Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday before Christmas...

The last Friday I work in December.  Can I hear an AMEN!  or a Halleluiah?  (there was much
Anyway - I hope everyone is ready for the next two weeks, they say we might even get snow on Thursday - wow, snow on Christmas?  AWESOME.  ;)
Just to get us all started in the right spirit, today is national Oatmeal Muffin day.  Hmm...  sounds good - though I stuck with cottage cheese and blueberries this time for muffins.  ;)  Would have been nice.
It's also look for an evergreen day, but I think most of us already have a tree that want one.  ;)
Next week is Festivus day (Remember Seinfeld? This is for those who don't like to celebrate anything...the 23rd)
National chocolate day (24th), national egg nog day (24th - big surprise) and national pumpkin pie day (25th).  I would have thought that would be thanksgiving, ya know?  I love pumpkin pie though, so I don't care.  ;)
The 26th is boxing day, which my family has always celebrated by going to a movie together.  My hubby lived in Canada for 2 years and boxing day was a big deal (sort of).  We still haven't figured out what movie we'll go see, but it will be fun.  ;)
However you spend the next two weeks, be it celebrating Hanukkah or the birth of Christ; shopping, partying or staying home where it's warm and dry, curled up in front of a fire and reading with a large mug of hot cocoa, I hope you relax and enjoy!
I wish you all the merriest of holidays and a happy new year. 
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Hanukka!

In case anyone is counting, 3 more days till the break...and less than 10 days till Christmas!  Are we all ready? hmmm....
Anyway - today is the first day of Hanukkah!  In honor of this holiday that's been around longer than Christmas, here is a song that we get a kick out of every year.  It drives my hubby crazy, but ya know... lol

You would think sometime during the next 8 days it would be a national fried doughnut or food day of some Latke day, lol.
Anyway - today is also my favorite thing:  Chocolate covered anything day!!!
Isn't that the best??  Anything you want to cover in chocolate!  okay, my hubby heard of a strange one the other day.  Apparently Lays now makes a chocolate covered potato chip...not sure I'd be into that one.  I don't know that I like that combination.  I'm not a big chip eater anyway...
Well - let me know what your favorite chocolate covered item is!  We started the candy making last night, which was the usual chaos - I'm not sure what I'll think if we ever make candy without all the kids there.  We'll wonder if we lost our hearing, lol.  But as a result, my treat today is a chocolate dipped pretzel.  ;)  (No caramel this year!!)
Have a great day!  

Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Friday!!

and we have less than 2 weeks before Christmas, I thought you'd get a kick out of this one...
Today is National Ding-a-ling day
That's right.  Ding-a-ling-day.  I think someone was totally off their rocker, but ya know.  The site I looked it up on said they couldn't find any factual information, just a reference to it being a national day.  Go figure.
For some reason it brought to mind a song from when I was a kid...something about my ding-a-ling.  I don't want to look it up - it's probably something dirty.  ;)
anyway - I figure you can tell everyone they're ding-a-lings and have a legitimate excuse, lol.
Today is also national Poinsettia if you like that red/white flower, you can go crazy with it.  There's a cute little story with it:
"According to Mexican folklore, there is a story of a little poor girl who had nothing to bring to church for Christmas. On her way to church, she picked some plants by the side of the road. As she entered the church, the leaves at the tips of the branches turned into bright, brilliant red flowers...Poinsettia's!"
So, you've had your trivia for the day.
Tomorrow is national ice cream day, so look forward to that!  Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Friday, December 05, 2014

More Craziness - Happy Friday!

Sachertorte DSC03027 retouched.jpg I mentioned the other day, I'm trying to blog more on the lighter things in life, so here is today's post.  ;)
Happy Friday!  And boy, is there lots to celebrate today!! 
Not the least of which is International Ninja day!!  Coolness!  I think all of us have a bit of Ninja, especially us moms and have to be on your toes with kids in public places -- you never know what they're gonna do or when!!  lol  And don't they say that moms have eyes in the back of their heads?  I'd say that was Ninja like.  ;)
It's also Bathtub Party day...which for those of you who like to take baths...bubbles are required, lol.  Might be a little TMI for most of us...  ;)
Faux Fur Friday - I guess that's a promotion of the PETA people...sorry guys, I have a coat I bought at DI last year that has real rabbit fur on the hood!!  Anyone want to come to my house and feel it, lol?? (don't hate me!)
National Salesperson day...well, I guess that's for all those that work in retail during the Christmas next time you go shopping, right?
Then we have Sachertorte Day.  Anyone ever hear of a Sachertorte before??  I hadn't, so I looked it up on Wikipedia (the worlds most inaccurate dictionary, but user friendly, lol) and this is what they said:
"Sachertorte is a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties"
(this is their photo by the way - all credit to them!!)

