Winter Snow is finally here

It's a gorgeous winter day. I'm sure there are others who would not agree with me, but I think it's gorgeous. One reason is I'm not working today. I promised myself the last time it snowed big time, that I would NOT be traveling in it. My job is NOT a critical one, I don't get paid enough to spend over an hour on the road and then another hour getting home. So...I'm home. My hubby went though, and he has vacation or sick time. He decided he needed to be there.
So, Here I am, gazing at the snow, and enjoying every bit of it. I do have to go out later, but by them I'll be ready and most of the roads will have been plowed.
There's something about everything in white. It makes me think of Heaven and Purity and our Heavenly Father's love for us. It's glorious.
It also puts me in the mind to write. At least I was...until I just accidentally deleted all the items in my inbox in my email that I wanted to keep. ARGH!! Anyone want to strangle a computer? That's me!! sigh.
But...I think I'll take a break from the computer and go relax with a book for a few minutes. I have lots of writing I need to do today, and no one to bug me or make me feel guilty while I do not a very long break, but a break.
I hope you get a break today...I hope you enjoy wherever you are at. Life is grand.


C. L. Beck said…
Nice jog on this blog. Your description of the snow was almost poetic.
G. Parker said…
Thanks Cindy!

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