February is ove?

Where did it go? I'm afraid I was pretty busy this month with a writing challenge...it was a BIAM challenge. sigh. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, although I still have today. It's been gorgeous weather here! We are gearing up for spring, which I'm giving up on winter and going ahead. Although, we tend to get late freezes out here, so I'm not getting too crazy.
We went to Fish Lake over Presidents Weekend...it was wonderful. So much snow, no people, all quiet... I didn't do any writing! Oh well...it was a nice break. My kids loved it.
Well, I'm gonna have to make this quick. I just can't believe March is tomorrow! Everyone looking forward to St. Patties day??? (grin)


Gaynell, I tried to respond to the email you sent, but there was some techno-glitch that protected your privacy or something and the response address said "no-reply"--anyway, I got a "not deliverable" notice and it just gets more confusing from there. What did you use to send the email? If you will try again, via standard means, I will send the whole book when you are ready.

Steve O'Dell anovelapproach@writeme.com

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