Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Wednesday! and I need chocolate...

I haven't had the time to post as much as I would have liked.  One...because playing volleyball is not always conducive to your health...sigh and two because after one hurts oneself, it's hard to sit at the computer. 

For some reason, September has gone by like a breeze...quick, fleeting and pleasant.  We're staring at the last couple of days with a sense of disbelief.  Where did it go??  And I still have so much to get done!!  When the leaves started to turn I was like, wait!  It's not time for fall yet, is it??  Hello!  It's the middle of September!  sigh.  I had a conversation with a friend the other day...the older we get, the faster time goes.  When we were kids, Christmas always took FOREVER to get here.  Now we blink and realize we have less than three months to be ready for it!  ARGH!

Okay - so enough of that...onto the good stuff!  😊  After a quick visit to Brownielocks...there are only a couple of items today...

International Bandanna Day - this reminds me of the story of the man on 9/11.  Have you heard the story of the man in the red bandana?  They are making a movie about it (of course) that looks like it might be good...a bit sad, and you already know the ending, but ya know.  You might want to look at it, it's really amazing.  I'm sure it wasn't created for this, the online site said it usually is on the last Friday of September, but not this year.  😊  Apparently it's a fund raiser day for cancer and all sorts of things.  I always thought it was just a cool way to hide my bad hair days when I was a teenager.  Go figure...

National Breadstix (Bread Sticks) Day - If you like breadsticks, then today's your day.  I'm sure they're talking about the stupid skinny sticks you see in some Italian restaurants, but I'm thinking of the yummy ones slathered in garlic butter and parmesan that we eat with spaghetti...  YUM!  Anyway - whichever you like them, they're good.  Think Olive

National Chocolate Day - and of course the best for last... I think September has had several days dedicated to Chocolate, but I don't think many of us are going to complain.  We're celebrating my sons bday (a week late...long story, lol) tonight, so I'm sure we'll be seeing some chocolate.  I saved him the last piece of the cake I made Sunday...  Chocolate cake mix with chocolate pudding mix added and dark chocolate chips sprinkled into it, frosted with chocolate frosting made with heavy whipping cream.  😊 It was awesome....

and just to add a bit of humor...  one of my favorite scenes from I Love Lucy...

So - now that we're all on a chocolate high, have a great day!!  😊

Monday, September 19, 2016

Arr! It's Calm Seas today!

Greetings matey!  Today's talk like a pirate day, didn't ya know?  And arr'll be drawlin along as much as ah can, you best be followin the trend and lettin' the regular folks know who's boss!  😊

Yesterday was Cheeseburger day, and the whole ship celebrated!  The crows were gatherin for scraps but there weren't none to be found after the crew finished them off.

It be my youngest crew member's birthday today.  How be it that these young'un's get so old and we're the same? No knowin that, but arrgh if the lad isn't 21! 

Well, best be gettin back to steering the ship - can't trust the scallywags to keep on course. Good luck in yor searchin' for treasure!

Friday, September 16, 2016

I made it to Friday!

Has this seemed like a long week to you?  Perhaps it's just been crazy, but I'm really glad it's Friday, and for once, we are staying home and working on stuff around the house!  How about you? 

Theres several fun things I'd like to point out or recommend today...

First, I'm sad we missed National Cheese Toast Day yesterday - I mean, how do you beat cheese and toast??  We had veggies with cheese for dinner, so ya know, best of both worlds, lol.

National Guacamole Day - how can you not celebrate this day??  I'm so excited, I'm going to be buying some avocados on the way home.  :)

Play-doh Day - and finally, a reason to play with grand children!  If I were going to be seeing them today...this would be fun.  Is it crazy how many colors they have today than when we were kids?  I mean, black?  Purple?  awesome.  

Well...have to run.  I'm hoping to post some other thoughts when I get the time this weekend...but at this point,we're done.  Have a great one!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happy Wednesday! thanks heavens....

Okay - needed a bright spot in the day at work, and as usual, bring it to you all!!  :)

We needed something to smile about, things are just a little crazy right now.  I think the whole world is a little crazy right now, but ya know...
so - running over to brownilocks site..

Today is National Chocolate day!  so everyone get out there and snarf some chocolate down!  I'm tellin' ya, we need some serious chocolate.  What's you're favorite kind?
It's also...
Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day - this is a good way to get some chocolate going.  What would your kids like to cook?  Have them make dinner!  My kids get to take over the kitchen several times a week - even if they don't want to, lol.  Being an adult is such a pain, right?  

National Peanut Day - this would be my hubbies favorite.  He loves peanuts...especially the kind you eat at baseball games. 

