a little cold to do any face painting!  It would work in the lower places though...Oh well.  Pretend, right?  

Robinson Crusoe Day - Another reason to think tropical...everyone wants to float away and live on their own island.  Tonight would be a fun night to do all of the above.

Spunky Old Broads Day - I figure several of us fit into that category, lol.  Anyone read the Maxine comics?  She's a spunky old broad...and she usually has something to say about everything...

February is also a big foodie month...
Today specifically is Baked Alaska Day..

sorry, not going to go to that effort myself.  Had it once on a cruise - wasn't that impressed, lol.

Anyway - hope you had a great weekend and that today is awesome.  Fun days ahead!

Go get your hula on!!