I want snow

I realize I should be living back east. Anyone from there and reading my title will totally understand. They are buried in snow, and here we are with brown grass and only snow in the mountains. I also know full well my husband thinks its great...all the snow we can stand in the mountains, no driving in it down here. (sigh) But I want snow! I love watching those flakes falling lazily through the sky. I'm sure those back east would say, fine, you take it! I'd rather have none! It's amazing, the fury of a winter storm. The poor east coast has been battered the past 7 months. And the west coast, I guess I should add, the rain in California has been similar to rain forest stuff, right? They are wondering if they've broken off from the continent and drifted now, I can tell you. (sigh)
so, we're stuck in the middle, getting the moisture we need, but nothing that threatens anything, Which is a good thing! Right? Well,...my prayers go out to all of you having to deal with some kind of weather. I'm thinking it's time to move to Alaska....


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