Roald Dahl Day - did you know he turns 100 today??  Wow.  You can just imagine the kind of book he would write for that, lol.  Time to enjoy Matilda tonight.  Do you have a favorite?  My son loves James and the Giant Peach too.  Of course, who could ever forget Gene Wilder's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie version??

and last...Scooby-Doo Day - Scooby Dooby Dooo!!  For those of us who grew up watching those Saturday morning cartoons, we all know Scooby, and he's the most amazing dog ever.  Some of the movies they've made are a little lame...but I guess if you need a scooby fix, that's what you can do.  At least go eat a burger in his honor, right? lol  Here's some scenes for nostalgia....

Well...hopefully something made you smile for a moment.  Life's good and it just keeps getting better all the time.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 .... 15 years later

If I were really on the ball this week, I would have had this post ready to be online by 7 this morning.

Obviously I wasn't (and rarely am) and so, I'm getting the post out in the middle of the afternoon.
Not that it's a bad least I'm commenting on the DAY...but sometimes I wish I were a little more proactive.  I did contemplate what I'd like to do today...make a bunch of cookies and take them around to the fire and police stations in gratitude.  I wonder if they think it's stupid or if they appreciate it...last time we did it (about 4 or 5 years ago) they appreciated it, so perhaps it doesn't matter how long it's been.

What I find interesting is that it's difficult to express sometimes how that day has changed something inside each of us.  And it's difficult to truly SEE the images and take it in when we weren't actually at ground zero...  Sometimes I can't get enough of the pictures...and sometimes it's too much.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir did a tribute this morning that was lovely.  (that makes me feel old...using words like lovely, lol)

anyway - It's my strongest hope that we teach our children about this day.  That the sacrifice and service that happened will not be forgotten.  Our country has shown that when we are facing our worst, we come together for the best.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to last...and Satan works at everyone until they are all fighting and at each other's throats.

I hope it doesn't take another incident like this one to bring us back together.


Never forget.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Happy Friday...and three day weekend!

Hi everyone! This is the first chance I've had to see if there was anything silly to think about for a long time.  Now that I'm back to work, I've been so busy with that the silly blog stuff hasn't had much either.  I don't suppose many of you have missed it, lol.  If you have, well, we're back!!  lol

First, we're all excited to have a three day weekend to finish up all those summer project that didn't get done, right? lol  NOT...some of us will be doing stuff all weekend.  My hubby is bemoaning the fact that he hasn't really been able to get much done around the house because we have been busy almost EVERY weekend!!  good grief!  Next weekend will be the same because of granddaughter ya know.

Anyway - there are a couple of fun things in case you are bored and need something to occupy yourself from site:
For today...
National College Colors Day: Did anyone watch the games last night? I hear it was quite the night...  Utah won theirs, haven't heard about anyone else.  We have a neighbor that likes to remind us that there is more than 2 schools in the state, lol.  He's a big Utah State fan.  😊  Personally, I'm a BYU fan, but I'll root for anyone else that's playing someone from out of state.  Do you have a favorite team?

National Lazy Mom's Day:
Now this is my kind of day!  Although, now that my kids are all "adults" I can pretty much be lazy and tell them to cook dinner, lol.  It doesn't always happen, but it's way easier than when they were little.  I think it should be lazy moms weekend!

Sand Scuplting Days: all weekend!  Sand sculpting is so cool.  I don't have the patience for it, but I think it's awesome to see what people come up with.    

It's also National Blueberry Popsicle day...which sounds yummy if you're into popsicles.  Yesterday was National Gyro Day, which I would SOO have celebrated if I'd known, I love Gyros!  sigh.  We might have to have them for dinner tonight.

This weekend is Bacon day, so be sure and appreciate that yummy thing!  You could have bacon burgers on Monday...or bacon omelets for

Anyway - Hope you have an awesome weekend! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Greetings Blogging friends!

How the heck are ya??  I feel like I've been out of touch for so long, but it really hasn't been...I've just been busy going back to work.  And boy...have we been busy!  I'm looking forward to this week because we aren't as busy and we might actually get to breath when we get home from work, lol.

Just to aid in that whole breathing is National Biscotti Day.  Problem is....I like my biscotti with hot chocolate.  That doesn't work when it's hot and I don't want to drink anything hot...sigh.

How do you like your biscotti??

Well...two weeks ago I was at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival up in Eden.  It was great some faces painted

..watched the balloons go was awesome!!

and got to spend the weekend with my hubby, so it was all good!

It was also the County Fair - and my painting got second place...sigh.  I have to say that I'm not that excited, there were lots of second place ribbons...  :-/

I liked was a new way of painting with a palet knife for me, and I had fun.  Still need to add the ladybug...but that's easily done.  :)

Well...need to get something else done.  Have a great day!!