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Happy Father's Day to all

especially my hubby.  :)   He is the best, the poor man is sooo stressed right now, and is trying to get things prioritized.  Sometimes it's a real mixed blessing to own a home.  Like when that home is the one you grew up in and is almost as old as you are and needs updates... sigh.
Anyway - we finally got him to tell us what he wanted for dinner...and since he likes to save his absolute favorite cake (my daughter's carrot cake) I made him a twist on our favorite desert.

Key Lime Trifle.
Now, I know trifle is actually made with specialty things like lady finger cookies soaked in stuff - but we make a simple non-alcohol version at my house.  It's layers of angelfood cake (or loaf) with whipped topping and usually fruit and some sort of pudding.  Since it's kind of hard to put limes in a desert and have them be tasty, there's no fruit, just the key lime pudding.  I guess we'll see how it turned out when we eat it.  There are a LOT of recipes out there for key lim…

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