Happy Mother's Day to me...

Well, I survived another one. This one, actually, wasn't bad. My daughters brought me crepes in bed, and my other children and hubby saw to it that I didn't make dinner or lift much of a finger all day. I like when that happens, it makes me feel special. We went to visit my Mother-in-law, and that was fun. She liked our present, which is always good - although if I had known what kind of paint job was on it, I wouldn't have purchased it.
I get to out to dinner on Wednesday, one of my daughters wants to take me. I guess her grandmother is coming as well...so that should be an interesting confrontation. sigh. The wayward daughter and the loving grandmother confined to a table with a crowd so that no one can run away... I should sell tickets. I'm sure my hubby wishes he weren't going to be there.
I got a geranium, despite the fact I tried really hard not to get one...I have to say, of all the flowers they give for mother's day, geraniums are the ones I dislike the most. sigh.
Anyone want a geranium? It's free...


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