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It's Wednesday!

And for some of us, that is actually a Friday, as we get a long weekend.  kind of awesome!!  :)
Hope you all had a great day yesterday...I sure did. We kind of spent too much time watching old clips of I Love Lucy as my hubby didn't watch them like I did when we were kids, so he hadn't seen lots of them.  Like the one with vitameatavegamin, lol.
Today has a whole list of stuff we can play with if you're bored.

Information Overload Day - I think that is most of society today, which everything being electronic and all the gadgets that are supposed to help us with out day.  How many of you have Alexis or Echo or Google in your house???  We don't!!!  Read 1984, lol.

International Print Day - This is kind of interesting, I've never heard of this one.  I support it whole heartedly!!  I don't know how many of you are purists when it comes to books, but I like a physical book much more than an ebook version.  This site highlights what makes it such an important aspect of…

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