Thursday, February 23, 2017

Snow is king!

I've heard nothing but complaints about the weather this week.  "Aren't we done with snow yet???" is the most common...  lol  Sorry folks, it's still winter in Utah, and the more snow we get, the more water in summer!  Which is a yeah all the way around.  Can I get an AMEN?  lol there are a couple of fun items to enjoy...

Curling is Cool Day - I never heard about curling till the 2002 Olympics.  I still don't get the fascination with watching a bunch of guys sweeping ice before a large round stone that weighs a ton.  But hey...what is basically a cold version of shuffleboard and people love that game too.  I just don't get it.  I'd have to be REALLY bored to get into it.  I had to laugh because one of the recent episodes of Scorpion had them making their own curling 'court' and sliding the stones.  It's all a mental thing, I guess.  whatever...if you like it, enjoy.  😊

Digital Learning Day - big in our district right now, and most districts in Utah.  Almost everything is digital now...and just 15 years ago it was unusual to have a computer in a classroom.  Now it's expected, and usually you have more than one.  Let alone the advent of tablets and smart phones.  Crazy.

Diesel Engine Day - This is a nod to my husband's family.  He has a sister that lives pretty rural, an her boys are all into diesel engines.  One is actually a diesel mechanic.  I think they're loud and whatever...but those who like them swear by them. Kind of like the wonder kid in Knight and Day when he was playing with the big diesel train engine...   Which type of engine do you like?

Iwo Jima Day (flag raised) - Here's to all the brave men who faced down the horrors on the west coast.  What happened on this side of the planet was terrible too.  The men were just as brave who dealt with an army determined to win.  MidWay is a great movie tribute. We like to point out to our children how there was an upper hand in all of it...timing was everything.

National Dog Biscuit Day - I think most dogs would celebrate this in a heartbeat.  Anything to do with food, right?  They're on it like flies to... anything.  lol

National Chili Day - well, this is a good day to have when it's cold outside!  Have a chili cook off...surprise your family with the white bean chili.  Personally, there's nothing like the good old thick-more-meat-than-bean stuff with cheese and sour cream on top and corn bread on the side...yum.

Single Tasking Day - they say that we really don't ever multi task, it's just combining a bunch of tasks close together.  Apparently it's not good for our brain, it causes us to actually be less effective and efficient.  I feel that as a cook, that is where multi tasking is prime.  When you're making dinner and you want it to all be ready at the same time??  That takes multi-tasking!  Watch a chef at work and you'll see what I mean. (or a mother of more than one child running a household...  I mean, just having one child makes things challengin, but when you add another one - oh boy. And if that mother is working??  ever seen the movie Baby Boom?)
Well...if you are one of those not happy with the snow...I'm sorry, but we're supposed to keep getting some through next Monday.  If you are okay with it like me, well, enjoy!  Hopefully none of us will slide off the road.  Much as I like snow, it is the pits to drive in!!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, February 17, 2017

We made it!!

It's Friday at last!  And for a long weekend too.  What could be better?  Going out of town!!  That's right, I'm taking my hubby out for Valentines.  Kids get to fend for themselves.  It's a good thing they're all adults, right? lol

Anyway - I'm excited.  He doesn't know that we're not really going anywhere, lol.  But hopefully he'll still have fun and relax.  He's been sooo stressed with work - poor man.  :(

So anyway - Today doesn't have much to celebrate other than that and that it's National Random Acts of Kindness Day.  Sandra Boynton posted a great one on her twitter...
She's so awesome.  Can't believe I've been collecting her stuff for over 30 years....  ugh.  Let's not go there, lol

Anyway - it's also Indian Pudding Day - which if you know your puddings, you'll know this is made of corn meal and has nothing to do with Indians.  sigh.  The stuff you learn when researching.  😊

And just to help get those feet moving and spirits rising, here's a couple of my favorites.  😊  Turn up the volume and get everyone dancing!

  This one is appropriate for the day, lol

Last one - in honor of my hubby who LOVES the Peanuts Movie.  :)

Have a good one!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's that time again....

That's right, Valentine's Day!!!
One of my favorite days of the year.  Do you know that the card industry loves this holiday??  sigh.

