summer time comes to a close...

Well, I can't believe August is almost halfway done. I've started working part time...for a school. Their school started August 1st! I'm thinking, what's wrong with this picture? What happened to summer time? My kids are still at home waiting for school to start. When I was growing up, school didn't start until after Labor Day. I'm thinking there wasn't much wrong with that...our kids get the weekend off anyway, what good does three days do??
Anyway, it will be strange with two of them out of school at home. One is working like a dog, the other just barely got a job. Why is it some people have no problem finding work and others can't seem to even interview?? And why is it that if you HAVE a job, it's easier to find one??
Life is ironic sometimes...
Well...celebrate the end of the summer. I know I will be.


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