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You survived the day of Love!

and if no one said anything to you....Happy Valentine's day!  We don't do a lot to celebrate the day at my house because we don't like the commercialism that surrounds it - but I do like to let people know they are loved and appreciated.  We had a nice romantic evening at home, in the basement with the tv showing a crackling fire.  It was awesome. I made simple chicken cordon bleu, baby potatoes and apsaragus.  We had appetizers and key lime pie for desert with sparkling apple cider to drink... pretty romantic, huh?  :)  And then we had someone come buy our old that was fun too, lol.  It was sooo nice to get it out of the yard!!  How was your day??  I hope it was full of love and chocolate.  :)

I still love this sketch by Studio C from last year...  It says a LOT about Valentine's day.

Today there are a couple of silly things...and a couple of clips I want to share.

National Gum Drop Day - if you like gum drops, this is your day.  Personally, I'm not a …

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