Close to Nature

One of the wonderful things about living where I do is the deer that come through our back yard from time to time. This year they amazingly left my tulips alone, although it looks like they might have eaten one of my roses...sigh.

My sister doesn't get much of a garden, because they go through her yard quite frequently - she lives along a little gully that they use as a pathway - and eat her tomatoes and other items. Our other neighbors have them go through and eat the stuff out of their gardens as well.

My husband discovered one year that they were eating our melons...we found a hoof print crushed one and he decided that was enough. He created a little pop can chimes that he connected to one of the fruit trees by the garden and we haven't had issues with them since. In fact, we haven't seen many deer lately, and were bemoaning that fact - we think they're gorgeous and they used to go through our yard on their way to other places. We have LOTS of pine trees right next door and across the street, so it's like their own private forest.

Anyway - Sunday we looked out the window and they were in our back yard. Seems they like our willow tree - sigh. I guess they are few enough that they won't totally ruin it, but this is the first time we've seen them eating it. There were two of them, but I only caught one on film. Our digital camera is not that great - the zoom isn't very good. But, at least you get the idea. It fun to see them again...


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