Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's Wednesday! The week is half over...long weekend ahead!!

Well...only 2 days till the three day weekend.  First BBQ of the year, right?   I guess we'll see...we usually have a big family BBQ to celebrate, and they always end up at my sister's house because her hubby doesn't like to go anywhere, lol.  We'll see if it rains... Many of us look to that for a sign that summer is about to begin.  I'll only have 4 days of work after that... lol. 

So, for today, there are a couple of things - and I got a little carried away with the videos...

National Tap Dance Day - so everyone pretend to know how to tap-dance and get out there and tap away.  I think we should all watch a Shirley Temple movie or one of those old classics where everyone knows how to dance...

National Wine Day - for those who enjoy wine, a day to celebrate!  Personally, I remember when I was 12 and visiting my grandfather for the summer and he and his wife would take a nap in the afternoon, and then ask ME to get his wine when they woke up.  It was the cheapy gallon stuff in a box, and it smelled!!!  UGH.  Never had a desire to drink...

Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride Day they say that if you know how to turn off your computer when you get those annoying pop up (call the computer people to fix, lol) then you know you're a nerd.  If you know how to set the clock on your DVD player...microwave, lol, you're a nerd.  If you're all about how they do the special effects, or if you KNOW if there are mistakes in the Star Trek movies because you've seen all the original shows, you're a nerd/geek.  :)  Here's a video that my family says it totally geek...

Towel Day - for those of us who are VERY thankful for towels, this is our day!!  Aren't they the best invention?  But- in actuality - this day is for all the Hitchhikers Guide to the Gallaxy fans.  Everyone is supposed to carry a towel in the authors honor (he's now gone...)  If you remember the movie, Arthur and his friend always have a towel (because like, you'll always need one)  so, grab a towel and tote it around today and see how many people have any idea why.  and remember...Don't Panic!

Here's a great clip for teachers and ideas...

have a good one!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Six years ago...

I used to get comments on my blog.  Not always a lot, we're talking like 3...maybe 4.  There were times when I had over a 100 views.  It was heady stuff.

Now I'm lucky if I get 12 or 14.  Sometimes as many as are listed as following me, lol.  It's kind of humbling.  My daughter is the only one that comments any more.

I get that we are a busier society now, you may have a minute to read something, but sometimes you have to log in to comment, so the blog isn't that excited or doesn't arouse a desire to comment - sigh.  I try to comment on ones that I really enjoy so that they know I'm reading them.  Did you realize that I've been doing this blog for that long?

I've actually had this blog since 2004.  I started blogging as a way to try and bring people to our pizza shop that we owned in 2002 to 2004, and when it went under, I liked the blogging enough to keep doing it.  I am a writer, after all.  :)   Most of the time it's fun.  The times when I've stopped is when I've felt like I had nothing to say...

So - just tossing that out there this overcast/rainy Friday morning...contemplating how I've only got 2 Friday's left before I have the summer ahead of me!!!  Life is good.

So...anyway - today's fun thoughts from Brownielocks...

Eliza Doolittle Day - got to love Eliza!!  I think I posted photos from the movie last year...but who gets enough of Audrey Hepburn??  If only I didn't hate the

NASCAR Day - Okay, so I'm not really into NASCAR, but I like CARs...and I really liked lets all celebrate the under dog!!  and you know who the first original one was, right?  Love bug!!!  

 National Bike to Work Day - I have a co-worker that does this it's not really a big deal for him.  How many of you do this??  There was a time I rode a scooter to work...but I'm afraid that won't work now...too many things to carry with me, lol.

National Pizza Party Day - we had our pizza party last night...well, sort of, son made pizza for dinner.  Which is your favorite pizza?  If we're ordering out we get Dominoes Deep dish...yum...

Well...hope you have an awesome day!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life is Crazy...ya know?

Between moving storage sheds, and having grandchildren over, and working and house stuff and LIFE....I feel like we are in a stressful environment.  My poor hubby is feeling the effects of it...and a big deal of it is our adult children and having to oversee the job hunting and rent working...sigh.  My mother - in - law is telling us to kick them all out - again.  We are REAL close to doing that...but they are also very close to getting their lives in order.  I just hope we all survive.  If you hear about a home explosion with a large family inside, that was probably us, lol

So...yesterday I had a migrane and wasn't able to share the fun stuff that was the I wanted to mention a couple of them, as they are sooo worth mentioning!!  :)
Yesterday was I Love Reeses Day - which are awesome stuff...have you ever made homemade ones??  YUM!  last year we made the Easter eggs...  not too bad looking, huh?  