I was looking up all the stuff going on today in Brownielocks, and I could not believe the celebrations going on today.  So, it's not just Valentines...and that means there are options for those who are bah-humbug about this day that everyone else likes to gush over.  😊  (which would include me, lol)

National Creme Filled Chocolates day - of course.  But, personally, I don't like those kind.  Give me a dark chocolate Dove heart, and I'm happy.  :)

Extraterrestrial Culture Day and Extraterrestrial Visitor Day - I guess would be for those who are really into extraterrestials.  Ever seen the movie Escape to Witch Mountain? The new one with the Rock?  There's a convention in Las Vegas that would sooo go along with these

Ferris Wheel Day - Who loves the ferris wheel??!!  Everyone raise your hand...well, except my daughter.  She hates the one at Lagoon because she's not really fond of heights.  I don't really like that it turns...but I can force myself to relax, lol.

International Book Giving Day - I hear that there's a country in Europe that has a tradition on Christmas Eve that they all give each other a book and sit up reading and eating chocolate.  I think this day could be another tradition to adopt.  I have a couple of books left of one that I illustrated should someone want a free book, lol.  Contact me and I'll get it to you.  Wish my other ones were at the point to give year!!  :)  I also noticed that it doesn't have any reviews...if someone were to give me a review, that would be excellent!!  (I'll give you a free copy of my book that I'm writing. )

Library Lovers Day - this would go along with the book giving day, don't you think?  I love libraries...I could spend hours there, which is the problem.  I was telling someone the other day, I have to look up the book I want online and then go and pick it up so I don't spend the rest of the day there...  sigh.

League of Women Voters Day - women have come a long way since this time when they had to push the rights to vote.  We owe these women a great debt of thanks.  What I didn't know is that they are still in action.  Here's a link to the group in Utah...
Welcome to the League of Women Voters Utah. It's Time to Talk about the Legislature. Read up on the League's Legislative Priorities for 2017. If you would like to ...

And for those who aren't married, have a significant other or aren't dating at all...Singles Awareness Day or Singles Appreciation Day and Quirky Alone Day - that means they have something to celebrate, even if they don't get the hearts and roses.  They can buy themselves candy and say they deserve it, right?  My hubby always gets my daughters a valentine.  I wish men weren't so blind... (for my daughters!)  Although this is another reason some people are still alone, lol

And lastly...Valentines Day!  One of the biggest flower, candy and gift days of the year.  My sister-in-law works for Jimmy's flowers and she's a crazy busy woman the week before Valentines day. I hate how they jack up the cost of roses for that time -- you can get a dozen roses for less than $20 any other time!  But I was telling my hubby yesterday, every day is valentine's day with him.  😊 It's just fun to be silly and spread the cheer.   
(This is what Sandra Boynton posted on Twitter today. )

I think it's a great day to watch one of my favorite movies...  The Mirror Has Two Faces.  It gives those who are lonely a hope for love.  :)

So - no matter what your thoughts are on the day, if you're a teacher and have to deal with sugar buzzed kids, or a parent with emotional train wreaks or single and lonely depression, I hope you find something to celebrate in this day.  The sky is blue and the world is a wonderful place because you are in it!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Happy Wet Tuesday...

Okay, it didn't really rain much yesterday, so it's making up for it today.  I hope everyone remembered their umbrellas!  I'll try to keep this short and entertaining, I know we're all busy!!  But hey, got to take a minute to smile!  😊

We're having our cub scout Blue and Gold tonight, and one of the leaders sent out a text asking if we needed her to get anything.  I said I needed a brain.  The cub master sent back..."pay no attention to what is going on behind the curtain,"  lol.   I think we have entirely too much fun.  😊 there are a couple of fun things.

It's National Ballet Day - if you like Ballet, you probably already knew this.  I didn't know it had a celebration day!  So - what's your favorite ballet?  Mine is probably the Nutcracker.  Swan Lake is supposed to be really good...  Haven't really seen one live other than the Nutcracker.  Personally, I think the best one is with Baryshnikov... Here's a clip of him dancing.  (not the nutcracker)

and - in case you didn't know, he did a movie called White Nights, and here's a scene where he did 11 pirouettes.  It's awesome.  😊  Won't let me embed, so you'll have to click on it...
"White Nights" 1985 Mikhail Baryshnikov An incredible and so moving, film!!!
 "e" Day (math)  - this is related to math, as in "Today, 2/7, is celebrated as "e" Day, since the first 2 digits in the number "e" are 2 and 7."  Those of you teaching math could toss that bit of trivia out to your students and see what they think, lol.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Day - One of my favorite series of books of all time!!!  I grew up reading all the Little House on the Prairie books.  I loved them.  Loved the illustrations, the stories, the simple life.  The television series created from it was fun, but not the same.  😊   How many of you read those books?  I hope to have my granddaughters read them...but with the tastes of kids now a days, she'd probably be bored.  ☹

