Million lies - Million Pieces - who knows?

Well...I'm going to vent this morning. Many of you have probably seen or heard or probably even read the book a Million Pieces. I have vaguely heard of it, but have no interest in reading it. I could care less about Oprah claiming it for her bookclub...;) anyway, my daughter asked me if I'd read it when she dropped in to visit me yesterday. I said no - she said I should. It does have lots of language (she tells me, knowing I don't read swear words and such if I can avoid it!!) but otherwise it's a cool book. It's about an addict and how he overcomes his addiction and his life and stuff. She tells me this because her boyfriend is coming out of rehab next Tuesday, and she's so excited she can't stand it.

Let me say at this point that she's never known the boy outside of rehab...she only met him while writing letters and then meeting him there. (it's a scary world, isn't it?) continue on...;)

I have an online book club I belong to and while there this morning (declining my book choices for the month...grin) I noticed one of the books available was Million Pieces. I figured I'd read what the reviews said. Wow, what a mixed bag. Half of them said it was the most wonderful, powerful book they had ever written, and the other half hated him, hated the book, and or didn't care.

I thought that was interesting. Several of them referenced a web site called Smoking Gun, so I figured I'd go see what that fuss was about. Well...apparently this guy that wrote the book that is supposed to be NON-fiction, elaborated or enhanced his life to the point where much of his criminal activties (which he seems to be very proud of) never happened.

My point in bringing this up is stuff like this does NOT help the average writer! Especially those who write Non-fiction! They go to alot of effort (at least the ones I know do) to make sure what they are writing is factual. Why bother calling it non-fiction if it's not? Apparently this guy tried to publish it as Fiction, and couldn't do it. So he supposedly changed the fictional parts and was able to publish it as non. They had some blurbs on the Smoking Gun site, and just those few blurbs made me want to avoid the book. It sounds totally self serving and vile. And yet, he got his fame. He got his money - he got his book contract, movie contract and wrote another book. He is apparently writing yet another book, although he claims this one is fiction. I tell you, in my oppinion, he's had lots of practice.

Many of the "I love it's" stated that while the book as a whole might not be true, the facts from an addicts point of view were and it was amazing. Well...I've had some experience with family and addiction - while I'm not an expert, I do believe I know a small amount about it. Usually if you are drawn into that much of the underbelly of society as he claims he was, it's a long climb back up, and there is usually proof of it somewhere - you usually are unable to hide the effects in your face, your manner, your health.

This guy's mug shots look like a good kid having a night on the town. Even his college days he graduated with his class when he was supposedly stoned the whole time.

It makes me feel sorry for the real addicts who are going to read this book and think they can break it on their own. Because that's what he preaches. Yes, I did say preach. Apparently he says he doesn't believe in a 'Higher Power' or that the 12 steps work for anyone. To me, that's asking for trouble, and I wonder how much he sold his soul for.There are so many out there who desperately need help to overcome their addictions, and he's telling them they can do it on their own! The reason this worries me in relation to my daughter, is she was of the mind that she could help him change his habits...change his addiction. She could do this. My brother, who happens to be a retired deputy sheriff, just shakes his head at her. He's seen too many situations like this, and I have to say, it doesn't usually come out rosy.

Now that she's read this book, and probably her boyfriend has read it, they are both going to be thinking they can do this on their own! That they don't need God (which is something she's been trying to tell us for 4 years now) and they can do all on their own. It's breaks the heart.

Nothing I have to say is going to affect this man. Nor will anyone probably read my views on the matter. I just felt the need to express my thoughts before they dissipated. I feel bad that Oprah has chosen to pick a book no parent in their right mind would want a child to read. I understand she was picking classics and great works before this one.

I guess what really saddens me - is the reaction of some of these people who loved the book. They couldn't put it took them three or four days to read, but they were caught up in it. WHY?? I've tried to read a couple of books that someone brought me - and had to put it down after the first chapter or so and realized what I was reading! Yuck! How can you get past the garbage to enjoy the plot or premis of the book?

I'm sorry - I hope I don't offend anyone - but if you want to read trash (which is basically what I feel his book is) there's lots of porn and other stuff out there if you want to go looking for it. It doesn't need to be dredged up and wiped off for the rest of us to try smelling it. It won't be pretty, no matter how it's dressed up.

I have to add - Yes, sometimes life is NOT pretty. Sometimes it's pretty raw and ugly. That's life. That's war. That's pain. And, lest you think I'm a naive person who doesn't really know anything, I've been in foster homes my whole youth - had foster brothers who drank and smoke and did drugs and had friends that did drugs and messed up their lives. I've been in the 'real' world. I have a choice now.

I don't have to fill my mind with worthless smutt that's not going to enlighten my thoughts or make my world a better place.

Just my two cents for the day...Hope you have a good one - I'm going to find something to make me smile!


KB said…
My daughter is reading the book. She's 18 and lives with her dad and I really have no control over it. So when she's done, I told her to loan me the book so I can read it too. Not that I really want to, but if I know what's going into her head, maybe I can sneak an alternate view in.

I believe in the 12 Steps. I've been actively involved in them for about 18 years. They were/are a life saver to me and to so many others.

I too had something to say about "Frey Gate." Here's my post.

I'll also link to yours from mine.
KB said…

Okay, it took some research, but I figured out how to put the link in.
KB said…
Well, it worked on my blog. Sorry.
KB said…
Okay, this time I think I really did get it. Read my post on

Frey Gate.

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