Hm....didn't know you were going to be educated, huh?....

huh - okay, a little too much of that - onto the last celebration of the day...
It's World Soil Day!!  Yes people, we are celebrating the dirt beneath our feet!  ;)  For those of us who are not really into dirt...that's like eww - dirty.  ;)
So I'd ignore that one, find some Sachertorte (or a cheesecake, looks awfully similar to me) and relax.
I mean hey, it's FRIDAY!!  and there are only 20 days left till Christmas!! (I sound like the little man on top of the building by the clock in The Grinch..."20 more days till Christmas!")

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

National Fritter Day!

Well, I realized that it's been tooo long since I've posted anything.  I'll be reading a foodie blog and realize that I'm apparently just not cut out to be a blogger, I guess.  At least not a consistent one, lol.  I do emails at work for silly thoughts on various days, and realized that it could be the same for this blog.  sigh.  Inspiration does hit sometimes. ;)

Protein sugar free Chocolate baked doughnutsHopefully you've all had a marvelous Thanksgiving!!  I know we did.  And my son has announced that he's engaged, so we have a wedding to look forward to next year!!  uh I feel like the Grinch "But what will I wear?" lol

Anyway - it's Tuesday!  Aren't we excited??  Well...sort of, right?  ;)  The second day of December, that month of months where almost everyday is a party...or stress, lol.

I decided I needed a holiday I looked it up and today is national Fritter day!  For those of you who like those deep fat fried confections, this is your day, lol!  Personally, they're just a little too much for me.  I might have to go make some baked doughnuts...  ;)
And - because I thought it was amazing as I work for is also National Special Education day!!  Isn't that awesome??  Who knew? You would have thought we'd have heard more about that one.
Anyway - you should all have recuperated from the pie buffets and turkey comas and be ready for fritters, so go enjoy! 

I'm going to find my doughnut recipe and make doughnuts with my granddaughters.  ;)  Life is good!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Free eBook!

I decided to offer my ebook for free this Christmas.  So, if you're in need of something new to read, it's relatively short, and if I say so myself, awesome.  ;)  check it out!
And yes, obviously I did the cover myself...  ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm a Romantic....and Always Will Be ;)

Just in case you ever had any  I am definitely a romantic.  I love romantic stories, especially true life ones, and I love romantic movies where there's a happy ending.  I don't like the ones where everyone dies at the end or where one of them dies at the end...ARGH. That's NOT a happy ending to me.

I just finished watching Letters to Juliet for like the 3rd and watching that woman find her first love and have him recognize her is such a wonderful story.  It makes the heart beat faster, makes you think of how wonderful life is, and how stupid the girls fiance was.  ;)

It makes me think of my husband and how supportive he is of me.  He loves my painting (he's always talking about the judges need glasses when I enter competitions, lol) he puts up with my writing -- though I'm not sure how much of my stuff he's actually read.  He loves my cooking, and is always willing to try a bite of whatever I'm making.  He's told the kids there's only been one time he didn't like something I'd made, and it was no wonder...I didn't even like it!!  ;)

But yesterday while we were driving, he was talking to me about how upset he is with the kids and how they are taking so much for granted.  We still have five living at home with us, (sigh) and they are all struggling in their own way, but yet - they can afford to go see movies, or buy fast food.  He expressed to me how he'd like to be able to take me to movies or buy me flowers, without worrying about the money.

Just knowing that he wants to do those things makes it all better.  Does that even make any sense?  Probably not, but it does.  Just knowing that he loves me and wants to do things for me is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  He jokes that if he dies before me, I'll be fine -- but if I die before him, he'll starve to death in a week because he's forgotten how to cook.  He hates being without me. 

I love him and he loves me.  And as long as we have that love, I'll be a romantic.  ;)