National Periodic Table Day - we had a math celebration, now you can do chemistry.  Whoever came up with this one...sigh.  I even took chemistry, but I was also known for lighting the beakers on fire...  😊

Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor's Day - I guess this is to prove you are nice neighbors and are refraining from waving only 1 or 2 fingers??  Who knows, I thought it was silly.  😊

And last, but definitely one of my favorites... National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!  One of the best noodle dishes ever invented...sigh.  Imagine my shock when I found out that the base of the sauce is heavy cream! and lots of wonder it tastes so good.  lol.   Anyway...

Hope you have an excellent day and stay dry!

Monday, February 06, 2017

It's Monday and it's a great day!

Hope you had a great weekend!  If you are super bowl fans apparently it was quite the game (we never watch it).  If you aren't, well, we know how to have fun, right?  We played a wild game of Wizard (which is sort of like Mormon Bridge...) lol.  I hear the best thing about it is the commercials. :)

Just a couple of things...first,Brownielocks says it's Canadian Maple Syrup day...which is actually a bit international, and not exactly promoting US, but we like Canada, right??  And hey, maple syrup is good stuff, no matter which side of the border it comes from.  Do you ever use it in cooking?  It's a good alternative for some sugar items.  Anyway - you could have waffles for dinner and have syrup!  good stuff.

And also, it's Frozen Yogurt day!  That's a yummy idea too.  We haven't gotten frozen yogurt in a long time, and my hubby got some for the boys when they got their wisdom teeth out.  I'd forgotten how good it is!  So, go grab a pint and enjoy on the waffles!  YUM.

It's supposed to be rainy today - which keeps that old line from the Carpenters song going...  "Rainy days and Mondays..."  but they don't get me down, and I hope they don't get you down either.  Have a great day!!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Happy Goundhog Day!!

And if you go by that stuff...we are apparently in for a longer winter...  but if you go by "Sunset Sam" in Utah, we're in for an early spring, since he didn't see his shadow here.  😊
So, I'm sure most of you will want to go by that one...  We ALWAYS watch Goundhog Day with Bill Murray.  Do you have any traditions for this silly day?

It's also National Crepe Day!!  We love crepes at my house.  If they weren't so time consuming to cook (hey, we need like 30!!) we'd make them more.  We love them with meat and cheese fillings or with desert fillings and whipped topping...just about anyway you can fix them.  (well, except for raisins- and if you haven't seen Mouse Hunt, you won't know what I'm talking about, lol)
The French celebrate this day as La Chandeleur - apparently something to do with Mary presenting Christ to the temple...though it's also supposed to have something to do with ending winter and looking for spring.  I don't think the human race has ever really liked winter for very long, lol.

Sled Dog Day - Kind of a fun day - if you weren't going to be watching Goundhog day, you could always watch Balto...that's a good one.  My kids still quote it...  sigh.  Here's one of their favorite scenes...  And did you know that Phil Collins was the voice of these two bears?  It's hilarious.  😊

and last we acknowledge that today is also World Play Your Ukulele Day.  If I had a ukulele I would play it, but since I don't...well, you'll just have to play yours.  😊 can watch this clip from 50 First Dates of Adam Sandler playing one.  I'm not a big fan of his, but this was a cute move (if you could drop the crazy friend and the brother...sigh)
So, no matter how you choose to celebrate it, have a great day!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Monday

And what a Monday it is, too!  Crazy.  I hope everyone had a better start to their day than I did, lol.
So, figured we could all do with a reason to smile...  there are two things that I think are awesome...

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - which everyone loves to pop bubble wrap...great way to destress!  Always makes you smile.  I think it would be fun to wrap up in it and listen to it pop...or you could do the whole Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium and dance on it...  Kids love that.  😊

Croissant Day - I have to say, I think croissants are just about the best thing since bread was invented.  It's not something you would dare eat everyday unless you were French, but hey, it's good once in a while.  Love it with hot chocolate...  😊  Also good with chicken salad... 

Inane Answering Message Day - and last but not least...we all hate those answering machine messages that drive us crazy!  We have a neighbor that his used to get me all the time!  It would answer and you'd think it was him, and then it would be "hello?  hello?  I can't hear you... guess you'll need to call back,"  UGH.   My favorite is a studio c skit of Jason doing voices trying to put a messaging on his phone. 

Have a good one!!