Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Happy Tuesday...sunshine!

Hi everyone - I know, you get two emails in a row...shocker...lol.  I'm waiting for myIDEA this morning, it's really running slow!!...  feel like I'm pushing an elephant through molasses,...  and of course, the minute I said that it sped up!  😊

Anyway - it's a gorgeous day!!  a couple of fun things from Brownielocks that I wanted to mention today...  it's a little long...

Garden Meditation Day - I'd say this is the day for that, though most of us probably don't have gardens ready yet...though the flower type of garden should be wonderful.  Have you seen some of the meditation gardens that are out there?  they're awesome...  my hubby put together a little fountain for my sons wedding last year that was somewhat of a meditation type area...we all insisted that he put it back up again this year.  He thinks we're crazy...lol.  but it's awesome.  My brother bought little ceramic mushrooms to put in it...

For those of you with cats...it's Hug Your Cat Day

- there are two of those this month.  I don't know why they get 2...cats aren't that special...lol though they like to think they are.  My son jokes that they knew they were worshiped as gods by the Egyptians and have never forgotten it...

Lumpy Rug Day - ah, here's something to celebrate.  I'm not sure why...does this mean you go an dance on the lumpy rug to make it smooth?

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day - Okay, I want to be on the committee that chooses holidays.  I mean really...different colored shoes day?  I think this is for those who get dressed in the morning without a light on and can't tell if it's black or blue...or those who are in too much of a hurry to really look at them before putting them on.  good grief, Charley Brown...  😊  What do you bet there is a two different colored socks day??

Paranormal Day - I think this means we should all go home tonight and watch Ghostbusters!  "Who you gonna call??  Ghostbusters!"  

Public Radio Day - that's right...public radio...as opposed to I guess radio with adds?  Or the ones that announce their sponsors?  I'm not sure...but I figure if you don't have to pay to turn on your radio and get signal, it's kind of public, lol.  I know...just ignore me.  😊  I listen to classical 89 all the time and feel guilty because I never donate to their drives...

and on the food front (which is always my favorite...)  there are lots of reasons to eat this month from The Nibble:
  • National Asparagus Month  - my absolute favorite veggie in the whole world!!  Did you know that you can wrap it with prosciutto and it's awesome cold?? who knew?
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Chocolate Custard Month  - got to love custard!!  
  • National Egg Month
  • National Gazpacho Aficionado Month  - are you into cold soups?
So if you are into any of those things... (you know you're a salsa fan...admit it...) you can make loads and tell your family its a celebration.  😊

today in particular though, is National Raspberry Tart day...  I don't know why it needs to be fancy...just have it be national raspberry day!!  😊 but whatever you want, there ya go...enough things to drive anyone crazy.  I figure everyone will have plenty of salsa and hamburger and salad on Thursday...lol.

So anyway - have an awesome day!  

Monday, May 02, 2016

we survived...did you?

Hi everyone!  I hope you had an excellent weekend and survived the wind and chaos!  It was crazy!  We were fortunate not to loose any trees this time around, but our neighbors did - it was sad.  Fortunately as well, there were no homes damaged, unlike several around town... :(
You never know what the wind is going to take...it blows different every time.  My brother lives in Farmington and has a gate between his house and a fence on the west side.  That puppy was ripped right off!  It was not a flimsy gate either...it was like 12 feet wide, 6 feet tall, made of wood. crazy. 
any stories anyone wants to share?

Apparently yesterday being May Day...there were lots of things to observe.  I counted it up on Brownielocks site, and she has 23 things on there for May 1st!!  That's crazy. People sure get wound up about things. I was just sorry we missed Lemonade day!!  I think it's never too late to celebrate that, by the way... and you have to listen to Alex Boye as you make/drink it, lol.

There was also Batman Day...which I think was probably dedicated to the first round of that one - the Adam West version, but that's me.  😊

It was also Stepmother's Day - which I want to mention in honor of my daughter-in-law...they don't say the 's' word in relation to her, too many Disney versions that aren't good - but she's trying and I think she'll be a good one.  😊

In contrast...today there are only a couple of things they mention...like Melanoma Monday...yeah - that's one we want to celebrate... UGH. For those of you who have survived cancer, that's awesome! This is a highlight day for you!!  And Roberts Rule of Order Day... that's one I'm excited about.  NOT.

So... that being said, I think it's a great day. The wind has stopped (well, outside of Farmington, lol) and the sun it out. Life is good. So here's hoping you have an excellent day, start to a great month, and keep smiling.

Friday, April 29, 2016

And at last...it's Friday!

