New Year thoughts

Well...I haven't been very good at keeping the blog thing up in the past couple of months, because my work no longer allows access to it. It's harder for me to squeeze time in at home, I'm trying to do so many other things there. (I know...I'm supposed to be doing all sort of stuff at work, right?)
Anyway...I think it is so ironic how we as a human race have to measure time. How we have to have a calendar of months and days.
Don't get me wrong...I find it's very needful. I think, though, that the seasons are more defining fore me than the dates. I love winter...but I find toward March that I'm ready for spring. Summer lasts a little long for me...but I love when fall comes with the crisp air and the turning of the leaves. It's my favorite time.
I think the New Year brings up a contemplative turn in all of us. I think it has to do with the idea that we get to start over. That it's a New Year...the old one is gone and can't be redone...we have the new one to work with now. You know, the whole image of the old codger and the new little baby representing the years? I don't know why they feel the old year has to look like it's an old man about to fall over...personally, I don't think that helps with self image...LOL. all my rambling thoughts and desires, I hope that you look forward to this new year with lightness of heart and determination.
Go forward and work at your future. Become who you want to be. Make a difference, somewhere, somehow--it doesn't have to be big. Just a small difference. Kind of like the Pay-it-forward idea. A small difference in the life of one person has repercussions to many.
Happy New Year.


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