National Museum Day - I think museums are amazing when you can afford to go in

Visit Your Relatives Day - it was my father-in-law's 91st birthday yesterday, so we went and had cake and ice cream with him....and then my mother-in-law proceeded to ream all my adult children who had come up oneside and down another...sigh.  and she wonders why they don't like to go visit her very often???
And today is 
National Scooter Day!!  I used to have a scooter.  Remember when I posted about that??

It's also Devils Food Cake day and world baking day.  I think those two kind of go together, don't you?'s also quite the thunder storm hope you are out of it and enjoying the sound.  I sure am.
Have a good one!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th?? no worries...

Everyone seems to be really glad it's Friday today, despite it being the 13th.  I think that's because none of us are really superstisious around here...we aren't worried about black cats or ladders, and I open umbrellas in the house all the  well...indoors anyway.

So...It's been a crazy week, and next week is likely to be more of the same, but for now we have a gorgeous weekend up ahead!  For those of you who like those kind of things, there's a Renaissance fair up in Ogden that's kind of fun.  This weekend's theme is fairies, and my granddaughters and I are going.

Okay - so for today's stuff from Brownielocks...

Blame Someone Else Day - I didn't even think they'd have a day like this...but then I never thought there was a two different colored shoe day either.  go figure.  this is a great day for siblings, right?  We all do that anyway...

Frog Jumping Day - I think I remember this from last year.  People really do have frog jumping races, and it's a bit more popular down in the south.  I would imagine that's because they have lots more frogs down  Most of the frogs I've seen around my yard have been little tree frogs.  They are sooo cute!!

Friday the 13th! - Of course we all knew today was Friday the 13th.  Personally, I think this is a great day!  I'm looking forward to when my granddaughter's bday lands on a Friday - that should be fun.  

And's Hummus Day - so if you like Hummus, great fun!  Personally, I like it, but my hubby doesn't.  I guess I'll make up a small batch and enjoy.  I wonder if my kids would eat it....  probably not.  

Well...  have a great day, and a wonderful weekend.  You deserve it!!

Here's a little music to start you off ... This is a great song.  😊

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ah well...

Just in case there were those of you waiting with bated breath to hear the results of the inquiry by the literary agent...she turned down my book.  :(  Oh well...I wasn't too surprised, I don't think it was quite a match for her company, but it was flattering that she asked to read it, and she was very complimentary as far as the basic story line, so that was good.  :)

sigh.'s Wednesday!!  Seems like it's been Wednesday all week...ARGH.  We've been helping clean out my hubby's brother's storage shed (LONG ugly story...really makes you want to think about tough love with children) and we've been up till midnight the past 2 nights.  We were up till 1 am on Sunday morning, so it hasn't been a great time for sleeping.

Here's a few items of interest and humor for the day:

Eat What You Want Day - I'm sure every woman would love to follow this one...thing is, most of us see the big picture and know that it will haunt us the next day if we go totally hog wild, lol.  Still...I think you should enjoy yourself!!  Of course...this makes me think of Weird Al...  😊

I forgot how much he tries to act like Michael

Hostess Cupcake Day - supposedly the first Hostess Cupcake ever to be sold was on this date in 1919.  Wow...I had no idea they had been around that long.  Apparently everyone loves them, that's why they brought them all back.  Personally, I like Ding Dongs...and I found a recipe for making a ding dong cake that I fully intend to try sometime soon.  Mmmmm...  anyway - if you like the cupcakes, see what you can find.  I used to love the orange ones...did you ever try them?

National Foam Rolling Day- oh boy...for those of you who are masochists, this is for you.  Personally, I do think they help...if I can just get past the pain, lol.  I feel like that scene in Galaxy Quest... whoever came up with these should be shot!  lol  

Well...Hopefully this brought a smile to your face.  Have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just wanted to share...

I love him so much, and it's sooo cute, I just wanted to share it...  :)

This is the plaque hubby gave me for mother's day...

It just spoke to me.  It's so true.  All love songs make me think of him.  sigh.  He's so cute.  :)

Well....and another thought for the day, it's National Shrimp Day.  If I had any, I'd snarf it down - but I don't.  So if you have access, enjoy for me.

Have a great day!!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

To all of you who are mothers...  are grandmothers...are aunts, sisters, cousins, lol....

Have a wonderful peaceful Mother's Day.

This is a day many dread, anticipate, run from or embrace.  I alternate from year to year.

This is one of the years that I'm enjoying.  All my children are adults now...most of them are living with us (sigh) and so it's not like there's a lot of stress as to who is going to show up and who isn't...

I have no expectations anymore (it took 29 years, sigh) and so every moment is nice in and of itself.  Chocolate at church is awesome, and everyone saying not to beat yourself up is second best...

So - hopefully you've had a wonderful day where your offspring have showered you with gifts of love and service.

If you haven't, I wish you love.  I wish you peace in your heart, and that someday you might know the feel of arms around your heart.

Take care.

Love you - mom.

and love you