For some reason, this has been the LONGEST week...and yet the shortest at the same time.  I'm not sure if it was just lets get this month over with! or just that I had so much going on at home that it seemed insane all around.  sigh.  Between helping my son and wife move out of their rental into OUR house, and prepping our house for them to stay there short term...and his birthday (which was kind of overlooked due to that was the day they actually moved....) and yesterday finding out that my doctor thinks I have Ilio T Band Syndrome... (really???  WHY?  ugh.) and now we have yet the house to get put back in order because my son brought 2 sets of couches with him and we already have 2 sets, lol.  Storage is an option, I guess, but we hate the idea of paying someone else to hold our stuff.  So I think we're clearing out the old couches in the front room and making way for newer ones in the future... I'm liking that idea.  :)  It's still wrong to have 9 people in the house again...it's supposed to be subtraction, not addition!  good thing I love my kids...though they don't think so right now - they are 24 hours from being kicked out if they don't have solid plans on future movement by the end of the day.  I'm sure a few of them are thinking they're ok, and a couple of them really are (they've actually talked to us) but in general...sigh.  I just love having adult children!!!  (NOT)

anyway - I wanted to post this lovely grainy photo...lol  The mountains were sooo gorgeous yesterday, and this is the best I was able to get.  My son sent me an awesome one too, but I can't seem to get it off my phone.  :-/

SO - onto the day!!

International Dance Day - Yeah!  I had to post Sandra Boynton's tweet for the day...she always cracks me up.  :)  
Once more we can get up and boogie and everyone can join in.   Here's another fun one to dance and groan to...  

(I think everyone has seen some elementary kids dress this way...)

National Hairball Awareness Day - I don't know why this needs to be a day...isn't everyone aware of hairballs when their cats toss them up???  hmm

National Teach Your Children To Save Day - good luck with that.  If you are able to get them to actually do that, you'll be one up on me.  Out of 7 children, only 2 actively save....sigh.

World Wish Day - I guess if we could all have one wish today, this would be the day, huh?  I don't know who comes up with these, I find them at brownielocks.com...but still.  I guess we should pretend everyone had a fairy godmother 
today and could have our wishes granted...what would you wish for??  World Peace?  More money?  Happier life?  I'm afraid I'd probably wish to be skinny, but I guess that's not the point of overcoming something...I wouldn't learn from it.  sigh.  so then I'd wish my hubby and I could celebrate our anniversary somewhere we've never been before.  That's always a possibility, right?  😊

Zipper Day - yes...the day of the zipper!!  Can you imagine what life would be like without having a zipper??  from shoes to pants to shirts, jackets, bags, you name it!  Crazy how that invention took over the world.  This site has a great little blurb on them...

so, that's all for now.  Hope you have an awesome day, and great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Food, Rain and happiness...

Okay - so I don't know of any songs that go on about Tuesday, do you?  I mean there's lots of songs about Monday...I think I've heard about Wednesday...everyone LOVES Friday - but Tuesday is left out a lot...so in honor of the day - which is National Pretzel Day!!
 I suggest everyone enjoy a nice thick chewy pretzel!   I think I'll have to go home and make some...without the salt...ugh!!  My hubby laughs whenever I'm eating pretzels because I'm always rolling the salt off...
As you can tell...this photo is from Crouton cracker jacks...and they look awesome!!

Here's a couple of recipes for you to enjoy...  http://www.buzzfeed.com/mathewguiver/soft-pretzel-recipes-for-national-pretzel-day?utm_term=.eiXR5AAJ2&sub=3759768_5562161#.niqD1BBLE

I have to say that I am thankful for my general outlook on life.  I realize that this might make something punch me in the face or knock me for a loop -  life does that a LOT - but I still am generally happy!  I love my hubby and am quite content most of the time.  When I hear about those that suffer from depression, or anxiety or other illnesses, it is something that is so SAD to me!  :(   I don't understand how it happens...and I hope that I never make anyone feel less or stupid or whatever because of my lack of understanding.  I realize that much of it is due to brain chemistry...we are all simply wired the way we are.  Sometimes it can be managed with medication, sometimes not.  For those of you who suffer with something that makes it difficult to be around others or to enjoy life, I'm so sorry.  If you ever need a smile or someone to lean on, I'm here.  Just give me a call or drop by and I'm there for you.

I'll make you a pretzel.  :)

hope you have an awesome day and enjoy the rain!!  Those May showers better be awesome, right?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Monday....

la la, la la la la la, na na, (sing with me now...)... little nostalgia for all of you who remember this song...1967!!   lol

Well..  I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!  We had a partially productive one - discovered that the hallway bathroom faucet has been leaking into the cabinet and we had to throw it out and get a new one...which involves tile and stuff.  nothing trivial, lol.  And we're trying to make the room downstairs ready for my son and wife to move in (for a SHORT time) so, nothing stressful going on this week.  You??  Hope it's going to be an awesome one!  Today just a couple of things...

