Scouting is ... good?

Okay, I've been wracking my brain to come up with something to blog about, and recalled a meeting I went to last night with my hubby.

We have four sons, and the two youngest are now involved in scouts. Since our oldest two are electing to NOT get their Eagles (which is apparently the die all and be all of the purpose of scouting in the first place) I think the leaders in our area are determined that the younger two will. Unfortunately, the older of the younger is Autistic and has no intention of doing anything that doesn't interest him - and right now scouting doesn't interest him. (he wouldn't even go on the camp trip last year, and last night he informed us that scouting is boring - uh huh)

So, that leaves our youngest, which of the 4 is most likely to be the one that works at the idea. The only problem, is right now they are working on the cycling merit badge, and that is a whole new world. Especially when ones bike is missing two wheels and you outgrew your helmet...sigh. And then scout camp this year is $100 per boy...

Scouting is good for the character or something, right? Well, so far I haven't seen it to be such a big help. My hubby has LOADS of character, and he never finished his Eagle.


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