Eeyore's Birthday Day - This would be one of my moms favorite days - she was a big Winney the Pooh fan before it was popular.  I remember my sister commenting on how everyone was suddenly into the winney the pooh books after she was married and she'd say, "What's the big deal? I've known about these since I was a kid!"  We all knew the stories of Christopher Robin...all of us have our favorite character.  Winnie the Pooh is mine. 

International Marconi Day - Well...if you like radio, then today is the day to celebrate the birth of it's inventor.  Guglielmo Marconi, was born on April 25, 1874. There's a bit of controversy as to if he was really the inventor of radio...you decide, lol. 

World Penguin Day - and for those of you who love the little strange non winged birds, here's your day.   I like the Alex Boye video of Happy he did at the Aquarium, and the little penguins waddling around...  so I'm posting it here for your enjoyment.  

And...just to do a shout out...Alex Boye is doing small town concerts for Utah, because he loves us!  lol  And so, WEDNESDAY he is doing a concert at Davis High!!  I'm sooo stoked!  Anyway - if you want tickets, here's the place     http://www.ticketor.com/alexboye/

Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Friday!!!

There is quite a few things because I wanted to let you know about tomorrow too, with all the fun stuff going on.  Brownielocks has a few things that I wanted to highlight...click on her link if you want to see all of them...  :)

Earth Day - just a reminder that we are happy to be living on this earth, right?  And that we should be kind and do what we can.  I'm not an extremist, but I do think recycling is good, and wasting is bad, lol.

Mother Earth Day - as opposed to just earth day??  LOL

National Jelly Bean Day -
Okay!!  everyone who likes jelly beans, step up and celebrate.  Personally, I really like the starburst ones...  

Passover - Okay, just a thought - I always thought passover was before Easter...how can they be at separate times??

Tomorrow -
National Dance Day - everyone get on your boogie!!  It's time to dance!  And, in honor of he who died yesterday...formerly known as Prince...party like it's 1999...just because you can and we are all party animals.  This should get you going...

Movie Theatre Day - love this one...got to go see a movie.  Kaysville Theater is showing some good ones right now...have you seen Kung Fu Panda 3 yet??  It's really fun.  😊 And Eddie the Eagle is awesome...  Race looks interesting, and there's always the latest Star Wars installment...  sigh.
Kaysville Theatre, Utah, showing today's movies for great prices. Theatre rental also available.

Talk Like Shakespeare Day - this is really the one I wanted to let you know about.  I think it would be hilarious to go around talking to your family like this.  It's almost as fun as talk like a pirate day.  "Fair morning my offspring.  Hasteneth to the table for meat.  But halt - thy face is quite the home for pigs, dost thou not know where thy washcloth is located?  Hasten and discover it lest thou be mistaken for a common urchin."   oh yeah...fun with that one.  Takes a little more brain power, lol.

Have a great one!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Food thoughts and She wants it!

Hi everyone!  What a busy week...and it's almost over!  wow.  And you thought April would take forever, didn't you??  Well...I admit, I did. 

Anyway - didn't have a chance yesterday, or I would have mentioned that it was  National Cheddar Fries Day!  Got to be one of my favorites.

 Today there is only a couple of things that I thought were worth mentioning from Brownielocks site:

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day - which my daughter would totally agree with.  She has one...and it's a silly dog.  It has bit my little dog, but I have to say my little dog was egging her on...sigh.  they aren't all bad... 

High Five Day - give everyone a high five that you meet today!  It's a way to put a smile on everyone's face. 

Kindergarten Day - I'm not sure why they would say today is Kindergarten day...wouldn't that be in the fall when kids started?? 

And last...one of my very favorites!!!  National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day - oh boy, I think cashews are one of my favorite nuts.  This has got to be the best way to eat them, lol.  Other than with chicken in a stir fry... 

Okay....so - I have to share the most exciting news I think I've ever had in relation to my writing....  An agent wants to see one of my books!!!  Oh my...it's soooo exciting, and I'm so nervous...and what if she doesn't like it after she looks at it???  And it's a national agent, so ...the book is basically LDS...is she going to hate it for that??  OR will she like it because it's not preachy??  sigh.  I've never had anyone request a novel before, so this is like the biggest thing ever!!!

ARGH!  Okay...I can do this...

everyone wish me luck!!!